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‘I was unsure about my purpose and destiny. I feel that I’m not good enough or worthy because of my past experiences. I accepted all of that today and I allowed the Holy Spirit to come through all of it. I felt much lighter. I feel like some of the weight has been lifted off me. It was a great seminar’

‘When I arrived I felt tense. At the end of the day I felt good and more relaxed and confident about my beliefs and peaceful. It was a really good day’

 ‘I arrived feeling tired. I found a clarity and had a breakthrough in the meditation. God spoke to me in a powerful way. There was a big shift in my spirit. At the end of the day I feel peaceful and set free from a conflict and struggle I have been going through which is very relevant to the topic. I can now move forward in fulfilling my destiny. It was a great day’

 ‘When I arrived I felt confused and afraid. God spoke to me through encouraging me to be myself including expressing the dark emotions that I’ve been carrying in my subconscious. At the end of the day I felt that I can be myself in Jesus and that He is there for me. It was a really great day’

 ‘It was a wonderful and lovely teaching day’

‘I arrived feeling expectant. I felt a relief, no more striving. I am so grateful for today’

‘I was warmly welcomed when I arrived. I loved listening to people’s stories. The teaching was fabulous. It was a great day of learning and listening to the truth and unconditional love’

‘At the conclusion of the day I felt hopeful. It was great and blessed’

 ‘At the start I felt all over the place and empty. At the end of the day I felt more fulfilled and the issues that needed to be addressed were’