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‘When I arrived I felt scattered but excited. I had a deep sense that something miraculous was going to unfold. I experienced a deep transformation from these muddied waters of the past to a deep presence of love. At the end of the day I felt fabulous. I feel so grateful for the miracle of this heavy weight being lifted forever. I can now claim I am a new creation. The day was filled with a presence of love. No words can describe the gratitude in my heart’
‘It was a surprising day. I really enjoyed the meditation. I was able to open my mind to it and I really appreciated and could relate to it’
‘I felt very comfortable today. I received a lot of direction about why I attract people who reject me. I can say that God did something in my life. I didn’t think about my fears and God showed me His power in my life. This day has been a blessing; really good. I’ve been coming for a couple of months and I can really see the positive impact in my life’
‘There were things happening in my interior. Peace and presence came and addressed areas that weren’t quite right. I realized that everything is connected. Today I gained more peace, hope and presence’
‘When I arrived I felt numb. I felt God placed His hands on either side of my head. At the conclusion of the day I felt peaceful’
‘Blessed, restored, forgiven’