Our Mission

To create a safe, engaging and compassionate space for all people to become present, learn practical empowering keys and principles that can change lives, and to experience truth, clarity and the Presence of peace in unresolved situations.

This is offered through:
• Life Changing Seminars and Empowering Life Courses
• Insightful and restorative Inner Freedom Ministry and Meditations
• Educational material sharing true stories of transformation and keys to life.

We invite the Holy Spirit, who is Unconditional Love and Wonderful Counsellor, to guide all we do.

Our Team

Collectively, the team of 10, have over 30 years experience in assisting people to experience truth, healing and freedom. The team create a safe and compassionate space for others from their own experience of healing, as they know and understand the fragile journey to wholeness.

As many of the team reflect back over their lives they are profoundly grateful for the wonderful changes that have occurred not only in their lives but also in the lives of their families and many of those they encounter. The team freely share their talent, time, knowledge and experience to now make a difference in other people lives.

Knowledge in this ministry has been gained from the many courses attended on the subject of healing as well as through the experience of assisting others over the years.

The teams experience in other fields include: social work, teaching, human resource management, music, theatre production, accounting, administration, engineering, millinery as well as raising families. Other people assist our work, behind the scene, with accounting, production of written material, website development as well as prayer support from our Intercessory Team.

Since 1987, Helen Alcock has presented seminars, trained, mentored and ministered to thousands whom have crossed her path.
She has written booklets and presented on subjects relevant to what was happening in society, and those close to her.
The booklets range with insight from true stories on how lives can be changed, and pointers to how you can apply these tools in your own life.

Prior to the development of Agape Encounter developing and leading Agape Encounter alongside Directors and team members, Helen gained experience leading & directing many groups through CCR.

All the team of Agape Encounter consider it an honour, assisting others to also experience Freedom and Empowerment, as they have gained within themselves.



I am filled with gratitude beyond words, for the all the people whose lives have been transformed by experiencing the Truth. CEO



I have been healed of many things by the Holy Spirit and experience greater freedom and now hope to reach many others. Assistant CEO



Agape has changed my life and my relationships and now I have peace in my life at last. It's an ongoing journey always seeking truth and life. Team Member



Agape is a sanctuary for me. To know of unconditional love through experience, and not just knowledge of the mind, is a gift. Team member


In January 1999, a group of dedicated Christians, who had been involved in the Healing Ministry for many years, spent 6 months in discerning the direction they should take. During this time they continued to respond to the call of helping others experience freedom (Isaiah 61) as many people were seeking their assistance.

It was then agreed upon to form a not for profit, charitable organisation. The name Agape Encounter was chosen as agape is a Greek word meaning unconditional love. This was appropriate as the team were witnessing people being transformed as they encountered the very presence of Unconditional Love and Truth.

The word 'encounter' means 'to meet or find oneself faced with; sudden or unexpected.' In these healing encounters people were enabled to face and become aware of what prevented them from being free, and then invited to listen to their Creator perspective. As a result, and often unexpectedly, people discovered that the pain, trauma and lies from the past and in present day situations were released and replaced by Peace. In many cases the associated negative habits and patterns also dissolved.

In November 1999, the team conducted the first Healing Encounter Weekend. There were other such weekends conducted over the years to follow. Many people were visibly touched by the power of God's healing love and truth.

An afternoon for teaching practical tools for living as well as offering opportunities for healing was also established in 1999. This was to develop into monthly Seminars.

In 2000 the team conducted a 'Facilitator's Training Seminar' so people could be equipped and empowered to assist others as facilitators.

In 2001 the team registered the name 'Agape Encounter' as a not for profit charitable organisation.

In 2002 the team was asked to conduct an 'Advanced Training Seminar for Facilitators' in Tasmania. Many who have attended these and other courses have discovered how easily the Divine Counsellor reveals and heals situations and memories that have been causing pain, no matter how difficult.

In 2003 the team began to conduct regular Inner Freedom Seminars. These Seminars focus on teaching people how to encounter truth and freedom from the past and in the present no matter what people have experienced! The guided meditations that follow allow people time to experience what they have learned and most of all the power of the Divine Counsellor, their Creator to reveal and heal anything that prevents them from living life to the full.

The team has also been presenting Seminars on many subjects relevant to every day living. Proven practical tools and principles that have changed lives are shared through true stories. There are also guided meditations which enable people to become aware of how the topic relates to their life, with many people experiencing release and healing leaving them with a greater sense of freedom and empowerment.

The written feedback from those attending these seminars is on this website. Many people, as you will read, have amazing breakthroughs and experience transformation, all within a three hour seminar!

In 2005, the team developed a television series, called 'The Way to Freedom' in which Helen Alcock interviewed people who shared their life changing experiences. It was presented on Channel 31 in August 2006. The purpose of this series was to bring hope and awareness to the larger community that healing and freedom from past hurts, traumas and painful memories is possible for everyone.

Booklets, CDs and DVDs on various subjects are available on this website, from the seminars presented. This information can equip, encourage, free and empower all people when applied. There is also training courses on both Facilitator and Advanced Facilitator's Guidelines available on DVDs and in booklet form.

In 2016, Helen Alcock published a book called Peace, Presence, Power. The book includes material from over 42 seminars from the 30+ years Helen has devoted to this ministry.