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‘It’s Never Enough….it seems!

‘It’s’ never enough,  it seems, to make people happy or content. . Notice after children get what they want, especially after Christmas,   it’s not long before they want thing else. […]

From Frustration to Peace

I had someone blow up at me out of frustration and anger. I was surprised, amazed and knew there was no space to give my perspective. It seemed to be […]

Doing ‘It’ the hard way or the easy way!

Doing ‘It’ the easy way or the hard way! I was given a powerful message through the following images that came to to me during a quiet meditative time. The […]

Perfectly created in original blessing…by Trish L- Agape team

I woke this morning with an image of God the master craftsman working away in his workshop and in the process of creating me. He had a variety of each […]

‘Remain in me as I remain in you…’ by Trish L. – Agape team

I had done all I knew to do yet my anger remained unresolved. With Helen’s help I was able to connect with a part of me I was hating and […]

Discover what you really WANT you aready have!

Most of my life I have been ‘doing’ something or ‘seeking’ something to be ‘some way’ so I would feel happy or peaceful. I was UNAWARE that I was of […]

The power and joy that comes when Praising God… despite circumstances

I have recently been physically under the weather, which I experienced can adversely affect how you feel emotionally and mentally as well. However, I was reminded to PRAISE GOD anyway. […]

Powerfully Connected…scientific proof…and power of our thoughts to create!

Information is coming to me at present, opening my mind to other people’s experiences from a scientific point of view, showing how we are all connected speaking also from a […]

How we can make others feel safe and open in our presence.

“I was having dinner in a tiny, humble cafe called ‘Hidden Paradise’ in Savu Savu a few days ago. It’s not really the sort of place we would usually eat […]