Inspiring Feedback

These powerful testimonies have been written by people attending our Life Changing Seminars, Empowering Life Courses, Inner Freedom Workshops and personal appointments.
Many have experienced transformation and freedom.

Featured Feedbacks

'I felt uplifted and have learned the deeper meaning of life. Really amazing revelations on how to connect and how to open the doors of love'

' It was a fantastic, empowering, life-giving seminar. I was feeling off centre when I arrived and by the end of the day I felt a strength in the core of my being.

'When I arrived I felt angry, resentful and fed up. Now I feel safe, heard, accepted, loved and a lot lighter'

'I learned skills on how to let go and forgive. I feel at peace'

'Can't so no? Learn how' October 2017

More Inspiring Feedback by Date


  • ‘Discover your purpose and destiny – 6th April, 2019

    ‘I was unsure about my purpose and destiny. I feel that I’m not good enough or worthy because of my past experiences. I accepted all of that today and I allowed the Holy Spirit to come through all of it. I felt much lighter. I feel like some of the weight has been lifted off me. It was a great seminar’

    ‘When I arrived I felt tense. At the end of the day I felt good and more relaxed and confident about my beliefs and peaceful. It was a really good day’

    ‘I arrived feeling tired. I found a clarity and had a breakthrough in the meditation. God spoke to me in a powerful way. There was a big shift in my spirit. At the end of the day I feel peaceful and set free from a conflict and struggle I have been going through which is very relevant to the topic. I can now move forward in fulfilling my destiny. It was a great day’

    ‘When I arrived I felt confused and afraid. God spoke to me through encouraging me to be myself including expressing the dark emotions that I’ve been carrying in my subconscious. At the end of the day I felt that I can be myself in Jesus and that He is there for me. It was a really great day’

    ‘It was a wonderful and lovely teaching day’

    ‘I arrived feeling expectant. I felt a relief, no more striving. I am so grateful for today’

    ‘I was warmly welcomed when I arrived. I loved listening to people’s stories. The teaching was fabulous. It was a great day of learning and listening to the truth and unconditional love’

    'At the conclusion of the day I felt hopeful. It was great and blessed’

    ‘At the start I felt all over the place and empty. At the end of the day I felt more fulfilled and the issues that needed to be addressed were’

  • ‘Attracting real love’ – 9th February, 2019

    'When I arrived I felt scattered but excited. I had a deep sense that something miraculous was going to unfold. I experienced a deep transformation from these muddied waters of the past to a deep presence of love. At the end of the day I felt fabulous. I feel so grateful for the miracle of this heavy weight being lifted forever. I can now claim I am a new creation. The day was filled with a presence of love. No words can describe the gratitude in my heart'

    'It was a surprising day. I really enjoyed the meditation. I was able to open my mind to it and I really appreciated and could relate to it'

    'I felt very comfortable today. I received a lot of direction about why I attract people who reject me. I can say that God did something in my life. I didn't think about my fears and God showed me His power in my life. This day has been a blessing; really good. I've been coming for a couple of months and I can really see the positive impact in my life'

    'There were things happening in my interior. Peace and presence came and addressed areas that weren't quite right. I realized that everything is connected. Today I gained more peace, hope and presence'

    'When I arrived I felt numb. I felt God placed His hands on either side of my head. At the conclusion of the day I felt peaceful'

    'Blessed, restored, forgiven'


    ‘I was anticipating this day. I experienced revelation, confirmation and breakthrough. At the end of the day I feel more informed. I really enjoyed the day’
    ‘I was really looking forward to today. The past was revealed and at the end of the day I felt great. It was a loving day’
    ‘I arrived feeling tired and confused. It was good to face being overwhelmed. I understand now about balance. I felt a shift in conflicting relationships. It’s good to be aware of my feelings, they were clarified. I feel revitalized. It was an excellent day’
    ‘I felt joyful, excited and jubilant. I received blessing upon blessing, good vibrations. At the end of the day I felt strengthened, affirmed, confirmed, on solid, sacred ground. Today was a blessing’
    ‘I arrived feeling stressed. I slowed down and felt a sense of peace. I feel I have more tools to cope when I feel overwhelmed. Today was enlightening, powerful and awesome’


    'When I arrived I felt scattered but excited. I had a deep sense that something miraculous was going to unfold. I experienced a deep transformation from these muddied waters of the past to a deep presence of love. At the end of the day I felt fabulous. I feel so grateful for the miracle of this heavy weight being lifted forever. I can now claim I am a new creation. The day was filled with a presence of love. No words can describe the gratitude in my heart'

    'It was a surprising day. I really enjoyed the meditation. I was able to open my mind to it and I really appreciated and could relate to it'

    'I felt very comfortable today. I received a lot of direction about why I attract people who reject me. I can say that God did something in my life. I didn't think about my fears and God showed me His power in my life. This day has been a blessing; really good. I've been coming for a couple of months and I can really see the positive impact in my life'

    'There were things happening in my interior. Peace and presence came and addressed areas that weren't quite right. I realized that everything is connected. Today I gained more peace, hope and presence'

    'When I arrived I felt numb. I felt God placed His hands on either side of my head. At the conclusion of the day I felt peaceful'

    'Blessed, restored, forgiven'


  • ‘How to actually experience God’s presence, Power and Peace’ – 10th November, 2018

    'I felt unsettled when I arrived and at the conclusion of the day I felt more at peace. I love Helen, she is a wonderful speaker, very kind and motivated'
    'I experienced a shift in mindset and a reminder that God can cure all ills. It was a special day.
    'I arrived feeling a little bit out of wack and then I had a confrontation with myself during meditation and at the end of the day I feel great satisfaction. It was a pleasant day'
    'I became aware of various difficulties which were partially addressed. I'll be coming back for more'
    'I was aware of the difficulties and weight I have upon me. I became aware of specific circumstances and where to go in the process. These were all significantly addressed today. The situations don't have the same domination over me. I have more peace and control'
    'I arrived feeling expectant. At the end of the day I felt hopeful. It was a wonderfully satisfying day'
    'I felt very tired at the start and later felt more at peace as I stopped. It was an insightful and encouraging day'
    'It was a happy, peaceful and informative day'
    'I had insight and got in touch with a situation that happened with my father in the 3-way perspective exercise'
    'I experienced a release and the sense of God come in to my darkness'
    'I felt more compassionate, hopeful and loving toward myself after listening to the presentation'

  • ‘How to actually experience God’s presence, Power and Peace’ – 10th Nov. 18

    'I had a shift in mindset and a reminder that God can use all things. It was a special day'
    'I felt unsettled at the start. Now I feel more at peace. Helen is a wonderful speaker, very kind and motivated'
    'I felt a bit out of wack when I arrived. Then I experienced a confrontation and at the end of the day I feel satisfaction and clarity. It was a pleasant day'

  • ‘A profound breakthrough experience…Encountering the truth’

    I reached out to Helen Alcock for ministry as I had been suffering from severe anxiety.
    We went in to the anxiety and I saw myself free falling out of control (this usually means that I have been in control). Helen invited the angels to come and in my mind’s eye I saw them holding my hands as I gently came down to the ground.
    I can remain in this place by asking the angels to take over. It feels safe, secure and a happy place. Then I saw myself as a child. Helen asks if the ‘big’ me was inside or outside of this scene. My sense was that the big me was outside. Helen then asked that big and little me be united and immediately I saw myself in the circle all together with the angels. Safe, happy and secure.
    The words I had attached to the anxiety, ‘I can’t cope’, also changed. Now I had the sense that I don’t have to cope in my own strength. In fact it’s not even relevant any more. All I have to do is ‘remain’ in the house of the Lord and remain in His love and do all for love of God.
    I don’t have to ‘do’ anything in my own strength except be with the angels and they will lead me.
    After the encountering session I felt exhausted and Helen prayed a prayer that this be lifted off me so I am left with just an ordinary tiredness. The heaviness that is felt from carrying all the burdens of control and responsibility is like a lead weight. Now it’s all lifted and I feel free and light.

    Trish L'Henaff

  • A Profound Breakthrough Experience. .. Encountering Truth & Peace

    I recently had a deep encountering ministry session with Helen, which uncovered a deep well of beliefs. Beliefs that I needed to be hide and be alone to be safe, secure; a feeling of being like a nomad, as a way to be protected from getting hurt. This resonated true and deeply with me.
    By inviting the Spirit of Truth and Wisdom (who brings justice), to reveal his perspective. I then started to see clearly in my mind that these thoughts and beliefs was untrue. In fact, at the conclusion of this session I became aware I was connected to the presence of Peace and felt a greater contentment. This I know springs forth from God.
    I had discovered in the dark aspect of my mind (where I believed I was alone, unworthy, responsible- my fault, no voice or rights as well as rejecting myself) I had also believed God to be controlling. When Helen asked The Spirit to reveal if this was true, I saw how this idea of a controlling God had come from the world. It was then revealed that God is respectful. He would respect my decision to be alone if I chose. But I saw clearly that the presence of God and Jesus would never leave me.
    Then I had a choice to let go of the darkness and all that it represented which had been my 'protector' and used as a way to "fit" in with the world. Even though I made a choice to let the darkness go, it then came back. I was still partly wanting it.. it gave me a comfort in an odd way. When this thought was presented to the Spirit, I realized it wasn’t true. I then allowed and felt a comfort start to come from the Presence of life itself. This is where true comfort and rest comes from I realized.
    The ministry continued and my role of controlling was surrendered allowing the Spirit of Self Control to guide me. The decisions to hide, control, be responsible for others were all relinquished.
    The encountering ministry revealing Truth, the presence of the Spirit, was so comforting. I came to experience how gentle God’s Spirit is and how this aspect of me which felt so numb and disconnected,(which was due to shock and trauma), was now reconnected leaving me feeling more whole, calm and joyful.
    I am now embracing being in presence of Peace.

    from Linda Stocco

  • ‘Communication and Conflict’ – Seminar

    'I felt my anger and gave myself space to feel it and make it ok. It was an enlightening day'
    'I was feeling very heavy when I arrived. At the end of the day I felt lighter and better. It was an instructive day and I have learned alot'
    'I felt ready to learn and I gained more knowledge and how to apply it'
    'I felt expectant when I arrived. I gained further insight. At the end of the day I felt refreshed and reminded to listen to the Holy Spirit and that it's ok to ask for help'
    'There was a great feeling of peace and things were really clear. It was a great day'
    'I had a situation come up. In the end I felt more peace because it was dealt with'
    'When I arrived I was received with much love. At the end of the day I realised how important communication is and listening to people. It was an amazing seminar'
    'When I arrived I felt disillusioned and sad. It was released by closing my eyes and finding peace. I feel more sure of my future. The day created peace for me'
    'I've learned how to speak to people differently'

  • ‘Removing obstacles to Healing and Freedom – Life Course’ – 1st September, 2018

    'Had an open mind to meditation which touched upon a childhood trauma. At the end of the day I feel ready for more change. It was an enlightening day'
    'At the end of the day I am feeling more compassionate and great. Great work guys, wish you all the best!'
    'Areas of my life that needed to be were spoken into. Other areas were brought up in the 3-way perspective exercise. Fullness, joy, hope, peace in some of these areas'
    'God revealed truth to me in the meditation. In the exercise later, I released my mother of pain she has caused me. If I allow my feelings to come up and allow them to surface, I will gradually become able to accept them'
    'At the end of the day I feel hopeful. It was good to receive ministry. Thank you'
    'Today I received information and awareness'
    'I arrived feeling scattered. A couple of times I felt God breakthrough my negative emotions and just tell me to be myself and stop overthinking. I'm hopeful that I can be God's child apart from co-dependant relationships'
    'As the day went on I felt calmer and more settled. At the end of the day I felt hope that I can feel peace within. It was a fantastic, dynamic, refreshing day and most of all the people are approachable'

  • ‘How life can become easy instead of hard’ – August 4th, 2018

    ‘Today was useful and informative. I felt at home’
    ‘I felt calm at this seminar; it was enlightening’
    ‘I arrived feeling all over the place with a lot of baggage, mostly negative. A lot of things got stirred up. It was really good to hear all the information that was given’
    ‘I felt very good once I settled down. It was a very good day’
    ‘When I arrived I was looking forward to learning and new experiences. It was a very helpful and informative day’
    ‘I felt physically exhausted when I arrived. By the end of the day, I felt more grounded and certain that my journey is going in the right direction. It was a beautiful day’
    ‘I arrived feeling anxious, fearful and burdened. At the end of the day I felt very peaceful, alive and fulfilled’

  • ‘How feelings can lead to healing & empowerment’ – 7th July, 2018

    'When I arrived I felt overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. I experienced peace and I recognised the truth that has been revealed. It was an enlightening day bringing hope'
    'I arrived needing knowledge and help. At the end of the day I feel empowered with knowledge and peaceful'
    'I recieved peace, perspective and valuable life tools. Thank you'
    'I needed peace and I got it'
    'I felt apprehensive when I arrived. I resonated immediately with the words of the music. I'm glad I came. It was worthwhile'
    'At the end of the day I feel hopeful. It was very touching to be a witness to another person's journey'
    'I felt unsure and not too good when I arrived. The day was a relief and awesome'
    'I loved the course. I thought it was the best ever. I loved the visual and the sharing'
    'It was an excellent day'
    'The tools I gained will help me move forward in life.

  • ‘The power of words’ – Seminar – 2nd June, 2018

    'Situations came up for me and a sense that I'm moving in the right direction. Now I feel the struggle but with forgiveness attached to it'
    'I arrived looking for answers and wanting change. I feel I am ready to open up'
    'I arrived feeling I was in the right place today. During the meditation I sensed my heart had had enough and the Holy Spirit covered my heart and I felt I was alright and healed. I was able to express my hurt and I was shown that those who hurt me are damaged'
    'I arrived feeling heavy but thanks to the meditation and the tips we were given, I feel lighter and much more at peace because now I have the tools to go forward in life with a better attitude and mindset. I feel that I am more in control of my thoughts and behaiour'
    'When I arrived I felt frazzled and now I feel lighter'
    'I felt flat when I arrived and now I feel better. The meditation has helped me and I can feel a supernatural presence. I look forward to the next one!'' I feel I now have the information to use when I hear negative words spoken to me or words that I speak to myself and that they are not fact'
    'I feel I am able now to move forward with 3 people who are burdening me in my family'
    'I felt anxious when I arrived. Now I feel warmth, cared about and welcomed. I feel empowered by what I learned. Those who shared their stories from the heart were very genuine'

  • ‘Transform your life by transforming your mind’ – 5th May, 2018

    'I arrived feeling uncertain of life, then there was a shift to feeling confident and hopeful. I feel very good at the end of the day. It was a divine day'
    'When I arrived I felt tired and flat. After the mind, body heart and spirit meditation, I felt complete, full of love and feeling able to heal myself and others. It was a transformational day'
    'At the start I felt tense. The encounter was amazing! It was a liberating day and I enjoyed the seminar very much'
    'I learned a lot. The course was really good'
    'I felt down when I arrived. Then I experienced release and understanding. I feel much calmer. I will apply techniques to my life. I loved the day'
    'I arrived feeling expectant, hopeful and curious. I experienced release and peace and now I feel peaceful and relaxed. Excellent day! Useful resources which can be practically applied to deepen and strengthen my walk with Jesus'
    'It was a peaceful and relaxing day'
    'It is an authentic, caring, loving and safe space'
    'At the conclusion of the day I feel joy and peace. Thank you so much'
    'I arrived with a busy mind and worried. I experienced a beautiful light and truth, a sense of peace and a release. Very moving and a chance to connect with others. Thank you!'
    'I felt welcomed and the people are friendly. It was a helpful day'
    'When I arrived I felt tense and nervous. I then felt a release of these tensions. At the conclusion of the day I feel more relaxed and pleased I came. I have tools to work with. It was a very insightful day'
    'At the end of the day I feel refreshed'

  • ‘Dissolving Fears” – April 7, 2018

    'When I arrived I felt stressed out and at the end of the day I felt better and the mindfulness exercise was good'
    'The day was healing, powerful, peaceful, worthwhile, liberating and informative'
    'I'm more aware of God's presence in my life. Great work, very helpful'
    'Initially I felt tired and flat. At the conclusion of the day I felt lighter'
    'Today was a wonderful blessing'
    'When I arrived I felt tired and by the end I felt lighter'
    'It was a great day and now I have a positive direction'
    'At the start of the day I felt emotional and dealing with disappointment. At the end of the day I feel less weighed down by challenges. Despite arriving in a sensitive state, I now have an increased awareness of fear's power. I accept where I am and move toward resolving my issues'
    'I arrived feeling heavy and stressed. I felt a release and a realisation of the truth. I feel light and ready to tackle the world. I gained a clarity and release of my past to allow me to move forward'
    'At the beginning I felt edgy and nervous. I experienced peace of mind, body and spirit'

  • “Encounter Freedom Anytime’ Empowering Course – 3rd March, 2018

    'It has been earth shifting since last Seminar in February on Frustrations to Peace as, after prayer, significantly good things have happened! And at this Course I became aware of things I need to deal with and will need time to absorb it all'

    'I felt curious at the start, looking for a positive direction on my journey. I came back to my spiritual roots and found tools to deal with the darker times in my life. At the end of the day I feel calm and peaceful. A great presentation. I learned things that I had been seeking'

    'Today was good and I felt at peace'

    'I arrived feeling down, upset and frustrated. I felt a slight shift in my emotions and a relief in not carrying so much baggage. The day was enjoyable and made me think'

    'I felt shattered at the start. I went deeper into God and felt peaceful. It was a good day'

    'When I arrived I felt trapped. The course included the opportunity to choose. It was restful. An opportunity to be reminded of relational foundations especially with self'

    'The learning was freeing and refreshing. At the conclusion of the day I felt excited and happy'

    'I felt hopeful at the start. I had an open heart to be present. At the end of the day I felt peaceful and trusting. It is a healing place to be with God. I am filled with gratitude'

    'Initially I felt unsettled. I worked through my feelings and then felt settled. It was a great day, calming and a sense of peace'
    'I felt joy and peace and ready to move. It was a spirit filled day bringing me closer to God'

    'Initially felt really tired and now I feel lighter and much better. It was an excellent day and I feel blessed'

    'At the start I felt nervous, expectant and fearful. Later I felt encouraged, equipped and I left wanting more'


    'now that I have the tools, it seems more possible to resolve my situation'

    'when I arrived I felt worn out, tired and frustrated. By the end of the day I felt more hopeful and wiser and much lighter'

    'at the start I felt heavy then the heaviness left me. I feel enlightened'

    'I felt down about life. I experienced the light within me and felt more at peace. It was a refreshing day, very welcoming and I left feeling at peace'

    'great insights that helped me to put my situation into perspective. I feel more at peace. It was profound the way my mind was opened'

    'when I arrived I felt confused, frustrated and looking for an answer. I experienced images and explanations and I feel calmer. It was a great day. I will come again'

    'initially felt stressed and uptight. I could relate very much to the whole seminar. I am much calmer and kinder to myself. It was a very comprehensive day'

    'I have a clearer vision of what I have to do with my life. It was an informative and inspiring day'

    'when I arrived my body felt tight and sore. I was grateful however, wanting to experience breakthroughs. Through the meditation I was shown where my blocks are. I am very grateful and glad to have made the journey. I feel more movement in my body and emotionally lighter. It was an excellent day'

    'I felt keen to learn and I did learn new things. It was a good day'

    'initially I felt very anxious internally. The meditation touched my heart space and it really softened and slowed down. It was a good day'

    'I arrived feeling tired emotionally, physically and spiritually. I felt compassion for the people causing me frustration in my life and at the end of the day I felt more peaceful. I learned some great tools'

    'I could identify areas of frustration. After Helen's talk and meditation I felt peaceful and at the end of the day I felt much calmer'

    'I went on a journey and feel enlightened, peaceful and content. It was an inspiring day'

    'I get reinforced when I come, it is always stimulating thanks to the people. It was an interestingly enjoyable day'


  • FROM PAIN TO PEACE – December 9th, 2017

    'love the 3 way perspective...a great awareness'

    'I felt wonderful; it was a beautiful day'

    'it was an informative day'

    'I arrived feeling stressed, frustrated, angry, tired and fed up. Now I feel the burden has been taken away and I feel lighter, free from pain and happier. I was given wisdom, knowledge and tools today'

    'I was willing to receive and I did receive and at the end of the day I feel enthusiastic'

    'I feel encouraged and uplifted'

    'today I felt blessed, encouraged and reminded of how loved I am, after arriving full of pain'

    'when I arrived I felt tense and by the end of the day I felt relaxed. It was a great day'

    'I enjoyed the guided meditation. I loved the music and the input of the speakers'

  • ‘Can’t so no? Learn how’ October 2017

    'I was feeling out of centre when I arrived and by the end I felt a strength in the core of my being. It was a fantastic, empowering, life-giving seminar'

    'It was a lovely atmosphere and a great and very informative day'

    'I was meant to be here. I felt a strong sense of healing. At the end of the day I feel peaceful and trusting. Another amazing healing space'

    'When I arrived I felt angry, resentful and fed up. Now I feel safe, heard, accepted, loved and a lot lighter'

    'I came looking for a solution to a situation where I had to say yes or no. By the end of the day I felt a real affirmation of what I am supposed to do. I feel strengthened'

    'I felt angry when I arrived. Now I feel happy and relieved with a new perspective'

    'I arrived feeling confused and conflicted. At the end of the day I felt more peaceful and accepting of the journey I'm on'

  • ‘Removing blockages in life’ September 2017

    'When I arrived I felt pain in my body. As the day progressed the pain left me. I feel very good and free. It was an excellent day'

  • ‘Discover your free true self’ August 2017

    'When I arrived I felt a little disturbed, worried and unsettled. I came to the realization that God is in charge. I need to spend time listening to and relying on God. At the end of the day I felt more peaceful, grateful and happy. The seminar was very well run and I enjoyed the day'

    'I felt expectant when I arrived. I was fulfilled and by the end of the day I felt peaceful . I felt very inspired by Linda's talk and Andrew's insight'

    'I felt welcomed when I arrived. I really enjoyed the meditation music and talk. By the end of the day I felt lighter. The day really impacted me'

    'At the end of the day I felt affirmed about who I am. It was a good oasis'

    'My eyes were opened today. By the end of the day I felt free and re-connected. It was ground-breaking and breath-taking'

  • ‘Dealing with conflict constructively’ July 2017

    'Arrived feely sceptical and later felt enriched. I have extremely valuable tools to deal with conflict. It was an empowering day'

    'At the start I felt tired and was not centred. I realized a lot about myself and others. A great day'

    'I resolved conflicts with myself. I feel released and free of any negative emotions. It was an elightening and life-changing workshop. My relationships will change from now onwards'

    'I arrived feeling stressed and as the day went on I felt relaxed and peaceful. I feel calm, I have greater clarity and I feel stronger. It was a constructive and meaningful workshop'

    'At the end of the day I feel refreshed and optimistic'

    'At the conclusion of the day I felt clearer and more aware of the truth. It was a gentle day and an opportunity to encounter truth'

    'I arrived feeling shaken, upset, sad and in physical pain. I was reminded that I'm precious and valuable. I feel more relaxed at the end of the day, supported and comforted. It was a helpful and constructive day'

    'At the beginning I felt worried and confused. By the end I felt refreshed and enlightened. It was a reflective workshop'

    'I felt very exhausted and stressed when I arrived. I felt better when I left and I will take home the tools I've learned. The day was very well organised'

    'I arrived hoping for answers about what to do regarding people who are abusive to me. I now have solutions and answers about their attitude and I feel equipped to deal with those situations. There was a lot of helpful information today'

    'It was a good day and I left feeling hopeful for change'

    'At the start I felt down and by the end I felt uplifted and looking forward to implementing the tools I have been given. This is such a peaceful place'

    'When I arrived I felt flat and as the day went on I felt supported by the teaching. I feel affirmed and stronger in myself'

  • ‘Letting go and receiving’ June 2017

    'I learned how to relax and meditate. I am inspired. There is a calmness and peace within the room. Everyone is welcoming and friendly'

    'I felt uplifted and learned the deeper meaning of life. Really amazing revelations on how to connect and how to open the doors of love'

    'It was an informative seminar and at the end of the day I felt calm'

    'I felt a letting go and I am at peace'

    'During the meditation I observed profound changes and I felt joyful and full of peace. I feel cared for and loved, lighter and freer by letting go of a person I care for. I am equipped to go home and use the tools I've learned. It was a fantastic day'

    'It was an uplifting and safe environment. I felt a letting go during the meditation. I felt accepted and welcomed and had a good laugh at myself'

    'I learned skills on how to let go and forgive. I feel at peace'

    'It was a relaxing day to get in touch with the deeper things in life. I am in touch now with some of my feelings and I had a couple of insights and found a way through one of my struggles'

    'After the meditation I felt a sense of peace. I experienced the truth about a situation that I was stressing about. I feel grateful. It was an uplifting seminar'

    'It was a good day and am happy I came along'

    'It was a friendly, welcoming place. At the end of the day I felt free and relieved. It was a freeing, reflective day'

    'At the start of the day I felt heavy, exhausted, anxious, sad, guilty and confused like paddling uphill and unable to cope. At the end of the day I felt free and able to breathe, greatly enriched, energized and joyful'

  • ‘Tranforming your thoughts and your life’ May 2017

    'I was burdened with thoughts about my future and the expectations from others. Witnessing Nadene overcome the trauma in her life was eye opening. I now have hope that I can face my feelings. The workshop was a productive and interactive use of my Saturday morning'

    'I arrived feeling numb but hopeful. I experienced overwhelming darkness and heaviness. At the end of the day I felt free, optimistic and confident. The workshop made me aware'

    'I felt rushed at the start then I enjoyed taking time to just sit. I feel at peace. It brought me back to the centre with Jesus'

    'I felt ok when I arrived and better after the mind, body, heart and spirit exercise. I am more aware of issues that need dealing with though I am at peace'

    'When I arrived I felt disconnected from people, lonely, low and a loss of direction. At the conclusion of the day I felt connected, happy to find a safe space and share similar experiences. It's been a great day. Thank you! An amazing day to connect with the Lord and myself'

    'I felt happy to be led here by the Lord and had no idea what was in store. Just knowing I love my husband who is part of the Agape team, the rest of the team and the Lord's presence at Agape Encounter. Wow! Now I can live life to the full. There is a hope, a drenching in His light and deliciousness. Thank you so much. No amount of money can ever thank you dear Helen and team. I do thank God for you each and all'

    'I was full of thoughts and anxious about all the tasks I had to do. I relaxed and enjoyed the day immensly. I witnessed an amazing breakthough. Things I didn't think could be possible. It's been an amazing day. I have learned new keys on how to deal with situations'

    'I felt very welcome. I enjoyed the teaching, singing and wonderful ministry of Nadine. At the end of the day I feel peaceful, joyful and praising God for His amazing love'

    'At the start I felt uncertain and clouded. Then I was able to explore emotions and I experienced clarity. I was open. Now I feel grateful and mindful. The workshop was very well done and strategies provided to deal with struggles'

  • ‘Moving from stress to peace’ April 2017

    'I felt physically and mentally tired. The day was peaceful and encouraging and has given me a goal to change'

    'I arrived feeling tired and heavy. The meditation was healing and now I have hope. The flow was great and the day was peaceful and I felt love and a sense of wellbeing'

    'I felt nervous at the start and at conclusion of the day I feel better. It was an awesome day'

    'I have stuff to deal with but felt encouraged to follow through on right course of action'

    'I arrived feeling tired and anxious and at the conclusion of the day I feel empowered.

    'Uncertainty at the start. Learned to give up control and hand it over to God. Nothing could improve this seminar. Thanks to these people'

    'At the sart I felt expectant and sceptical. It was a good and gentle teaching. Thankyou kind and caring team'

    'I unloaded all my worries and frustration at not being able to change others. I have the tools to practice listening and not complaining or judging. It was a very encouraging day'

    'I felt fuzzy at the start. Then relaxed and now am ready for change without resistance'

  • ‘Really Forgiving’ March 2017

    'Wanting to learn how to forgive . Now have learned strategies on how to do so and I feel alot lighter. It was a perfect workshop, a nice way to connect with God and learn how to trust him more'

    'I felt welcome when I arrived and a sense of hospitality. I feel enriched at the end of the day. Thank you for the experience and opportunity'

    'I was annoyed at the start because of my procrastination but then I had a change of attitude when I became extremely grateful and feeling a sense of peace. At the end of the day I feel very glad I came. It was a brilliant day'

    'I arrived feeling ready with expectation. I continue to need help for wounds of the past and I need to forgive. At the end of the day I feel hopeful of change. I see myself as God does and not how others do and I feel accepted by God and that only his opinion counts. Today was the hand of God in action'

    'I felt nervous at the start but then experienced a peace, light and presence. I feel more centred and still'

    'I had a quiet expectaion when I arrived. I loved the meditation, music and participation. At the end of the day I felt happy and light. Very good workshop; it was an enlightening day'

    'I feel more equipped to talk directly to God now and I will try the 3 way perspective exercise when feeling threatened'

    I'm happy that God made it possible for me to be here. I learned much today which is hard to describe in words. I recieved revelation and clarity today'

    'Learned to understand more of how to hear from the spirit. Pain dissolving. It was a great day'

    'My heart and spirit are softened. I feel less heavy and more energized'

  • Transform Relationships February 2017

    'I was overwhelmed by sorting out things but then received hope, strategy and a release. I feel relieved. It was an excellent day'

    'I arrived feeling hopeful and now feel encouraged. Great information and encouraging, supportive team'

    'I have been equipped with tools that I want to embrace and use. I am resolved to act in the moment and deal with things rather than push them down'

    'I didn't know what I was going to hear. I didn't realize that there are other solutions. The knowledge, the answers, I will use the new methods to respect people. I will do things differently than I have done in the past. I am enlightened on ways to handle conflict'

    'I arrived feeling flat; the darkness was terrifying. At the end of the day I feel good. It was a very good day'

    'I felt scattered and tired. I had unresolved memories come up and a lack of self worth. I feel the day has brought me back down to earth'

    'I felt heavy at the start but later felt lighter and calmer. The day was smooth and enlightening'

    'I arrived feeling angry. Later I got my peace back and now I feel free and relaxed'

    'I spent valuable time learning tools. I am so grateful for this day'

    'At the start I felt upset and now am becoming increasingly peaceful and hopeful. I am grateful for the truth and Helen's testimony'


  • The Power of Expectations December 2016

    'Conflicted, sad, feelings that aren't my responsibility when I arrived and later less confused. It was a valuable day'

    'Felt nervous when I arrived about expectations on me. I was taught a process about how to deal with expectations from others, that I have put on others and that I put on myself. At the end of the day I felt solid and calm and a knowledge of how to deal with expectations'

    'I realize how much my expectations hurt myself. I felt hopeful that I can be free from some hurts that I have received. Good work Agape'

    'I felt much better, enlightened and clearer about my expectations and how I can change things around for the better by stopping this mindset and live in hope and positivity. I feel equipped with tools to make a difference and deal with things. I feel hopeful. I thoroughly enjoyed today's seminar'

    'I experienced a shift. It was an informative and powerful day'

    'I arrived feeling worried and with no hope. I now feel stronger, hopeful. It was a great day'

    'The team shared some great wisdom'

    'I had low expectations and I hadn't really planned on coming today. Now I feel a better sense of peace. I experienced a lightening of the spirit and enlightenment of the mind'

    'At the start I felt scattered, confused and undecisive. Now I feel a peace and calm. It was an enlightening day'

    'To Helen and the Agape team to say thank you that from the first time I came here, I have felt accepted and not judged which was a healing in itself. Through your teachings I have a freedom I have not felt in my life. It is wonderful'

  • Discover your talents and destiny November 2016

    'The finger of God touched my heart through the meditation and talk. I encountered God's unconditional love. I've learned so much from this workshop. I feel so much peace and empowerment. It was an excellent day'

    'Initially felt some sadness but it dissipated away. I feel connected and a warmth. It was a fulfilling day'

    'I was curious stressed out, rushed and time poor. I listened, participated, prayed and was open to the Holy Spirit. Now I feel calm'

    'I felt welcomed but unsure of what to expect. I am amazed at the power of God and the Holy Spirit. It was an enriching day'

    'I was all blocked and knotted up. I was keen to be blessed and begin the healing. At the end of the day I felt light, hopeful and had a dancing heart. It was a wonderful day'

    'I was unsure of how this would concern me. Then I realized that this workshop is exactly what I need. Later I felt calm and wanting to make changes to the way I operate in the world. I wish I had heard about Agape earlier in my life'

    'I'm tired of constantly thinking. I arrived feeling happy to be here and find my second family. Now I have more clarity. It's all good; an excellent day'

    'I have an outlook on what had been buried. I dealt with alot of stuff from within. I now feel enlivened; a gentleness and presence'

    'I felt welcomed and comfortable. The team is very friendly. I feel peaceful and am pleased I came'

    "I was a bit overwhelmed at first but after experiences I felt set free. I feel much better now. I feel God's love which I was trying to get from others and I discovered I can only get this from God. God is present to me now and I feel God's joy. It was an inspiring day'

    'I felt vague and flat when I arrived and now feel refreshed in mind, body and spirit. I feel invigorated and aware that I need to commit my mind to the Holy Spirit to be led. It was a refreshing day'

  • The secrets to melting hearts October 2016

    'I arrived fearful. I learned to believe in God that he will come through with what I asked for one day whenever he decides that day will be I now accept. At the end of the day I felt hopeful. I am thankful there is such a group'

    'I arrived feeling restful and receptive. I had calming visions of my current deficiencies. Now I feel more connected to concepts and positive listening and forgiving. The day was encouraging'

    'When I arrived I felt crushed. Then I felt relieved and at peace . It was a very helpful day'

    'Very exciting you are videoing and sharing online'

    'I was relieved I got here. I felt peaceful, free and aware. It was a peaceful, joyful day. I enjoyed the fellowship and the wisdom of the talk'

    'I felt anxious on arrival but later became lighter, letting go, felt tension release from side of head and stomach. Now I feel peaceful. It was an informative and healing day'

    'I arrived hopeful and interested. I was moved by the meditation and the talk. At the end, feel peaceful and hopeful and closer to our holy God. A blessed day. Thankyou to the wonderful team'

    'I arrived feeling heavy, clotted and confused. I had a revelation of wisdom and now feel lighter, relieved and wiser. What a terrific day'

  • Discover your ‘authentic’ self and true peace – Workshop September 2016

    'I had a scattered brain and my thought process was hazy at the start and by the end of the day I felt peaceful and clear thinking. I was inspired by the workshop and the Agape team'

    'I felt stiff, tired and in need of a brain holiday. I got my brain holiday. I was reminded that what I've been doing is worth doing. It was a wonderful, safe space. I'm so glad there is a place like this I can come to. It's a life-saver'

    'When I arrived I felt rushed and running by the controlling clock. I stopped and did the meditation exercise. I felt relaxed and renewed. It was a day of hearing the truth and I feel renewed'

    'I was tired when I arrived and at the conclusion of the day I didn't feel tired anymore. It was a powerful and informative day'

    'When I arrived I felt flustered, rushed, anxious and fearful. With the help of the Holy Spirit I learned that I am not a failure. I felt peaceful. At the end of the day I felt encouraged. It was a wonderful day'

    'I arrived feeling sad. By the end I felt healed and peaceful'

    'It was an excellent day. I was tired when I arrived but there was a shift and I felt uplifted, joyful and full of light. It was an awesome day. Excellent!'

    'When I arrived I felt stressed. At the conclusion of the day I felt peaceful, joyful and an inner strength'

    'It was a very easy workshop to understand, very peaceful and surrounded by wonderful people. Thank you to the committed team and Helen guiding them. God bless you all'

  • ‘When it seems impossible’ August 2016

    'When I arrived I wondered what am I here for. At the end of the day I found it interesting and worthwhile'

    'I had a tension headache, felt anxious and angry when I arrived. By the end it was gone and I felt at peace, relaxed and positive. It was an empowering day'

    'I felt frustrated and angry at the start. Then the Holy Spirit helped shift all that and to let go and be at peace. I was released from being abandoned, lonely and hurt. At the end I felt more at peace, relaxed and more light in my life'

    'When I arrived I felt confused and as I participated in the events of the day I gained peace and clarity. I love the community feeling. The day filled me with humility and a sense of abundance and I am so happy to be here'

    'I arrived feeling clueless and by the end of the seminar I had the tools to help me. It was a great seminar'

    "At the start I felt sceptical, frustrated, angry and annoyed. I experienced change, I felt the love of God, wisdom, divine guidance and clarity. At the end of the day I felt relieved, empowered and loved. It was an inspiring, amazing, lovely experience'

    'When I arrived I felt unhappy, trapped and stuck. I discovered the tools I need for change and realized there is hope. The day was excellent'

  • “How to move to happiness from feeling down or depressed” July 2016

    'I arrived feeling tense and agitated all over the place. After felt lighter and encouraged, happy, healed and relaxed. Thank you"

    'When I arrived I felt ok. Something shifted later and now I feel great. The day was fantastic and I loved the process'

    'I arrived feeling fluie and sickly and left feeling hopeful and supported. I am so grateful for the day'

    'I felt unsure and no expectations at the start. The process brought to light how unhappy and messed up my life is and that I need to start making choices regardless of the consequences. Now I feel glad that I came and how many people that I know that would benefit from this. I enjoyed the talks and the safety I felt'

    'At the start I was too busy thinking of what I had to do at home. Then I had this time resting with all these nice people around me. Now I feel I've got the tools that will keep me going until the next seminar. The day was comfortable and restful for me'

    "I felt welcome but not sure of what to expect. I feel rejection alot and feeling alone. It was good meeting different people and not feeling uncomfortable. A big change. It was interesting to hear what these two ladies went through. It was a very good day which covered alot.

    'When I arrived I felt confused. Now I feel peaceful. The seminars are getting better and much improved since two years ago'

    'I arrived feeling stressed. At the end I felt peaceful. The day was very interesting'

    'I gained hope and perspective from Helen's talk which covered the range of things that can help foundationally'

  • Empowering Teaching/Healing/Training Workshop June 2016

    At this powerful workshop we learned how to gently & powerfully help ourselves and others experience truth, freedom and healing in all areas of our lives. Many people experienced breakthroughs at this workshop but have not all written their comments. Here are just a few...

    'I felt so peaceful and anointed, surrounded by light and more peace. It was a wonderful, awesome, fruitful day'

    'I felt good and anticipated good things today and learned more about myself and how to relate to others'

    'I arrived with no expectations and found it was a very interesting day and I received much'

  • ‘How to be free from blame and shame’ – Seminar June 2016

    'Wonderful teaching on respect, thankyou'

    'Happy and grateful to be guided by the holy spirit to come here today'

    'It was a very informative day with alot of sharing from various people. It was a refreshing day'

    'I felt happy when I arrived and even happier when I left. I feel content, peaceful, balanced, joyful. A great ministry'

    'I feel free, thank you Helen and team and thank you God. It was an awesome day'

    'When I arrived I felt tense and a little disassociated. The body, mind, heart and spirit exercise made me aware of a part of me in the dark. The final meditation brought closure and a feeling of connectedness to God. I feel more together now thanks to grace and a release and hearing the truth about the situation'

    'I felt guilty, disgraceful, fake at the start and now I feel real, authentic and for the first time in years , in touch once again with my soul, my Lord. I feel a sense of protection, reassurance that I can change. Thank you Helen'

    'I arrived open for God's revelation and restoration with gratitude in my heart and left feeling the peace and love of God and a knowing and revelation for further healing'

  • ‘Dealing with conflict & bullying constructively’ seminar April 2016

    'Felt like it was going to be a room full of religious nuts imposing their beliefs on me but as I listened from start to finish and asked for God's help, I received messages. I felt relaxed. It opened my mind and I didn't feel bored. It was interesting and the exact opposite of what I expected. It was an interesting seminar.

    'Began open to receive and I did receive! Things long ago buried, deeply hidden, surfaced and I could release them. Then a filling up of nurturing love overwhelmed me. I am so grateful'

    'I felt expectant. The seminar made me realize how grateful I feel that my extraordinary parents brought me up to live life to the full. I was really ready for this topic'

    'I look forward to these seminars as I always go home feeling refreshed. It was a good day'

    'Expectant. Ready. Lighter. Hopeful. Guided. Thank you!'

    'Arrived hopeful. Left elated. Awesome! God is good! Always!'

    'I am separated at the moment and getting a divorce. I had so many questions, self-talk, low self-esteem. Today I received peace and a sense of being cared for and I learned how to care for myself despite my circumstances. It was a good day'

    'Peace. It was a peaceful day'

    'Arrived grateful and pleased to be here. God shed from me all the rubbish that has been dumped on me and He has filled me with courage to stand in peace and with dignity against my foes. Thank you Lord and thank you Agape'

    'Felt tense, troubled, looking for clarity and answers when I arrived and now I feel calm, less angry, enlightened, grateful that there is a safe place like this. I was glad I to share my pain and feel understood. It was a wonderful day'

    'When I arrived this morning I felt stressed, angry and very judgemental. I also felt empty and impatient and I thought 'here we go again'. Oh how wrong I was! I felt I belonged and I felt compassion and a great awareness, forgiveness and acceptance of myself and others. I'm looking forward to the next seminar. This day was a blessing and very rewarding. I have a better understanding and acceptance of my circumstances now'

  • Powerful keys to really help others… Teaching/Training/Healing Encounter Workshop March 2016

    'Felt sad, stressed and anxious when I arrived and by the end I felt calmer and at peace'

    'I really enjoyed the situation/memory worksheet for encountering that we used during the training; it was profound. I loved the tools I received and I will enjoy using them'

    'I felt tired and weary when I arrived and I felt lighter and more empowered when I left. The day was transformational'

    'I felt frustrated with life and angry at God with all the problems in the world and the people. I experienced God's love and how much he loves me/us. I know the love of God and feel at peace with Him. The day was very helpful'

    'I feel very blessed to have been here and affirmed that this is where I was meant to be today. Helen's presentation was definitely an affirmation of God's working through me to love Him and serve Him more in my family. I experienced peace and joy and truth manifested in God's presence'

    'I felt anxious, tense, confused at first but later felt peaceful, centered, hopeful and lighter. It was an excellent, fruitful, connecting day'

    'I arrived feeling very tired and frustrated. Today I learned the importance of forgiveness'

    'Today was fantastic, it was perfect. I'm so glad I finally got to experience the exercise rather than just learning about it'

    'The Divine Counsellor session was a good problem solver'

    'I felt nourished. It was a helpful day'

  • ‘How fears can be dissolved’- Seminar February 2016

    'Hopeful, informative and encouraging. Greater awareness of how I take control'

    'Helen's talk was very fruitful. I am learning to listen more to God and I found the quiet time very helpful. I felt a transition but may need some time to feel more peace. I am learning to stop and spend more time in his presence. Such great confirmation! Thankyou'

    'After hearing Helen speak about fear, I straight away felt my heart stop and knots in my stomach about exams and fear of failure. Then the image changed and I saw the water of the sea coming through rocks, such power. He is strong;not to fear. This is the bigger picture, the other is not real to me. The fear is gone'

    'When I arrived I felt stressed and restless. Now I feel at peace and refreshed. I have more tools to work with. I am so grateful for today'

    'I was nervous when I arrived. Throughout the presentation I began to connect. It was a worthwhile day for me'

    'As soon as I arrived I wanted to cry. The seminar was 'bang on' appropriate for a struggle I had. I now feel that I'm on the way to a breakthrough'

    'I came here feeling this is a place I can trust people and the team of Agape. Today's topic was very interesting and Helen spoke so well on this topic. The day was very inspiring. I have taken much in and in God's time enjoy the fruits. Thankyou very much to Agape'

    'I discovered something during the meditation I had not realized before about relationships in my life. I felt relaxed. It was a great day'

    'At the start I felt panic about life. Now I feel calmer and clearer about life. Great teaching on what fear can do to the mind and body. It was excellent, thankyou'

    'In the beginning I felt anxious and confused and later I felt less so'

    'When I arrived I had a heavy head however after the first meditation I felt lighter and my body felt transformed also. This was the most enlightening of the seminars that I have attended'

    'I felt comfortable with everyone but a bit nervous when I arrived. I had a feeling like I'd lost my way looking for love in the wrong place.I left feeling positive, hopeful, trusting God. The day was positive, caring and a valuable experience'

    'I was initially fearful and now I feel more free. The day was transforming and healing'

    'I felt quite apprehensive and anxious before arriving and self-conscious. At the end I felt more open and hopeful. It was a great day'

    'I am more aware of the power of God and the beauty of His love and peace and encouragement. I was transformed from a lack of trust as an old memory to a new trust in God. The day was inspiring, powerful yet gentle, life-changing and beautiful'

    'Nervous and excited just to be with like-minded people. Happy to be connected to God through this topic. I learned much today about spiritual warfare and blockages'

    'I gained wisdom and understanding today'

    'I am so grateful to be here as I always receive healing, peace, revelation and unconditional 'Agape' love. I feel today as though I've been bathed in love!'

    'I arrived feeling depressed, sad and numb. I left feeling better, validated and more peaceful'


  • ‘From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs’…a Healing and Empowering Seminar December 2015

    'I felt disappointed within my heart. I had a MASSIVE breakthrough and feel nurtured and supported and healed. I will use what I was taught today. Praise God. It was an awesome day, a truly loving and beautiful experience'

    'I felt overwhelmed, mind tangled with information, unclear. With the mind and body encounters, I got God's perspective and allowed me to focus on Him and for Him to direct me. I love the day, it was great!'

    'I was thinking too much about alot of things, but here is a place of peace and encouragement and hope. I felt grateful for all the ministers and God that provides for this'

    'I felt released. I have been doing alot of spiritual work on myself of late. This workshop has been good for me because during meditation, an incident which happened to me as a child came up which had been very painful. I have carried these feelings with me for a very long time and wondered where God was in that memory. I got my answer. Although I don't truly understand, I trust that I'm not worse off for the experience and that I'm still here and in time I believe I will know. Today I feel at peace'

    'I feel out of control and in a place of intense masquerading and false self. God began to do something, but I still need time to process it, but I do feel more hopeful - WELL DONE'

    "Peaceful and grateful. Today Helen confirmed alot of the messages the Holy Spirit had given me. It was a brilliant day, thankyou'

    'When I arrived I felt confused with what is happening in our world. As I leave I feel that the Holy Spirit will intervene. The day was filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and I feel encouraged to journey on'

    'The day was informative and powerful'

    'I realized how angry I felt. I feel lighter now and informed. I know I'm going in the right direction. I feel loved and accepted'

    'I felt a bit blank and expectant. Now more at ease with myself and the seminar process; valuable sharing with the right person in place; awareness of old burdens. I feel my burden lightened and an encouraging feeling of progress in releasing burdens'

    'Initially felt confused but later felt enlightened'

    'The day was beautiful!!'

  • ‘When ‘IT’S’ Impossible’… An Interactive Workshop that teaches you what to do in ‘impossible’ situations! November 2015

    'This day has cleared and resolved how to deal with a situation and it has caused me to take action for change. These days change lives!'

    'It was nice to meet many friendly, lovely ladies'

    'I arrived feeling nervous and disillusioned. Later feeling a little better. It's nice to have some support. The day had useful information; a reminder of what I already know but don't always practice'

    'The worksheet and the day were helpful'

    'When I arrived I was spiritually fatigued and felt dizzy. After the workshop, the dizziness was gone and I got a few massages from the Holy Spirit. My burden has partially lifted thanks be to God & Jesus. The day gave me hope'

    'The day brought up emotions which are heavy and painful which I usually push away. I felt immense pain. The workshop has taught me that we have the power and wisdom in all of us to ask the Lord to 'take over'. I'm so glad and thank God I came today after a persistent invitation from Virginia. I know now that God is always there with and for me and I need to trust'

    'I felt the situation I had recently found myself in was impossible and unresolved. The workshop helped tremendously. I don't feel guilty anymore. I feel like the 'impossible' has shrunk down to become the 'possible'. I feel relieved and healed'

    'At first I felt slightly tired and flat. The clear teaching and the meditation lead to more expansive understanding of formative events with fresh insights. Now I feel more free and light. Being away from your seminars for many months made me realize how encouraging Agape can be'

    'I arrived feeling tired but happy. I received enlightenment through the meditation. Afterwards I felt I had been cleansed and renewed by the living waters of the Holy Spirit'

    'I did not know what to expect from the workshop as it was my first attendance. It was a new beginning for me. I learned something that will help me in my day to day life'

  • How to develop Healthy, Genuine Relationships…Respect as well as deal Constructively with Conflict! October 2015

    'Initially I felt very anxious, scared, lonely, lost, unworthy. I experienced so many good things at this seminar. It gave me wisdom. I felt hopeful. It was great to meet some wonderful people and look forward to coming back. It was a really good and surprising day'

    'I was uncertain as to what to expect from today. I learned that my junk was holding me back from my future and that past hurts and other people's actions are not mine to own; that their salvation is as important as mine and they're just as forgiven. Today I felt inclusive without being judged'

    'The heart diagram presentation was a good example'

    'When I arrived today I was curious and made to feel very welcome. The meditations were very deep and created real contact with my inner self and God. I felt peaceful and clear in my mind. A wonderful, peaceful day that will live on. Thank you'

    'At the start I felt flat, needing direction. The seminar was helpful in understanding my relationships'

    'It is beautiful to listen to other people's experiences'

    'At first I felt like I wanted to escape but later I felt more open and hopeful. It was a good day, I had such a good experience and although it was challenging, I feel more awake and alive now'

    'Initially felt scattered. Now more at peace'

    'I left feeling at peace. It was a wonderful day'

    'Leaving here today, I feel I can look after myself and go enjoy life, let love in and have joy, peace and trust in God. It was a wonderful and different experience to any other seminar so far. A huge leap forward for me and my family today'

    'When I first arrived I was wondering what I should be doing to find genuine, healthy relationships. Now I feel I have permission to just be myself in order to have such relationships. It was a great day'

    'I felt tired at the beginning but at the end I felt better and lighter. I felt loved and accepted and closer to God'

  • ‘Discover what you really want…an interactive inner peace workshop’ September 2015

    'As soon as I sat down I was home! God opened the heavens! I felt broken in my body and now feel so uplifted in my spirit that I am filled with Him to guide me and manage whatever comes my way; especially in relationships and purpose. Love you guys, love you Helen, thank you'

    'Inspiring! One woman's breakthrough was enormously uplifting and hopeful'

    'It was a relaxed, peaceful day and I felt happy'

    'At first I felt stressed, angry and resentful. Now I feel lighter, surrendered. I have let go of lies. I feel inspired, refreshed and happy. Thank you'

    'I felt loved and peaceful after the meditation. I also felt that I was not alone'

    'I had no expectations when I arrived but believed God would show me. Wow! I received exactly what I needed. I learned ways in which I can change myself and seek further insight into discovering the reason why I'm often angry and hate it when people tell me what to do. The day was very insightful'

    'When I arrived I was feeling restless. Today, I found rest, peace and joy here. I was surrounded by very caring people'

    'I arrived feeling sad but experienced healing through Helen and now I feel I have let go of judgements of others and am able to confide in God more. Helen is an angel and I feel blessed by this ministry. I am so grateful for this day'

    'When I arrived I felt open and ready for a miracle. Now I feel my light shining brighter. The lifting of generational patterns during the meditation was particularly freeing. It was a day of freedom!'

  • The Power of Expectations, Attitude and Perspective August 2015

    'Felt blocked when I arrived, chaotic and overwhelmed. Now I feel like it's simpler and all I need to do is talk with God often and let Him take care of me and others. God wants to give to me and care for me unconditionally. I feel like it has restored me. Thank you all'

    'I felt disheartened and dis-empowered before I arrived. There is an answer. Let go and give it to God. It was a relaxing, freeing day. There is nothing I would improve; it was fantastic'

    'Initially I felt heavy and overwhelmed. Later I felt lighter and hopeful'

    'I am leaving today with understanding about asking for God's perspective and getting out of the way; to listen without interrupting!..It was an enlightening day. Thanks'

    'When I arrived I was feeling very heavy; it was written all over my face. After the session I felt restored. Thank you. The day was very informative, structured well and dealt with in a very relaxed manner'

    'Initially I felt anxious and fearful. Now I am more confident. The day was a very positive one'

    'After the seminar I felt good, better, hopeful and grateful. I am pleased I made the effort to come and happy to be in the presence of special, loving people. It was a day of healing and knowledge'

    'At the start I felt a deep darkness. Now I feel alive, lighter, more perspective and direction thanks to Helen's tools. There is nothing that could improve this seminar. It was an enlightening day'

    'In the beginning I felt angry and frustrated. Afterwards I felt lighter, free and healed. It was an informative day'

  • From confusion, tension and stress to Peace and clarity July 2015

    'I felt stressed at first, but now feel lighter, happier, validated and I had fun. The day was enlightening'

    'Initially I felt agitated and apprehensive. Later I was calm and felt at ease in a friendly atmosphere. I felt good to be with people who shared themselves openly with me and I understood them. I felt a real openness when I shared myself with them also'

    'When I arrived I was feeling unhappy and lacking in confidence. Now I know I have to practice taking time for myself. These days always help me somehow'

    'I went from feeling heavy to feeling much lighter. I am so grateful for this day'

    'When I arrived this morning it felt like coming home as this was my first attendance this year. As I left I felt refreshed'

    'Initially I felt anxious, then, as I let go of judgments and listened to Helen's sharing I began to let go and tears began to fall'

    'I was feeling quite heavy and became aware that I had made a death wish. During the meditation I felt an experience of being loved and safe. I feel lighter now and excited about what life has to offer now that I can trust in love. It was an awesome day and such a joy to introduce my friend to this wonderful experience'

    'When I arrived I felt heavy laden and by the end of the day I was feeling refreshed. It was an enlightening day'

    'Initially I felt sad and nervous. Now I am sure of God's love in my life'

    'I feel privileged to have been a part of this day'

  • How to ‘really’ help other people in everyday life June 2015

    'So pleasantly surprised to get such quickness of clarity and release. God has opened my eyes through these wonderful people in this ministry. Thank you for bringing Him close to us. The day was very refreshing. I love the feeling of a new me'

    'I was a bit stressed when I arrived. I feel much calmer now. It was a good day'

    'I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed at the start; stretched and bent out of shape. There was great team work throughout the day; authentic sharing, heartfelt presence; a spirit-filled space and healing'

    'When I arrived I felt tired, guilty, regretful, hopeless and in physical pain. Now I feel free. The curse that had power over me has dissolved. I made a conscious decision to allow the Holy Spirit to be the source of love for me. This day has greatly impacted by life. Thank you for facing my challenges with me. Well done Agape team'

    'On arrival I was feeling anxious and emotionally weak. I felt like I could burst into tears at any moment. Now I feel stronger and lighter. I know I have the strength I need to move through the anxiety. I feel I have the tools to deal with the negativity in my life. The day was calming'

    'Something buried deep within me, a blockage, was released during the meditation. I felt a healing. I received great practical help regards helping people. Andrew's talk was affirming. I feel supported. It was a great, interesting and peaceful day'

  • Freed from Fears to experience Peace and Clarity May 2015

    'I felt anxious at the start then I felt the Holy Spirit powerfully and felt lighter, free, happy, contented. I know that I am in the right place for a better life and to be healed. I was told I am precious and valuable and have gifts and abilities from the Lord. I am confirmed again. Thank you Jesus. A glorious day'

    'I came not expecting anything but just to be. During the workshop I experienced unexpected blessings. I received healing for a deep fear which I was surprised about because it wasn't a conscious fear. The Divine Counsellor brought it to mind. Now I feel a deep comfort and release from that childhood trauma and an assurance that I can never go away from this Spirit and protection; Ps. 121'

    'Arrived feeling unsure but expectant. I experienced a connectedness with others and I left feeling peaceful and with strategies to use. It was an uplifting day'

    'When I arrived I felt worried, angry and tired. Afterwards I felt relieved and light'

    "I was enlightened and I experienced clarity'

    'During the meditation a past trauma was revealed to me; an experience that can help me in the future. Thank you. As always, a peaceful day'

    'I arrived feeling hot and flustered. I really needed this day. Thank you so much'

    'I felt embarrassed because I came with the children! I thank God and you for helping me to have this blessed experience. A blessed day'

    "I felt I came with an open heart to learn something about this topic. I was enlightened by the presentation and have taken away several blessings from my time spent here. A blessed day'

    'I arrived feeling exhausted and in great need for something to change. I felt chained and bound as if everything I have tried has failed. I'm worried about my career and future. When I left I felt relief. I feel like I simply need to take one step at a time with the Lord. Again I am overwhelmed and amazed about the day. I could not have imagined the healing of today in advance. Thank you'

    'At the start I felt angry and disappointed with myself. I felt that change in me was progressing so slowly. As the day went on I felt more relaxed and I felt there was hope for change to occur. There is nothing I can say to improve this seminar. It was a wonderful day'

    'Today reinforced the love of God for me. I asked for peace and received! Praise God'

    'Core memories and fears came up and I felt like laughing. What an amazing experience and a breakthrough to listen to Helen'

    'In the beginning I felt sad, lost and fearful. Now I feel soft, trusting and hopeful, calmer and relieved. I found a light in the darkness of where I was! An excellent day'

  • How beliefs can influence and change bad habits of all types…and your life April 2015

    'When I arrived I felt like I had a heart of stone. Later it felt touched by the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ. It felt raw but alive and hopeful, supported by Divine Love and Counsellor. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude and wonder for what the Lord will do when we show up'

    'I felt very emotional at the start then significantly less emotional by the end of the session. Helen shared very valuable insights for which I am very grateful. A morning well spent; worth it!'

    'I felt I had hit a wall, a massive stone blockage. Now I feel one of my habits has been dealt with and I feel the sun shining and the wind blowing and Jesus' truth in my new belief that He will never fail or forsake me. I feel empowered by the reminder of God's truth. It was a fantastic day'

    'Initially I felt very tired, pain in my body, frustrated and afraid. Now I feel released, happy, hopeful, inspired and I have greater understanding of my bad habit. Thank you, it was an uplifting day'

    'Before, I felt apprehensive and after, I felt enlightened. It was a day well spent and am glad I came'

    'I arrived feeling confused and angry but am leaving feeling peaceful'

    'At the start I felt very stressed. The session was very touching and also very powerful'

    'I arrived with a heaviness but after this beautiful session I feel released and supported following the down to earth talk by Helen. Thank you Holy Spirit. It was a peaceful day'

  • Feedback comments from: Inner Peace Seminar – The make-over of all make-overs; transforming us within and without March 2015

    'Arrived feeling blocked and as the seminar went on I could feel the beginnings of unblocking. It was a blessed day and a blessing to me'

    'Inspiring and life-changing session, I went from a clogged up mind to an experience of free-flowing thoughts, from a wrapped up heart due to self- protection to the unwrapping of a parcel to reveal a beautiful plump fruit, thankyou!'

    'I arrived feeling stressed and left feeling lighter, happier, more free and healed'

    'At the beginning I felt apprehensive but as the session went on, I became aware that something had shifted within me. I am grateful for this help'

    'Initially I was feeling very stressed out, heavy and overloaded. Later I felt nice and relaxed and the heavy weight is now lifted. Praise God! A very satisfying day'

    'At first I felt very agitated, tired and rather desperate although knowing I just had to be here today. At the end I felt like I could breathe and I left with a knowing that I can trust and rely on God to lead me, hold me and provide for me. Thankyou you so much Agape team. I feel so touched by the presence of God in this place'

    'I am so grateful that I made the effort to attend. Thankyou for a wonderful day'

  • How to ‘Really’ Surrender and Discover God’s Powerful Helpers – His Angels! February 2015

    'Feeling extremely exhausted when I arrived, then handed everything over to God and now feel much lighter. It was a beautiful experience as usual. I really love Agape. I have learned so much. I loved the day.'

    'I am dealing with co-dependency issues and it was good to share with like-minded people. I felt much lighter afterwards and I look forward to further healing and feel excited and ready.'

    'Arrived feeling angry and agitated. At the end I felt supported and free with greater clarity. I experienced a shift I never could have thought possible. Thank you for opening my world.'

    'I always come to these workshops with enthusiasm and today I wasn't disappointed. I learned much about God's angels and now I have a very good understanding that I didn't have before. Thank you. The topics presented are always good. I would love to have a whole weekend of this. The presentation today was very clear and easy to understand.'

    'I engaged myself in the process and experienced a healing and feel I have been set free.'

    'Very grateful to be here and learn about God's angels and surrendering and how they want to help us. I arrived feeling extremely tired and following the mind/body/soul meditation, I felt less pain and less tired.'

    'When I arrived I was feeling heavy, in physical pain and quite hopeless. Now I feel lighter, more hopeful and I feel like things that were worrying me will sort themselves out as I surrender them to God and His angels. It was the most moving workshop I have attended.'

    'At the start I felt tired but receptive. The meditation revealed new visions and the sharing was excellent and enlightening. Now I feel much lighter and more focused.'


  • Discover Your Purpose and Destiny December 2014

    'Arrived feeling anxious and left feeling an inner contentment and peace. I love the sharing and the interaction was varied and fun'

    'At the end of the workshop I felt renewed and hopeful to live and share my life in the light and truth of God'

    'I felt flat and empty when I arrived then through valuable listening, I felt encouraged. The day reinforced and revived my sense of spiritual giftedness'

    'I arrived feeling needy and heavy and later felt a white light and a feeling of light-heartedness come over me. I felt engaged'

    'The day was peaceful and fulfilling. I am more aware of my feelings and going home feeling much better than when I arrived'

    'I left feeling relaxed and refreshed. A good message'

    'A good day'

    'Experienced a spiritual awakening and now feel more present. A refreshing experience'

    'Felt very down, sad, depressed and anxious when I arrived and following the meditation, I feel a sense of relief. My connection with the Holy Spirit was amazing! He touched me, I felt his presence very strongly. The day was very touching and moving, I feel a load off my shoulders'

    'I came looking for a breakthrough. I believe God showed me a vision of false burdens I have been carrying for approx. 60 years! I believe changes are on the way! I got the you is a seed of greatness and in that seed is all the D.N.A to fulfill that purpose. Hold on to the things of God lightly.... It was a great day'

    'About the day, I feel peaceful, hopeful and grateful'

    'Feel reassured'

    'When I arrived I felt stressed and left at the end seeing the funny side of life. The day was enlightening'

    'At the beginning felt crushed and now I am alive! I am speechless about the day'

    'I became aware of how I respond to situations. It was a refreshing day'

    'Informative, powerful, hopeful'

  • Inner Peace Seminar November 2014

    'I had felt lost and blocked at the start then afterwards felt lighter, more aware of my feelings and how to manage them. The day was like an oasis for me'

    'On arrival I felt very tired and agitated and now I feel more at peace. The day was helpful and hope-giving. The talk & handout was very helpful'

    'Today was mind opening. The explanations and demonstrations of the dynamics was good as was the letting go exercise and surrender to the Divine'

    'When I arrived I was feeling confused & heavy. At the end, I felt peace, relaxed, affirmed, held and safe. The day was God-filled, a blessing!!!'

    'The 'memory/feelings/beliefs/reactions/encounter truth' framework made a lot of sense and was very helpful in me getting more of an understanding of how I am limited because of my past and my response to that. I feel more healing between my mother and me as we both continue to experience the presence of truth. I loved the day. It was very gentle'

    'I was feeling very heavy by many burdens and extra baggage. I now feel at ease especially after Helen's meditation. I feel over the moon. Praise the Lord! Amen! I loved the seminar'

    'I felt uneasy and not at all peaceful with myself at first. My mind is always busy. After the mind, body, soul meditation and talks by Helen, I felt that I was awakened about complaining and judging. The day was enlightening'

    'The seminar made me aware and enlightened me to see what I'm doing and the reason for the other person's difficult behaviour. I found it a helpful day'

    'When I arrived I felt extremely unwell and very short of breath, frightened of my deteriorating physical health. After the meditation, I felt loved and at peace. I recognised an improvement in my physical being. A lot of anger was cleared up and I am starting to feel more compassionate towards people. I'm beginning to recognise that I have been chosen for something special'

    'At the start I was anxious, feeling flat and closed. Now I feel more in tune with myself. During meditation I came to some realizations about my father and my husband. The day was inspirational'

  • ‘Unless you…become like a child’…Matt.18 October 2014

    Ministry session with Helen Alcock

    The sense of abandonment was overwhelming following another 'trigger'. I was at the end of my rope, completely depleted, discouraged, despairing & numb. I felt angry, scared and powerless. I thought, 'I'm completely alone', 'It's my fault', 'I can't do anything', 'There's something wrong with me', 'It's hopeless', 'It's not fair'. I had made judgements towards myself & others which left me feeling like a lead weight & completely exhausted. I renounced the judgements (which are an obstacle) and Helen prayed to release me from generational habits & patterns (another obstacle to healing). My breakthrough encounter came! Suddenly, in my mind's eye I saw the image of a little girl in a dark dungeon covered in cobwebs. As I observed this child, I had a sense she had been there for a very long time, abandoned, forgotten. Then an angel showed me an opening in the dungeon through which a brilliant, warm, all-embracing light flooded in & the cobwebs on the child fell away as the light shone on her and she began clapping her hands and laughing. She looked so happy that after such a long time she finally had been found. Then I saw 'big me' entering the dungeon through the opening where the light was coming in, and when I saw the little girl I felt that she was the long lost part of me who I had finally found! I then saw the hand of the little girl reaching out to 'big me' inviting me to come to her, assuring me she would look after me & that I can just relax & not worry about anything. She & the light would take care of me. What a relief! This was a life-changing moment for me. I felt so connected to this child and a feeling came over me that I can only describe as a 'coming back to myself' moment. This light and presence is friendly, totally accepting of me as I am, and it makes me feel so safe & secure in its presence. The feeling of abandonment, separation, powerlessness, dread & fear, was suddenly gone. The peace & joy I feel is miraculous; a complete turnaround; a lightness & ease replace the burden of expectations & responsibility. I feel balanced & stable. I asked the presence of the light what I need to do from here on, & the sense I got was to simply & effortlessly listen & remain connected to the child in the light. In this place, with the light & the child, I am free to be myself as I am, and I will know from moment to moment what to do, regardless of the darkness that may surround me. Later as I took a walk, I had a further encounter with the child, where I 'knew like I knew' that she was the part of me at age 5 who had become disassociated due to a trauma I had experienced. This memory, I realised, had been finally healed as that part of me became reconnected to myself. My journey continues now with more of me there!

  • How to Break the Chain of ANGER,DEPRESSION and UNFORGIVENESS October 2014

    The program is terrific.

    At first I felt anxious and tired, but now leave feeling in peace and light. The day was refreshing.

    I felt tentative and not really knowing what to expect. Feel a bit drained, crying does that to me usually. Thoughtful about managing discoveries and things I have been reluctant to deal with. Helen is wonderful and Virginia sings wonderfully too. The day was unexpected. I came believing I was here for someone else but realized that I have clutters in my mind to deal with.

    Came with a heavy head, leave feeling loosened up. It was a new encounter.

    When I first arrived I felt excited and nervous being a first timer at the seminar. I hoped and prayed that Our Lord would help me for what I need. Through the seminar I felt a little confused for I am slow to understand, but the end part of the seminar relieved me from fear, fear that I have been living at home and have not been able to handle. I thank you for having me. I pray this helped me.

    I was feeling unsettled and nervous at first, but this improved as time went by and left feeling more humble at the end.

  • Inner Peace Seminar September 2014

    'Loved the seminar. I have never had such a strong Presence with the Holy Spirit as I have had today. I was very nervous as it has been my first time. I am a very strong Christian, but I have a very busy and hectic lifestyle. After the seminar I feel like I received so, so, so much out of the programme. The connection I had with the Holy Spirit during the first meditation was overwhelming. I was filled to the brim. My first time but many more to come I promise you that. Praise God.

    'This seminar helped me to move from the mind from over analysing to openness to the Spirit.'

    'The seminar was freeing and I gained understanding. I arrived with anger as was triggered by a feeling I was being used by someone. I don't feel angry anymore because I have learned that I don't need to be nice to be liked because I don't need approval from people. I no longer feel ordinary or average like my father said to me when I was little!

    'The day was vibrant, peaceful and loving. I was excited and anxious at what to expect, but willing to experience. I now feel grateful and blessed that I have been here at the seminar at the conclusion.'

    'Very insightful seminar. I felt quite at ease with no agenda when I arrived. I then had a revelation about being complete in Christ, not lacking anything. I saw how in my life I have felt the need for security and have taken steps to create that in my own strength rather than allowing God to help me and provide it.'

    'Fabulous day - each team member is a blessing. I felt at first like I always run from myself and never arrive at where I want to go. But today it has become very clear and I am resolving some issues. I feel at peace and every time I came to participate at these seminars. It's a real process of becoming a better person and this was how God intended me to be from the beginning.'

    'The day was hopeful and insightful for continued healing.

    'Angered somewhat on arrival, but upon leaving uplifted, enlightened. Leonie is a screw; Helen inspiring and well versed; Linda speaks easily; Andrew has common sense in laymen's terms; Dorothy is an excellent listener. A big massive thanks to Virginia and Joan for inviting me.'

    'Fantastic seminar. I became aware of my feelings of responsibility towards my mother's illness. Now not stuck. Saw in my mind a picture of the Jesus-man talking to my mum and helping her.'

    'It was a great experience to be at the seminar. Now I feel very quiet and balanced.'

    'A day of deepening and discovering protection was present. I felt a bit reluctant at first, and had no expectations. I felt elevated in one of the meditations so I engaged immediately. I cried when going back to confronting memories and Helen helped me to call my angels...then I felt protected.'

  • Freedom from Fears Seminar August 2014

    'Brilliant - wonderful day. So grateful to God, Helen and the team. Thank you to all. I arrived feeling pain in several areas of my body. Went to sleep throughout the second meditation. Afterwards I felt rested, pain ease. Felt gentle and healed. Very GRATEFUL to be here and to experience more healing and growth. So many people are noticing the changes and hearing the changes - I am noticing the changes!'

    'It was a relieving, reviving and loving seminar. I came to support my friend and her mother but was certain none of this would really apply to me because "I'm on top of all my past fears these days". Ha ha! Silly me - this seminar was for me. It reconnected me to my angel that I hadn't spoken to for about 10 years. We used to speak daily and could hear him clearly then. Somehow I had forgotten him and also in doing so had became very fearful and lonely. But now after our group meditation and the Presence of Divine Love, I FELT SAW and HEARD him. I feel relieved to have him back. Thank you team Agape and than you to my friend.'

    'I felt I overcame my fears with the help of this seminar. I came with a few fears that I needed to break especially fear of bad news or things going negatively.'

    'I came with no particular expectation. I just wanted to give it a go. I now feel helped and, to some extent, answered. The day was helpful and blissful.'

    'The seminar was very good - peaceful. I now have more direction, clarity and peace.'

    'The seminar was very useful in getting to the root cause of my problems to find healing.'

    'I was left with a feeling of positivist and a desire to follow this through.'

    'I arrived feeling tense, anxious and somewhat chaotic. I then became aware of fear of cycling due to various childhood accidents. I realised that God had protected me then, and that he/she is protecting me now....I don't need to be afraid. Now feel released and more energetic. It was a fantastic, gentle, loving, transformational day.'

    'I became more aware of my fears and of how they are blocking me in my evolution. I am still learning how to deal with them and hopefully overcome all of them. I am sure God will help me. Thank you!'

    'Upon arrival I wanted to be able to put trust in Father God rather than trying to organise my way of dealing with my life and others. Upon leaving I believe I can now hand over my need to organise/control/worry and trust in God's plan for all. I feel satisfied and peaceful.'

    'Great day. I felt frightened about whether I would 'get it' today - at a deep level I did get the truth of why I am experience the pain I have. I now need to put into practice the principles learned in this wonderful seminar.'

    'It was a fruitful day. When I arrived I felt a bit blank and left feeling hopeful.'

    'I felt so tight and worried but after this seminar I still feel the same.... because my problem still not solved. BUT I learned a lot today. Thank you for this seminar.'

    'Not too sure of what to expect when I came, but learned in more detail to meditation. Did feel some peace in my heart. It was very interesting on the topic of fear.'

    'Now less tense and found it informative.'

    'Today was good. I need to try using the process more. I'm feeling hopeful. When I arrived I was intrigued, curious and anxious. I listened to the ideas and tried to enter into the prayers. Then saw in my mind Jesus on the cross with fluid pouring out his side.'

  • Inner Peace Seminar July 2014

    'I felt resistant and did not think I would last. I saw it through. There is HOPE and growth.. It is the beginning
    ...God is Good.

    'Comfortable and looking forward to the session. Enjoyed the morning very much. Inspired by speakers and those who shared. Feel more clarity and understanding in regards to my work situation. Feel so peaceful and can feel the Holy Spirit within and around. The day was fulfilling and enlightening

    'When I arrived I was hopeful that I would really experience a genuine healing, but was doubtful... IT Happened. All I can say now is that I feel it was so meant to be and know I have had a beautiful lasting healing. The day was fantastic.

    There were other wonderful comments but without permission to post.

  • Discovering Lasting Love June 2014

    As the participants are growing in numbers we share a few wonderful feedback comments:

    'The day was powerful.When I arrived I felt okay...pretty good actually. My experience today was amazing as the visuals of layers (from the dynamic) is actually what I am working on myself. Everything at Agape is aligning with the work I am in awareness of. It's reassuring to me that I am in the right moment and trusting God is here with me and is showing me the guidance as I am unravelling the layers. Wonderful work of Helen and her wisdom.'

    'I can finally say I am glad to be alive at the conclusion of this seminar. I arrived feeling expectant. With God there is always more. I felt free after growing so much through coming to Agape for many years - but God showed me today I was still holding on to my own expectations. I saw the little girl in me and I gave her to Jesus. We sang and danced together and had such fun and freedom like never before.'

    'I came expectant, knowing the power of Agape, Helen and the team. I was in great need. I knew I would find my peace through Agape. (During the seminar I was taken through deep, dark, abandoned, lifeless feelings fearing these taking hold and causing lasting destruction). The window opened and Light has come. The path is clear to see and follow now. I drank of the Living Water.'

    'The seminar was life giving in every way.'

    'It was wonderful.'

    'The day was miraculous.'

    'Interesting to listen to others. It was worthwhile'.

    'The day was peaceful and relaxed.'

    'I felt a little nervous when I arrived, but excited. I met some lovely people. I finished the seminar feeling very vibrant, but also very peaceful. The seminar was fantastic and thought provoking.'

  • Inner Peace Seminar May 2014

    "I feel much better since the previous seminar I attended. This seminar brings a bonus to my journey to happiness. It is transforming my life and the lives of my children. Thank you. It was a very rewarding time and gave much enlightenment to our daily lives."

    "Arrived feeling anxious, not knowing what to expect through guided meditation. Became aware of deep feelings of not being loved and of being responsible for others' happiness which was suffocating. When God came into this space, he spoke words of love and encouragement "I love you, I need you, I want you.". He showed me that trusting in him to love me sets me free to experience true peace and love. It was a time of revelation."

    "I felt excited to be here and experience the atmosphere. I leave feeling blessed to have come to the seminar."

    "I was physically and mentally tense when I came but I was very drawn to come today after an email. I now feel a lot freer, less tense physically and mentally. I am very glad that I came. A great day; very rewarding and casual. Keep up the very great work."

    "A wonderful experience. I had a lot of unresolved fears but now I feel peace I will make it... He will never leave me nor forsake me."

    "A great day. I felt happy to come and even happier to take away with me some good guidance."

    "Fly with the Spirit, walk with the Lord and rest with the Father."

    "The healing that stands out for me today is from Helen who showed me not to rely on my strength to handle difficult situations and not to run away but to face whatever presents itself with the guidance of the Divine Counsellor. Also learned to be committed to that understanding and allow God to heal and restore me."

    "I discovered through the first re-connecting meditation that my body was ok, but to keep up care and maintenance. My mind was scattered in various areas; my heart was scraped and raw and my human spirit was not strongly connected anywhere. BUT - FELT THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH CLOSE BY WANTING ME TO CONNECT. Revelations that occurred: 'Justice will be done". And image of somebody that has very angry fists which referred directly to me. With God's help and my co-operation transformation is possible and available."

    "The day was great, gentle, and very helpful. When I arrived I felt grey and couldn't get in touch; nothing horrible stood out. However, I want to share what happened after the last session. I became aware through dreams and reflection of how much pain my mother has which is unresolved and which I've taken on. I felt that the Agape Encounter session started a process of healing. My mother is still very trouble and projects this all over the place. But I felt like I have forgiven her, or at least started to become aware enough to begin forgiveness. In short, I already feel like her behaviour has changed !"

    "The day was incredible. I felt trapped with hurt and disappointment when I arrived but now feel amazing after my one-on-one session with Helen as well as the session today."

    "I now feel enlightened with new understanding on the dynamics of thinking."

    "Although I was sceptical at first I leave with a different perspective of dealing with life's problems."

    "I went from feeling tension to peace. The day strengthened my wish to trust in God and hand 'it' all over. Thank you very, very, very much!"

    "I am very grateful to be part of this group who give, share, love and are committed to help others. The topics covered resonate with me. I felt great on arriving and feel ever better leaving now. It is wonderful to know we are not alone and many others share the same."

    "I feel happy... the day was life giving."

    "Heard that we can choose to be grateful and focus on what we want not on what we don't want, and dwell on God's love."

  • How to Understand & Use Negative Feelings Constructively Seminar April 2014

    "I learnt very, very valuable techniques to be able to deal with my feelings. During the seminar I was able to get in touch with some very deep emotions through the three way perspective meditation. I feel happier now."

    "I had an opportunity to address, in my mind's eye, the people who had hurt me deeply. I then experienced compassion for these broken souls. I now feel loved, accepted, worthy, lighter, cared for, protected, healed and delightful."

    "I arrived feeling all over the place feeling a lot of grief and sadness in my heart. I feel quite lonely in my world and disappointed in myself and the world I've created. I also feel quite scared all the time (often terrified) and beyond anxious... even scared of myself sometimes. However, after the meditations and talk I now feel relief and peace. I also feel sounds so simple, but it is profound for me. I feel like my heart is beating again and I am alive."

    "I went from feeling confused when I arrived to experiencing peace and joy. The seminar was wonderful."

    "I arrived feeling heavy and burdened but completed the seminar feeling a bit better, but still emotionally overwhelmed. Despite this the day was wonderful and I felt I had someone who could share my feelings."

    "The seminar was relaxed. I felt happy when arriving as I have attended previous Agape Encounter seminars and was looking forward to today's seminar. I leave with a sense of peace and harmony."

    "The seminar was great. I was feeling blank when I arrived. The seminar has empowered my feeling though that I am already on the path to the 'happy tree' shown on the blackboard with professional help. The seminar was more spiritual and empowering."

    "Although I arrived feeling numb and lacking life, I was able to engage with my emotions which pointed me to the root of the issue. I want to forgive but don't quite know how to. I feel peaceful but also somehow unresolved. It was a gentle, restorative day of healing and peace."

    "I am grateful for this seminar as it was very helpful and also good to meet people that feel the same as me."

    "Although I felt a bit nervous on arrival, I was ok when I came inside to the seminar. I enjoyed it very much."

    "A very enlightening and helpful seminar. When I arrived I was feeling ok, however during the meditation I was surrounded by blinding white light, with the Mother of God, Mary, beside me holding baby Jesus and shrouded in the same white light. The love between us was abundant. My daughter's baby is due today!"

    "I arrived feeling heavy and sad but leave feeling happier and lighter. Thank you to all the team. It was interesting."

    "I am much clearer at the end of the seminar despite arriving in a rough state. One word for the seminar for me would be enlightenment."

    "Felt dark and blank as well as unsure at first... during the meditation saw that my brain suddenly had a light switched on!"

    "I completed the seminar feeling centred and calm, despite arriving heavy and tense. I also leave with peace and clarity and better direction for my life."

    "I moved from feeling tense when I arrived to now feeling a lot calmer."

    "My mind was heavy on arrival... leave feeling lighter. I am happy I came."

    "I felt wounded and bruised and in need of healing on arrival. Received the knowledge and vision through all that occurred during the seminar of invaluable imparted knowledge from Helen. It was a loving, warm, safe space where I experienced total love from everyone. There was revelation of relationships and the reality of all situations... forgiveness and challenges."

    "During the body, mind, heart and spirit meditation I discovered I was mentally scattered and distracted, physically slightly tired, spiritually frustrated wanting strong human and God connections, and my heart look blackened and damaged. However, the Holy Spirit, through Helen, described powerfully in several ways how I have been feeling towards another person for a long time - saw that it is my responsibility to hand it all to God and progress towards solid forgiveness."

  • Inner Peace Seminar March 2014

    "I was just feeling flat when I came. Felt entangled in my thoughts and was hoping to feel clearer in my mind when I left the seminar. The thing that hit home was the analogy of the wall (we set up) which were the parts of us that control, guard and act as victim, hiding the authentic side of us and the need to let go of these and so dissolve away the wall with God's help and let the authentic self be present. I leave the seminar feeling relieved. Felt the burden on my shoulders being dropped. Again, the analogy/3 aspects of ones personality in front of the real person is very good."

    "I was feeling a bit lost when I came to the day, but am now leaving with healing and compassion for people that hurt me. I am surrendering my problems to Jesus."

    "I arrived not knowing what to expect. I experienced peace. Thank you Helen, Michael, Staff and friends. A great day, it was all tops... a good seminar."

    "It was a pleasurable and wise day! When I arrived I felt a good sense of "welcome" back! And to know that I'll be back next month."

    "I felt rejected when I arrived. I leave feeling light and free to meditate more. I became more aware of things as a result of this seminar."

    "How was I when I arrived... stressed! Would like even more time in the memories and learn how to meditate. It was very good."

    "I was very rushed yet excited and extremely thankful for being here. What happened: God so graciously welcomed
    us through the Agape team and his gentle, most loving presence touched many deeply and uniquely including me. Thank you God, the Servant King. Maybe even more silence could improve the seminar, but wonderful already. Wow! A laundry for the heart, mind, spirit and soul with God, i.e. God's Laundromat!"

    "I felt a bit nervous at the start, but left feeling better. The day is beneficial to heart, mind and soul."

    "I was happy to get a chance to meet new people within the Church and generally. The seminar was focused, positive and educational."

    "I was quietly excited and anticipating the healing to come. The seminar proved to obey gentle, powerful, healing and PROFOUND."

    "I was unsure of what to expect..... now at peace. A great seminar."

    "I was feeling a little rushed and blank at first. The meditation revealed my heart was mauled, wounded, bleeding. Then it felt more healed after the meditation. My body was feeling aged with a surgery decision to make... the Holy Spirit was invited in it felt more connected with people and God. It was a refreshing seminar."

    "I was ruffled and emotionally vulnerable at first. I encountered the Lord and freedom occurred with more clarity, stability. God touched my heart. My soul is liberated ...amen!"

  • The Battlefield of the Mind Seminar February 2014

    It was an awesome uncomplicated seminar. I do not know how I was feeling when I got here, probably disconnected, but I leave the seminar in such a loving space. Thank you.

    In brief I felt distracted when I came, then felt replenished later. It was fantastic.

    I was very angry, fed up, drowning, overwhelmed, buried with anger. I experienced feeling gentle, released and soften, a delightful child. The day was brilliant, healing, softening. I left feeling grateful for the experience.

    I enjoyed the experienced despite feeling lost and bewildered at first. I finished feeling guided and given direction.

    I was peaceful when I arrived and the peace continued to flow and empower my heart. Fantastic freeing day for all, great energy.

    On arrival I felt burdened and overloaded with worries. I now feel strengthened, carried, wiser and powerful. The day was wonderful.

    In one word the day was an enlightenment. I was doubtful at first but gained awareness during the seminar and more understanding of self.

    I arrived feeling tense, confused and lonely. At the conclusion of our time I was feeling relaxed, hopeful and centred.

    The day was great. I felt quite nervous when I arrived but finished feeling more hopeful, connected, peaceful and centred.

    When I arrived I became aware that my mind was scattered and unfocused with no direction, some body concerns, my heart was exposed as black and scarred. Now my mind is more centred and feeling secure. Realize that if I stay responsible for my health I will not need more doctors and dentist. Scabs and contamination began to lift from my heart. I need to stay with God to complete the healing. The seminar was strengthening.

    I felt wonderful when I came and left feeling more blessed.

    I was nervous and fearful at first then I felt calm, and like bursting into tears. When Neil shared I felt Gods unconditional love for him, each one of us and I felt it in myself. The day was healing and helpful. Thank you.

    The day was wonderful and worthwhile. I felt sickened and unwell at the start of the seminar, but as I let the Holy Spirit take over and it went away. I then became centred afterwards.

    I felt down, uncertain and a little all over the place at first. Now I feel more uplifted and a bit more centred. I enjoyed the day.

    The day was encouraging and uplifting.

    It was my first time here. I will try meditation lesson and let go of past mistakes. It was fantastic.

    When I arrived I felt alone. In the seminar I learned that we can all feel alone but if we want to we can become joined if we just ask our angel. Now I feel much more relaxed and optimist. Thanks for all the time.

    I was quite tired from a busy week at work when I arrived. My mind was very cluttered and busting, not at rest. I became much clearer, calm, at peace, still and somewhat refreshed.


  • Inner Peace Seminar December 2013

    It was my first experience today with Agape Encounter. I was feeling lousy on arrival about the past and also looking back too much, feeling embarrassed and bad about the mistakes I have made consciously and unconsciously. When I went through the Agape Encounter/therapy, I was in a situation (of an empty house) feeling uncertain and cold. But as it progressed on I saw a little child with Jesus, holding the childs hand. It was miraculous seeing the healing power of God/Jesus.

    The seminar was special in every way. I was tense, uncertain and slightly stressed when I arrived. I became more at peace, like I am in a battle against the enemy but hopeful and more confident.

    I was closed and not that willing to connect to others when I came. I now feel more connected and amazed at transformation. Feeling as though I have been given tools for a step by step process to exciting change. Helen is fantastic, wonderful, amazing and the team. The day was amazing.

    The seminar turned out to be beyond my expectation. I arrived feeling unsure about the day but felt a strong sense of needing to be there. I had a transformation. Praise God.

    The seminar was inspirational. I was anxious when I arrived but now feel peaceful.

    It was a fantastic seminar. I have been feeling under the weather physically and could not seem to get better. What I received at the seminar is that I am trying to do it my self and God is saying to just come to him. I saw myself curled up in his lap and resting my head on his chest. Thank you Daddy.

    I was bound up by fear of lack of love from others. I heard a confirmation of the fact that I am fully loved in and as myself. The day was fully inspirational.

    It was a constructive experience. I arrived feeling positive and left in a great sense of peace.

    I felt frustrated with the circumstances in my life when I arrived. Realized only through God can things improve and to be grateful for what I have, to trust in God and a need for prayers to find calmness.

    It was a great day of hope and seeing the Holy Spirit move. I arrive feeling frustrated, confused and worthless. But have new beginning now realizing that by acknowledging feelings and beliefs I will be able to work through issues with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    Before I arrived I felt anxious about the future in work and relationships. I think that this seminar has given me clarity that God is always there to help. I feel encouraged by other when they had encounter with God.

    Looking forward to revelation about emotional disturbances. Feeling alone and disconnected, but once here at the seminar now feeling a connection of heart, mind and spirit.

  • Body Pain & Healing Seminar November 2013

    The seminar was fantastic. I felt good when I arrived and felt even better at the peace.

    I completed this seminar feeling peaceful, loved and free, despite arriving tired, worn out and emotional. During the mediation on body, heart, mind and spirit I had a picture of my heart bleeding with bullet holes. Then during the meditation the wound started to heal and I could see the skin grow back and the heart pump the dark red blood and become bright red as it was oxygenated.

    Despite arriving feeling rushed and scattered, I was left feeling very much more at peace and challeneged at the end of the seminar. Thank you all so much.

    The seminar was a place of peace and filled with truth. I rushed into the seminar but during it I allowed my soul to find rest and hope was restored.

    The seminar was great. I felt disappointed when I arrived about being late and anxious about being ruffled, confused and pressured. I was wondering what would happen. I am now taking responsibility to be seeking and inviting healing.

    The seminar was excellent. I always receive inspiration and understanding when I attend them. I arrived at first feeling blank in the mind, broken hearted and with a flat human spirit, which I discovered during the meditation. I was disassociated in all areas especially emotionally. However, when the talk finished I felt more peaceful as I realized I had been taking responsibility for my families salvation and deliverance instead of praying and trusting God to do this.

    The seminar provided an excellent source of knowledge to maintain. During the meditation I was given bright, bright clear pictures. It gave me clarity and self knowledge.

    I was full of anticipation when I arrived and was left feeling inspired and topped up with the Spirit. Thank you. It was just what I needed.

    I wanted knowledge to deal with pain when I arrived. The seminar was resourceful and gave excellent information.

    The seminar was relaxing. I had a migraine and felt nausea when I arrived. I needed to switch off. The meditation helped me to relax. I am more rested but still unwell.

  • Understanding Curses and Blessings Seminar October 2013

    I am thankful that the power and love of God is finding practical application in day to day life. I felt open when I arrived and during the seminar I gained a lot of knowledge. I now have a lot to work with and also pray about in the coming weeks.

    When I arrived I felt anger, anxiety and depression due to my life style and the darkness of my childhood and development through my yes as a youth. I now have more knowledge and know I feel more at peace and less stressed. It was a knowledgeable experience as regards to self improvement.

    I was anxious when I arrived and then became peaceful and calm. I related to much of what was said and meditated upon.

    I had a very peaceful outcome at the conclusion of the seminar.

    I was joyful excited and thankful when I arrived. As I listened, rejoiced and was touched I became thankful and felt ever so blessed. Touched by God.

  • Personal Encountering Session – Resolving Anxiety October 2013

    I was plagued by dark thoughts and anxious that I would not succeed and felt weighed down by my self doubt. I had fears that I would not do well which left me feeling anxious and fretful. During the encountering session I spoke to Jesus and he told me that I should not have fear of being judged nor should I doubt myself. There is no need to be worried. The burden was lifted off my shoulders. I now feel better at the end of this session. I now have the confidence to succeed where I had suspected I would fail. I feel comforted and better prepared for what is to come.

  • Inner Freedom Seminar September 2013

    When I arrived I felt confused, frightened and angry. As the seminar progress, by letting the Creator into my heart, mind and body I had clarity, and became calmer, lighter and forgave myself and others. I now feel relieved, happier, free and refreshed. It was cleansing, uplifting, loving and freeing.

    I felt relaxed and had a sense of expectation when I arrived. I learnt a lot about how to meditate and experience freedom from the past. At the conclusion of the seminar I now feel a sense of peace and have learnt more how to be still. It was a time of letting go of past hurts and experiencing freedom.

    How did I feel when I arrived: burdened, weighed down, frustrated, unforgiving and inhospitable. As a result of the seminar, chains feel off, darkness lifted and I feel freer, not rebellious, chosen, helpful and gracious. I felt it would touch a deep, dark place inside me that I had hidden from myself. It achieved nothing at first then the power of the Holy Spirit came and released me from bondage, sin and un-forgiveness where I could include that part inside myself again, knowing I was loved by Jesus, and most of all myself again.

    I arrived feeling tired and a bit stressed. The day gave me hope and insight to myself. I now leave feeling more peace.

    I was okay when I arrived. During the seminar I heard music: Katy Perry in Song Fireworks. I finish the seminar feeling good. I enjoyed the seminar, meeting lovely people and talking to Dorothy. I appreciate everyone's help and time.

    Feedback from a personal encounter on another day.
    I was very stressed and feeling unable to cope with my emotions at times. During the encountering session key emotions were highlighted that persist throughout my life, how they affect my quality of life emotionally and the patterns, especially in my relationships. At the conclusion of the encountering time I am feeling centred and at peace. I have also been given tools to help sustain my emotional development.

  • Inner Peace Seminar September 2013

    I loved the seminar. I have never had such a strong Presence with the Holy Spirit as I have had today. At first I was very nervous as it was my first time. It has helped me to move from my mind which over analysing to openness to the Spirit. I am a very strong Christian, but I have a very busy and hectic lifestyle. After the service I feel like I go so, so, so much out of this programme. The connection I had with the Holy Spirit during the first meditation was extremely overwhelming. I was filled to the brim with his Presence. I loved it. My first time but many more to come I promise you that. Praise God.

    The seminar was vibrant, peaceful and loving. I was excited and anxious at what to expect, but willing to experience. I now feel grateful and blessed the I am here.

    What a fabulous seminar. Each team member is a blessing. I felt at first like I always run from myself and never arrive where I want to go. But today has been very clear in resolving some issues. I feel at peace and every time I come to participate at these seminars it is a real process of becoming a better person and this was how God intended me to be from the beginning.

    Although feel angry on arrival somewhat, upon leaving I felt uplifted, enlightened. Leonie is a scream. Helen is inspiring and well versed. Linda speaks easily. Andrew has common sense in laymans terms when speaking. Dorothy is an excellent listener. A big massive thank you to Virginal and Joan for inviting me.

    The seminar was fantastic. Became aware of my feelings of responsibility towards my mothers illness. I am now no longer stuck and have a picture in my mind of Jesus talking to my mum and helping her.

    The day was very insightful. I was quite at peace with no agenda when I arrived. Revelation came about being complete in Christ, not lacking anything. I saw how in my life I have felt the need for security and have taken steps to create that in my own strength rather than allowing God to help me and provide that.

    Deepness and protection were present during the seminar. I felt a bit reluctant with no expectations at first. Then I felt elevated in one of the meditations so I engaged immediately. I then cried when going back to confronting memories and Helen helped me to call my angels which made me feel protected.

    Aware of anger triggered by a feeling I was used by someone. Now I no longer feel angry as I have learned I do not need to be nice to be liked because I no longer need approval from people. I no longer feel ordinary or average as my father said to me when I was little. The seminar was freeing and understanding.

  • Discover and Love the True You Seminar August 2013

    When I arrived I felt clouded in my mind and heavy. I realized I was becoming flat, stuck and depressed Throughout the workshop, I was able to recognize I was starting to doubt myself and God and about my life and I was feeling helpless and hopeless. During the workshop however, I felt God say to me I am with you. Don't be afraid. I now feel lighter and lifted up and my joy has come back.

    It's great to be alive!When I arrived I felt tired, but I gained awareness and insight into some life long protective roles I have had. The workshop was very informative and helpful. Thank you for the work you do and sharing of your invaluable knowledge

    I felt curious, expectant and happy to meet new interested people of like mind when I arrived. As the workshop progressed I met these people, enjoyed the meditation, experienced a quiet peace, and felt relaxed. Almost nodded off! I now feel good and comfortable.

    In one sentence about the day the togetherness.

    I always love to come to this workshop as I feel safe and supported by Agape as I can see Helen glow with her connection. It has made me connect, and ask for guidance I have never felt. I should ask God for anything, so thank you. It was comforting and supportive.

    At the conclusion of the workshop I felt much better with greater clarity. In one word it was fruitful . I felt unsure when I arrived but later felt affirmed in God's eternal loved for me. I finish the workshop feeling at peace and secure in his love. It was very beneficial.

  • Inner Freedom Seminar July 2013

    This was a powerful and worthwhile seminar.

    The day gave me great insight and clarity and direction into my life and the courage to change. I wanted to hear from God, and I did clearly. I was given pictures in my head about what I needed to know about what was going on in my mind, heart, body and spirit. My communication with God was clear and concise�.as he know how to communicated with me in the way I know how�.he knows me inside and out.

    I was feeling peaceful when I arrived. During the encounter, I let go of very old trauma and an awareness of the Lord's will and authority and my authority in the Lords name. I am left feeling grateful, relieved and joyful.

    I arrived feeling expectant. I was enlightened � especially through the meditation. I was left feeling encouraged. It was a very enlightening day, especially the mind, heart, body and spirit meditation.

    I arrived feeling semi-apprehensive, but open. During the seminar I let go of preconceptions. I am left feeling peaceful and optimistic. The day had effective sharing sessions � illuminating.

  • How to Lead People to Freedom June 2013

    I arrived feeling confused and tired but am now leaving feeling so much clarity and truth!

    I was tense, alienated and felt lonely and worthless when I arrived, maybe as a result of being tired! But the workshop and talk was really good and inspiring. I will take it home and practise the exercise. Thank you again it was inspiring.

    There was something for everyone present at this seminar. During the seminar I realized the high level of frustration in my life and its impact. The simple exercise on frustration,how it felt in my hand, was excellent. It really hit me big time.

    I was anxious and worried on arrival at the seminar. I then had a healing experience in meditation and listening to Helen. I now understand that everything is not my fault and it is ok for me to feel loved and be lovable no matter how others treat me. I feel like I have new tools and am able to be filled with love and peace again. A really enlightening experience.

    The seminar was very good and the talk after the seminar with Linda. It rounded out a great spiritual work class! I had arrived feeling tense, alienated, feeling lonely and worthless. During our time at the seminar I cried, thought about my mum and brother and learned about love and faith. I am now left feeling warmer inside, more relieved, less lonely or isolated, and better resourced to deal with family problems. I am now more relaxed, glad for crying, and that someone could relate to me. I also feel clearer in allowing freedom into my life and into my mum and brothers life. My body feels lighter and I am more hopeful for my future.

    The day was touching. I felt rushed when I arrived, but settled and connected with my inner child. I was very touched by a testimony. I want to invited Jesus into every situation no and to be the centre of my life. I also will ask help in bringing changes in me for gentleness and patience, as well as shedding my ego self and, my additive tendencies as well.

    I felt scared, frightened and felt like I was stuck in a black hole feeling frustrated, angry, skeptical, and terrified that I was beyond help. However, through the meditations and sharing change began to happen in me. I felt a softening of my heart and felt hopeful, lighter, more gentle, softer and patient. I am very, very appreciative, blessed! It is how I want it to continue indefinitely to be and live!

    I now feel really happy and peaceful after the seminar. I felt excited and wondering when I arrived.

    I was apprehensive when I arrived. I then felt the full warmth and love coming through and this released many of my fears and frustration. Am now feeling more relaxed and happy. A very enlightening experience.

    The internal volcano you talked about began to dissolve in me, through a process and meditation. Am now feeling a lot more centred and relaxed. So pleased I made the effort to come. It was a very good day, but the last meditation is not long enough to complete the process. Agape Encounters comment: An invitation is extended to those attending, at the close of the seminar, to complete the process with a team member if necessary. People do in fact take up this offer and usually come to a place of peace. We appreciate and take note of the comment however.

    I went from feeling hopeful and excited to a joyful freedom, feeling improvement and inspired. Wow! A day of joy. Thank you so, so, so very much through the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    I got what I needed from the day. I arrived feeling open to learning what I could get out of the experience. I tend to process what is being taught into my own understanding and language through my own experience and wisdom. This allows me to go into the depths of the teachings; to unlock them myself. I am ready and willing and able now to get on with the journey, the great work.

    The day was thought provoking and enlightening. I felt excited when I arrived, I listened asking for guidance from Jesus and now feel more peaceful.

  • Inner Freedom Seminar May 2013

    I felt a bit tense in the tummy when I arrived. This was before the meditation. After the meditation I felt healed in the lower abdomen. Before the time Jesus came, I felt unsafe in the womb. After the coming of Jesus, I felt safe in the world. Jesus healed my fear of living.

    I felt tired at first, but during the seminar some peace came to my spirit and I feel happy to have come. I now feel refreshed.

    I felt nervous as I was late. Noel was so warm and welcoming and made me feel relaxed. I feel totally relaxed and at peace in the presence of my heavenly father. Helen what a wonderful teacher and leader. Thank you dear lady. It was an excellent seminar, so many new ways to be still.

    To be honest, I was a little sceptical, but I really want to have a relationship with the Lord. During the seminar I had difficulty silencing my mind, but there were definitely some breakthroughs with past memories and accepting the feeling I had. I now feel more open to the idea of meditation, but I really need to work on silencing my thoughts.

    I felt ok when I arrived but there were lots of things I wanted and needed: wisdom, guidance, direction and healing when I arrived. During the seminar I was lucky to sit with Helen at the end. Her gifted guidance allowed me to have an encounter or a move from a cerebral struggle to a spiritual contentment. I now feel a lot more peaceful and relaxed. I also feel encouraged.

    I felt calm when I arrived. During the seminar I had a realization and was left peaceful. It was good!

    I was a bit scattered at the beginning of the seminar. However, I had a profound shift and am so grateful for the team and their available in providing extended support. The day provided deep healing.

    I arrived feeling very challenged and struggling with disgraceful and immoral behaviour of the representative of the Catholic Church, i.e. one order of priests. At the conclusion of the seminar I now feel at peace and blessed.

    I felt frustrated because of miserable memories kept surfacing in my mind. The seminar allowed good mind time in my opinion. A great opportunity on the journey to peace!

    When I arrived I felt I havent been truly healed but I know it is closer. During the seminar I believe I felt the Spirit, though I didnt receive much today in terms of healing. However I now leave feeling peaceful and hopeful for the future.

    Another lady after a personal session said: I was extremely anxious and distressed when I arrived for a personal session. I felt tired and quite poorly about myself. During the encountering session I feel that I let go of a lot of grief and shame. I feel that a damaged part of me was healed. I am now left feeling very different. I feel relieved and like I could sleep for a week!

  • The Many Ways Angels can Help Us! April 2013

    I was like a flat battery that has been recharged after the seminar. I arrived in pain, but during the seminar and meditations the pain lifted and I now feel recharged!

    I was rushed, flustered and scattered when I arrived. During the time at the seminar I was bathed by love, peace and understand and acceptance. Left with feelings of hope and rest. It is like entering in the river of life. Another comment:I gained inner awareness. I arrived feeling curious, and open to listening. During the seminar I gained awareness and clarity. Its a wonderful reminder that angels are closer than I realised. Thank you for three valuable hours of information shared in this peace
    filled space.

    Other people briefly commented:I certainly feel a lot better and encouraged to move on since at the conclusion of the Seminar. It was a reminder for me to ask for help. I was hopeful when I arrived. During the seminar I experienced Gods peace. I am left feeling connected. The seminar affirmed Gods care for us. The meditation at the beginning helped me to centre. I enjoyed listening to Helen about angels. Someone else said:I was unsure when I first arrived, and am now processing learning to trust. At the conclusion of the seminar I am left feeling grateful. It was wonderfulthank you very much. I was interested to learn more about angels. I learnt that I need to overcome obstacles (regret, criticism, and judgement, negativity) to achieve freedom and openness to asking my angel(s) for help and guidance. I dont wish to remain trapped in my mind and thoughts. Need help to release obstacles as they have kept me trapped for so many years.

    I finished the time feeling more strength than before. The information was something I believe in. Another person said: I feel enlightened as a result of the seminar. It was an eye opener. And another person commented:I arrived feeling expectant and learned a bit. Now feel better able to help others. It was a good seminar. Further feedback:It was wonderful to be reminded that our angels are with us all the time! Also: The seminar left me feeling fulfilled and hopeful. I arrived with courage...and then felt peaceful.

    I was mentally stimulated and focused but physically tired at the beginning of the day. I was encouraged with what I heard, but it was not new information. As typical in these sessions, I became more relaxed and encouraged at the conclusion. In the initial meditation with Christine I had the strong sense that my damaged heart could be regenerated. The vivid picture I saw was that it was bashed, mangled and seriously bruised. The day was relaxing and encouraging as usual.

  • Inner Freedom Seminar March 2013

    It was a great day Agape Encounter team are very enlightening. The gentleness of Jesus has been brought out! I arrived feeling rushed but left feeling peaceful. During the seminar I felt that a couple of my blockages, most important ones, were dealt with- I now feel half wholeconfusion though has been clarified!

    I felt tired and flat when I arrived at the seminar, but am now leaving with clarityof self judgement. The seminar was refreshing. Others commented: The seminar was enjoyable, powerful and informative....The seminar left me feeling relieved, less worried and not alone! I arrived feeling anxious and stressed! The seminar was very powerful! I arrived with anticipation. I received words of how I was in my mind, body, heart and spirit. Then I came to a place of acceptance.

    I arrived feeling expectant as I have been many times. Through the quiet time I had a revelation that I still have to face forgiving myself. As I watched one of the ladies who volunteered to experience the workshop process I related to her and I recognised I was at war with my proud stubborn side. At this time in the workshop I gained new tools and a reminder of how it is still a process, to healing. BUT I see myself so far down the track realizing how much healing I have all ready received. I am so looking forward to the future. I now feel kinder to myself and more accepting of myself now. I am encouraged. Thank you God. Thank you team.

  • How to Really Forgive February 2013

    I arrived hopeful. During the workshop I got a bigger picture of my circumstances. I saw that I still struggled with accepting and controlling myselfand also forgiving myself for being so demanding. I saw a picture a shaft of light, but I was out of that light, standing in darkness. Also that I could make a choice to step into and under that light, as I did. I heard a high voltage sound and saw myself light up from the ground up because I became one with this light. The workshop let me feeling free and accepted.

    The workshop was greata lovely experience that I am soulfully and very appreciative of! I arrived open to something but I had no idea what was coming yet. Still tired and exhausted, yet more forgiving of myself and husband. Only after speaking to Helen at the end of the workshop when I explained that Jesus Spirit did not come to me during the workshop that whilst she assisted me, I saw in my minds eye myself as a little girl that was crouching scared in a dark cave. This part of me allowed the angels and Jesus to enter the cave space. I saw the little girl calmer by sitting on Jesus hand. I felt exhilarated as I saw her dancing and the cave was smothered in light pastel colours. I am therefore now more accepting and loving of God. For months I have been feeling disillusionedbut now am back to loving life. So thank you!

    When I arrived I felt expectant. I knew the topic was about forgiveness. This has been a huge problem in recent times and I have been especially obsessed with two particular people. Helens teachings helped to change my perspectives, and in the meditation I did not think of these two at all. Instead I concentrated on earlier, younger memories of my parents and how my current problems most likely attract people to take advantage of me. It was enlightening and progressing

    The workshop was wonderful!!! Praise God. Thank you Agape. I arrived feeling excited and in anticipation. During the workshop I felt settled, focused; open hearted and stopping to listen with love. At the conclusion of the workshop I feel excited and full. Its ok to be me acceptance of self and others creating more space for me and NOT DISTANCE between myself and others. Fusion. Im ok, youre ok!

    The workshop gave me clarity and opened my heart again. .In the exercise of meditation of mind, body, heart and spirit it was made clear to me that my heart was very protected and I was in denial of my true feelingsthis is what I had done. At the conclusion of the workshop I now feel open and clear of disappointment, denial and not being true to my feelings

    I arrived feeling open minded needing guidance. What happened during the workshop was an exploration of self. I am now on the road to forgiveness. The day was interesting, awakening and thought provoking.

    I felt tired when I arrived. It was such a peaceful atmosphere as time went by I felt better and I also felt this lovely peace. I got the realization hat we need to make a daily commitment.

    I would thoroughly recommend the workshop to everyone. A very worthwhile experience.
    I realize I appreciate the power of forgiveness. Also understand I still have some work to do in this area as I am still harbouring residual resentment and hurt.

    When I arrived I felt anxious, unsure of myself, trapped, bitter angry During the workshop I became emotionalI criedand allowed myself to experience the three steps to gaining three perspectives. I now feel calmer, but wondering whether anything has really changed. I need to work at change, and not just wish for it!

    As always I had arrived expecting God would do something. Today my heart and mind were occupied with concerns for the small church I attend we usually have 40-50 people on Sundays. Of the numbers that attend about one third are actually engaged in ministry/outreach to the local community. They work very hard 7 days a week for very little visible reward. Please pray for them they are struggling so much need and so few resources and so little encouragement. Today at Agape Encounter I clearly heard that the ministry is all about Himabout Jesus. He inhabits our hearts and He is in communion with us in His ministry teams - visible results regardless! God is good very, very good.

    I asked for clarity when I arrived as I felt confused and troubled at the beginning of the workshop. I had an experience with the Prince of Peace and at the conclusion of the workshop feel clarity, peace and surrendered! It was a special moment in time not to be missed!


  • How to find Peace in all Circumstances! December 2012

    I felt sad, confused, scared and kind of lost. During the workshop I had this light lifting me from this hole that I hated being in with all these feelings. I was left feeling at peace, more confident and ready to take on anything.

    Coincidences? NoGod-incidences every word uttered at this meeting is not man made or woman made, but directly from Godour Lord, Jesus Christ. I am infused with a great peace as the Spirit of Truth overwhelms the entire audience with his holy presence.

    Powerful and informative workshop.

    When I left home I was very reactive and stressed, so I arrived ready spiritually to open myself to significant enlightenment from God and the Holy Spirit and to be cradled by mother Marys pure love. Lots of things from my childhood came up which are specifically relevant to what I need right now to heal myself and make significant steps. During the workshop I met the Spirit of Truth. Now feel at peace and joyful, wanting to make time each day to be bathed by Gods love.

    I felt tired when I arrived from helping others during the week and lacking energy. During my time at the workshop I felt such an overwhelming presence of our God. He filled me with his love and a great peacefulness. I am so grateful that my journey is going to be full of pure richness and peace and that I will have so much abundance that I will be able to share with others who are strugglingthanks to God.

    I was anxious because of some situation when I arrived. Although I could not experience anything this time, I finished the workshop more at peace.

    I was blocked and unsure when I arrived. However, during the workshop I felt enlightened and freed and have be left feeling clearer and wiser.

  • Inner Freedom Workshop November 2012

    When I arrived I felt the request of direction unknown. I had this empowering experience. Words cannot explain! I was shown the three men in my life. I felt anger, fear, guilt, shame and blacknesstears flooded. I encountered forgiveness, relief, joy, and power to move forward. I was shown direction and experienced tears of joy and have been left feeling lighter my life will never be the same. I feel brand new to continue my new life in a new light and direction. The day was amazing. Miracles do happen!

    I arrived feeling excited. I had an encounter with God and I now feel peaceful, joyful, forgiven and blessed. I have had an amazing experience. It has been insightful knowing our heavenly Father. Coming to know him has been a journey and I am now where I was always meant to be, caught up in HIS love and grace. I would recommend this to otherswhat an experience.

    I arrived feeling totally open to what the Holy Spirit wants to reveal to me. During the workshop I experienced warmth, felt loved and left with more of a sense of me! A comfortable environment to be willing to feel what I needed to, and listen too!

    I came to the workshop feeling sad, confused and worried. I left much lighter, at peace and with a feeling that Im not anymore alone, and what is important is today. (I have a habit of punishing myself and to think about the future.) It was a lovely experience. God bless!

    Overall, I was more involved in this process; however I felt that I needed more time for myself in the area of observing myself and asking encountering Holy Spirit/ holy angels to lead me through the process. I felt a sense of healing and claiming Gods/Holy Spirits guidance. A new word has been put in my vocabulary from today is Divine Counsellor.

    I felt unsure of the day (what I could be faced with) especially during the encounter. I was gobsmacked when I was taken through to my childhood, fond memories, yet it was like a crime scene. I was then showed what really went on in my childhood. Memories, events that I did not think were significant. I was wrong! These events were what had scarred me deeply. I now am aware of them. Hope I can start to shine like never before, love can flourish in the most fertile soil ever. God will take me home. The day was enlightening and connecting me to my whole self (i.e. with the Creator). (This young person went on to experience a deep release and peace what she had hoped for after the workshop with a facilitator thankfully!)

    I arrive feeling apprehensive. The workshop was very meditative and I am now feeling more peaceful. The day was lovely, peaceful and helpful.

    This is how this person felt when she arrived: I felt like I was drowning my nose was periodically covered by the water and I would gasp for air. What happened during the workshop: I felt I have been given a process that has allowed me to hope in a better future. Now I feel like the water level is below my chin I can breathe live more freely. The day gave me a way to work through the garbage in my life through the Creators love.

    I feel contemplative today and a little ashamed of myself for missing an opportunity to have Helen help me.

    I had a revelation. I have not forgiven myself for the last 10 years. I wanted to live the life I hoped for but for some reason it seemed to elude me I realise I chose to help others rather than living my life. I was afraid of failure I didnt know how to receive so realized resentfully I have only myself to blame now for the last 10 years. I feel older or now I feel sad about the years of loss so now I had to spend more time with God to help to forgive myself and to ACCEPT how I can choose to live the REST of this life I still have in fullness. I am hopeful because I know him (Jesus) well enough now to know how faithful he is and how he can do miracles so easily. I just want to leave it to him. Thank you Jesus, Helen and the team. I completed the day feeling hopeful, peace and full.

    When I arrived I felt unsettled. I felt a presence of Peace and comfort and hope during the workshop. I am left feeling calm and happy. It was a most beautiful day.

    I arrived to continuing the journey that was left over from my first encounter last time reminding me I am not alonetime is the healer through spirituality, sharing and thoughts. It was an enlightening day.

    I felt unsure about Gods purpose in me being here when I arrived. I did have a slight shift in my perception of myself and others. I realise there are blockages I need to do work and I feel I am better equipped to do that now I am leaving with hope and a sense of enlightenment.

    When I arrived I was open, interested and wanted to let some past events be healed, forgiven and be left free. I experienced love during the workshop for those who hurt me. I now am left feeling happy, free, light, bright and peaceful. Thank you Helen and all the team. It was a wonderful experience and very interesting.

    What I would say about the day: A new beginning, helpful and challenging in positive ways!

  • Inner Freedom Workshop July 2012

    I realized when I arrived I felt sad, fear and terror. During the workshop I allowed myself to be vulnerable. Now I am left with peace, the light and the strength. It was a wonderful workshop. Such a breakthrough in my fear and terror to face the doctors about my cancer.

    When I think about how I felt when I arrived it was guilty and anxious. During the workshop I became calmer and more peaceful. But before this I became aware of an empty black space where I felt feelings of aloneness, frustrations and responsibilities. The transformation came as I felt (in my minds eye) that I was walking to the altar of a huge cathedral where the light and presence of Christ was waiting for me.

    The workshop was enlightening and encouraging it left me with a positive sense and of burden being lifted. I had arrived feeling anxious as I was late and worried that I had missed some of the workshop and mucked up as usual! During the workshop I experienced a calming sense of Gods love a situation of un-forgiveness towards my mum and someone else came up to my mind during the workshop. I now feel at peace.

    The day was awesome. I arrived feeling confused, but then I became calm during the workshop and was left feeling free and at peace.

    The day was an enlightening and peaceful experience. I arrived feeling hopeful and curious to know what was going to happen during the workshop. During the meditations I felt great peace and calmness. I feel I have gained some clarity about my life and about my past but also that there is a lot more inside me to work on!

    I felt excited when I arrived. During my time as the workshop I gained a deeper awareness and am now left joy-filled. This experience re-enforced my belief in sharing within a faith community. My heart is filled with gratitude. Thank you, thank you. The day left me a sense of the importance of our healing ministry.

    The love that is spontaneously infused at the meeting is real, tangible and thick enough to cut with a knife. Jesus the Lord is here! Each time you learn something new, refreshing, reinvigorating to body, mind and spirit.

    I was nervous and excited at the same time when I arrived. Lots happened. I came with a sense of aloneness and apprehension about my future and very quickly became aware how little time I spend in the present moment. By the end of the workshop I felt so much more at peace and my trust in the process of life has been reaffirmed. I was given many gifts for which I am very grateful during the workshop.

  • Making Life Work! June 2012

    I wanted answers when I arrived! As a result of the workshop I experienced clarity and have been left feeling confident to keep my focus on God then I will be ok no matter who or what comes into or leaves my life.

    I felt anxious and worried when I arrived. At the conclusion of the day, I felt calm! The day was peaceful and rich.

    I loved hearing real life stories. The day was enlightening and encouraging. This is my first visit. I came in late and was quite agitated as a result and also due to a traffic incident. Not much of a meditation but at the end I am not thinking of the frustration over the traffic issues! My mind is quite clear!

    I was burdened when I arrived. The workshop was fantastic. I was enlightened.

    I was not sure about the workshop when I arrived in a rush. However, the day was very calming and provided a lot of insight. Now I am less rushed, less flustered and more courageous! It was a lovely day.

    I was uncertain about a particular situation in my life when I first arrived. Then the Holy Spirit revealed what I needed to do; and now I feel clearer and at peace with myself. Thank you Helen. God bless you.

    I was curiously interested when I first arrived. During the workshop a brain closet of anger and loss were cleared out of my brain! I now feel clearer in how to go about things from now on. Ill let go before the tackle. I feel spiritually re-connected. It was very light hearted after a heavy opening. The workshop rekindled the flame within!

    I arrived feeling disconnected. During the workshop I became aware of a deep seated belief that I have been unable to shift. I am ready to work on it and let it go! That much I know. (This person had a wonderful breakthrough and came to peace in this area after working with a team member at the conclusion of the workshopwe are grateful!

    I felt a bit tired and stressed when I arrived. When Helen shared her story about a family member I realized I needed to work on communication with my brother! I now feel rested. I enjoyed the workshop.

    The day was good, especially the talk. During the meditation I had a picture of a young baby in pain (Mum had difficulty having me) and became aware of a belief that I had to protect myself, stand back and not participate. Anyway sensed Jesus/God was saying thats ok come and join me and now I feel lighter! I was reserved and unsure when I arrived!

    I felt little bit distracted in my thoughts when I arrived After a quiet time, meditation, I realized I was a bit cautious about the new life I have been set free to liveand looking forward to. The reservations are what if I stuff upagain? At that point I saw, in my minds eye, Jesus take my hand and say I will be with you and I love you. So I realized I do not need to worry. I am FREE, FREE to be me!

  • Inner Freedom Seminar May 2012

    Miracles happen with Helen and her team. I arrived feeling open but unaware of what I was truly feeling. Some really strong beliefs about responsibility came up: that I am responsible for other peoples unhappiness in my life. Now I feel light and have been shown that I need no longer carry this burden or to carry others pain for them. I have stepped into a field of love with support all around.
    I wasnt sure if I had wanted to be at the workshop. However I went back to the pain, darkness, suffering in my life. However, at the conclusion of the workshop I was left feeling good about myself, forgiven, happy, and peaceful. I left this inflated suit I had all my life! It was wonderful!!! I never thought what happened was possible.

    I arrived tired but expectant. Throughout the workshop witnessed Gods healing miracles. I now want more prayer and meditation and to put God firstthen he will do as much as he wishes. He offers miracles for the taking.

    At the conclusion of the day I felt that it was special to be in a place with others who were open and willing to share part of their lives with people they dont know. When I arrived I felt glad to have found the right place. Missed most of what was happening but still received something special.that we are all struggling to get through the journey of Life.

    I experienced an increase in the awareness of Gods love in my life. When I arrived I felt mediocre, but it was uplifting to grow in awareness of the power of the Holy Spirit. The meditation revealed another lie I had accepted from a fractured brotherhood. It was reassuring to know that I no longer have to focus on lies but focus on the truth. I will truly be free to be all that God made me to be.

    I arrived feeling curious and burdened. I finished the workshop feeling light and convinced of the healing God can bringin one statementGod wants to free his people.

    The workshop was a good experience a welcoming and helpful group.

    I arrived still coming to terms with the death of a previous friend. The healing meditation of Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit helped me greatly. I feel that the Holy Spirit helped me to realise that my friend is in another part of her journey and that I am to continue on my earthly section. Both meditations were most helpful, especially the colours that surfaced for me.

    I felt lonely when I arrived. But I now realise that others have the same hopes and fears as me. Im much more at peace now and I know that I am never really alone. The workshop was challenging but fruitful.

    I arrived a bit late to Agape Encounter and missed out as I was travelling by train. I felt alone and lonely. When I walked into the group I got to share with other people.

    When I arrived I didnt expect to have a touch today. I bought a friend and he went deeper. With my inability to trust men/people and God at a deeper level today - God spoke to my heart asking me am I willing to learn to trust him as a little girl. I said yes and he showed me I am whole now and I felt the release. Thank you Helen thank you teambless you all.

  • From Stress to Peace Seminar January 2012

    I arrived feeling stressed like a time bomb! What happenedit was like the river of the Holy Spirit washed away the stress. I now feel reliefclear and peaceful. It was a peace giving workshop great!

    The workshop allows you to find peace! When I arrived I was calm but I was looking.The session helped me relax but also reminded me that I needed to change. Aware that I deserve better, deserve more out of life. I know that if I ask the Holy Spirit will always be with me.

    I arrived feeling stressed! During the workshop I felt it lifted off my shoulders. Am now left peaceful and happier.

    I loved the workshop music, meditation, sharing. I arrived feeling open to new insights and experiences. So I came with an open heart. I allowed myself to surrender to learning and changing the way I think.whilst also questioning the information in a thoughtful way. I was left feeling good alive, present! (Room was a bit hot for me..and couldnt drink tea or coffee as lactose intolerant)
    It was an unburdening, encouraging and inspiring workshop. When I arrived I felt tired and burdened but expectant. With Linda leading, I eventually had a great sensation of lightness and a large easing of my loads. With my eyes closed I saw a series of visual images, often ugly, but not frightening. If I asked the Spirit I had the feeling that more answer will come. With Helen leading some childhood memories came to my mind that were released of anger. I had to acknowledge all of the negative emotions that she specified, and it was reinforced that the Holy Spirit will only help further if I co-operate.

    The workshop was informative and powerful!

    I arrived looking for guidance to peace. It was good to be with people of peace. I was left feeling that there are ways through to the Spirit if I can believe in my right to freedom. The workshop left me thinking it must be true, if all you at the workshop have found it.

    Victory! I conquered the evil of stress, thanks to the Holy Spirit and you brave generous servers.

    After the workshop I felt lighter. I arrived feeling eager and interested. I felt not only lighter but more peaceful and relaxed as a result of the day.


  • Inner Freedom Seminar November 2011

    I arrived emotionally drawn (my wife died in May). Another area of my life was resolved in my feelings of worthiness.

    I didnt know what would come up today. But being my second time, I tried to relax and go with it. Very surprised what appeared and how swiftly it was dealt with to calmness, excitedness...wanting to dance!! Thank you Helen and all for your sharing.
    I was ok when I arrivedin a positive way. My feelings of powerlessness were aroused and I felt that it is only through the Lord that we can find true peace.

    I felt drained in some ways, but feel more present to how I feel at the moment. There has been some enlightenment. Thank you.

    I arrived feeling angry and resentful. I wanted to get at the person so he could realise the hurt he causes. After today, I feel anchored and secure to let go of these feelings and a lot of hope!

    I have found your workshop very good. It gave me a feeling of strength and fulfilment. I will be attending again.

    Thanks Helen and teamgood stuff! Felt heavy when I arrivednow feel a lot freer!

    I experienced a shift in the way I was feeling. I was feeling tired and stressed when I arrived, but felt free and uplifted at the end.
    I felt empty and flat on arrival. Free, uplifted and fulfilled at the end. Thanks Helen and the team.

    I have been to a workshop previously held by Helen so I knew I was in for a treat. I really enjoyed the time for meditation and walk away with peace.

    I found the workshop to be an affirmation of my relationship with Jesus and the impact he has on our lives when we turn to him and ask him to share our lives and the burdens and hardships we face. Thank you. Im very grateful. God bless.

    I felt peaceful and expectant. I arrived with body pain that would not go for months. As we did the meditation at the end part I asked what was blocking me. I was reminded of a childhood memory of my father being violent with me.God showed me I had not yet forgiven in this memory. I also recognized I had made a vow in my heart that no man will ever hurt me again. As I allowed God in, I was lead through the memory and I was able to forgive my Father. I felt even more peaceful and lighter. I also had a picture of myself like a Labrador puppy dog in Gods palm of his hands....Nice

    I felt nothing when I came, and now I also feel nothingmaybe it is my first time. (After the workshop this person had a real breakthrough in the nothingness!

    I arrived with anticipation but slightly apprehensive. I left feeling slightly stunned, reflective, and further along the journey of loving self.

  • Inner Freedom Seminar September 2011

    I felt tense on arrival, but then went on to experience peace. I was encouraged and uplifted. This day has given me hope. I connected to myself and my Creator.

    I was hopeful on arrival. I discovered through the workshop the goodness and light of God is very much alive. It was sensational. It was more fulfilling than the basic trip to church.

    A wonderful experience to see how lives are changed through the power of God. I was calm when I arrived and then went on to experience changes to people and lives. I now feel joyful for others.

    The workshop was enriching, moving and wonderful. I feel rewarded moving now with a spring in my step.

    I felt nervous on arrival. During the workshop I was made aware that I need to awaken! I now feel empowered and that I am aware and will be able to make myself be heard.

    I arrived open minded and intrigued. It was a confirmation of previous teachings. I now feel peace of mind, relaxed and released, etc. Thanks to the team.

    The workshop was inspiring. I arrived feeling tired but willinghad some blank moments, but still encouraging. At the end of the workshop I had to acknowledge that my spirit is still stuck in old terrority and that TOTAL reliance on God will enable further breakthroughs.

    In one sentence I would say that after this workshop that there is hope for all of us if we trust and believe in God.
    I felt scared and apprehensive when I arrived. I felt the Spirit of God bring up problems that I couldnt comprehend in the natural or work out/blockages/etc. When I was led through the guided body, mind, heart and spirit exercise I saw pictures and heard clearly Gods voice. He took me to hard places I did not want to look at. Taking the offender before the judge was helpful to hear the truth. I now feel relieved!

  • Discover and Love the True You August 2011

    When I arrived I felt clouded in my mind and heavy. I realized I was becoming flat, stuck and depressed Throughout the workshop, I was able to recognise I was starting to doubt myself and God and about my life and I was feeling helpless and hopeless. During the workshop however, I felt God say to me I am with you. Dont be afraid. I now feel lighter and lifted up and my joy has come back. Its great to be alive!

    When I arrived I felt tired, but I gained awareness and insight into some life long protective roles I have had. The workshop was very informative and helpful. Thank you for the work you do and sharing of your invaluable knowledge.
    I felt curious, expectant and happy to meet new interested people of like mind when I arrived. As the workshop progressed I met these people, enjoyed the meditation, experienced a quiet peace, and felt relaxed. Almost nodded off! I now feel good and comfortable. In one sentence about the daythe togetherness.

    I always love to come to this workshop as I feel safe and supported by Agape as I can see Helen glow with her connection. It has made me connect, and ask for guidance I have never felt. I should ask God for anything, so thank you. It was comforting and supportive.

    At the conclusion of the workshop I felt much better with greater clarity. In one word it was fruitful.

    I felt unsure when I arrived but later felt affirmed in Gods eternal loved for me. I finish the workshop feeling at peace and secure in his love. It was very beneficial.

  • Inner Freedom Seminar July 2011

    I came here feeling lonely and anxious I left feeling released and hopeful for the future. Thanks guys.

    I felt rushed, pushed and striving when I arrived. What happenedI experienced release, freedom, lightness. I am now relaxed, happy, relieved, and hopeful. Re-enforced that I am loved. All things will work through and work out in the Lord empowered.

    I went from being confused to feeling peaceful.

    I feel like a new woman. Thanks be to God. He has touched me so profoundly. All glory be to him. So worthwhile in connecting with myself, others and God. I had arrived feeling unsure of the future. I experienced healing and wholeness through facing my father and mentally saying how he hurt me and how I felt. Then I saw him say sorry (in my minds eye) and then I had compassion for him.

    I came feeling despondent. A major career problem I have is that when I fight I am vicious! I saw that as a child when I had rheumatic fever and an early form of polio my mother was so anxious. I got the message (as a child) that I was there in hospital to die and mum did not care. The truth I discovered was she cared too much! The workshop was freeing.

    A grace filled experience. Thank you. I arrived concerned about a phone call. In the silence and stillness of this morning I listened to the Spirit of Love. I feel forgiven.

    I got the clarity of where I lost my trust. And today I regained my trust in God and trust in myself.

    I was feeling tired on arrival though still looking forward to attending. Ive been reminded we are never alone and I feel greater compassion and gratitude to feel safe and loved as I am. Im feeling less tired than when I arrived. It was a caring, supportive fellowship.

    I was a bit anxious and feeling not safe when I arrived. However during the workshop I felt closer to God and discovered I need to get of the way! Im leaving with a feeling of hope in the future for me and with my two beautiful daughters. Thank you.

    The day was a blessing. I felt at peace and happy when I arrived because I was welcome with people who have the heart of the Lord and also filled with the Holy Spirit. I was made to relax my mind with my eyes closed and during the session I encountered many visions from the Lord and received trust and was relieved in the Lord. My heart is now free, my mind is open and I feel very light and know that the Lord is always by your side no matter what. Now I am fine and happy in rejoicing in the Lord.

    I arrived expecting my GodFather, Son, Spirit, would do a good work in myself and others.He did (again!). I have a deeper understanding of his loveabiding lovelove that was with me always and always will be. I know I am being restored, by the power of Jesus resurrection.

    Feel peaceful faith-filled. Well facilitated Helen, with compassion and humility.

    Now leaving feeling blessed with a Spirit of hope.

  • Inner Freedom Seminar May 2011

    I arrived desperate for answers, feeling exhausted, like Im dying, feeling disconnected from God. Now I feel at peace and full of Gods grace, full of hope for the future, soaking in His light. Jesus and the Holy Spirit met me at my point of need. I was made aware of blockages and feel I can now trust Him and not do it on my own. God loves me and I have a future and purpose, I am connected to Him. What a grace!

    Initially it felt like nothing would change, it was hopeless, I felt angry, trapped, and powerless, traumatised, switched off, and believing its my fault. I went back to a memory and an angel revealed the truth to me. Now I feel great!

    I arrived expectant and confident of something good and I received a special touch from the Holy Spirit. I am His; I belong to my daddy God, my Abba.

    I feel grateful to have found Agape. I saw where my negative views come from. Now I feel complete, lighter, loved and an acceptance of myself.

    I arrived feeling exhausted. The spirit took me back to a memory where I was in darkness and death. I feel happy now that the Holy Spirit gave me a revelation.

    I came with great expectation that God would heal me. Now I feel peaceful. The day was very informative and helpful.
    When I arrived I felt unsure and self-absorbed. Now I have peace, I feel freer, confident in knowing God is with me. I found the day very beneficial. Thank you.

    I will certainly be back!

    I arrived feeling fearful. I became aware of the reasons I react as I do. Now I feel I have the insight to respond with awareness rather than reacting. I feel full of light!

    I came to this session today feeling down and confused and to my surprise I felt free and released. A great day.

    I arrived feeling tired. Then I felt a release, freer, less tired. Its been a good day.

    I felt very uptight and powerless about my inner state when I arrived. I came to a place of forgiveness of myself and others realizing how my beliefs have misled me. It is an accepting and grace-filled atmosphere.

  • When it seemed impossible – a personal experience of amazing change April 2011

    Something happened which sent me into shock and part of my memory went into disassociation, into a dark, numb, blank place where I felt alone, nothing, powerless, angry, frightened, insecure and unimportant, of no value and without a voice. I was beside myself and any change seemed impossible! I felt hopeless and powerless. After 24hrs of torment I contacted Helen Alcock for help as I was totally stuck.

    She connected with the part of my mind that was in the dark and as we explored all the feeling and thoughts associated with this part, the main belief being that I couldnt trust anyone; it was revealed that this part of me was burdened with expectations that were not met and therefore I experienced disillusionment and disappointment.

    Helen asked if this part of me was willing to allow the angels to come as I couldnt relate to Jesus or anyone else. It seemed we had discovered a part of my mind that had never known Jesus but felt safe with angels. Initially I could not see, hear or sense anything and it was due to the lack of trust I had because of the pain I had experienced throughout my life where I havent been able to trust. However, by the grace of Gods angels, I was willing to allow them to reveal themselves to me and they did.

    In my minds eye I saw this disassociated part of me surrounded by a circle of angels with a bright light filling the space between me and them. In this place I felt safe and secure. All the above feelings and belief were gone in an instant, no longer relevant. I felt an extraordinary peace and release of tension through my whole being. It was miraculous.

    I felt this part of me with the angels was separate from myself in the here and now and Helen asked the angels, if appropriate, to bring this part of me and all that was received to the rest of me. The angels came to my rescue and immediately I felt a sense of completeness, a fullness and I saw myself in the light holding my hands to my abdomen as if I was guarding a precious treasure, it was effortless!

    Now I no longer feel I need to do anything except listen to the angels and follow their promptings. There is no longer the need for struggling and striving, trying to fix and control everything in my life as I have been. My head is clear as if I have opened a window of a dark, stuffy room and the light and fresh air come in to caress my face. Now I can go back into life with a new found freedom and wholeness with more of me present and the angels by my side.

    Trish L'Henaff 3.4.11

  • When it seems impossible Seminar April 2011

    Much wisdom gained.

    I felt vulnerable when I arrived; I allowed myself to feel the feeling. Now I feel I have a tool to work with from my heart and not my head. Very informative.

    Very informative and helpful.

    The music at the beginning was very good, I enjoyed the meditation session; the talk was easy to understand and very practical and easy to apply to my life; I think the issues raised are very important and something I can use in my life
    When I arrived I felt quite bitter. I walked into the room with someone I had a falling out with. I am responsible for my feelings. I cannot change people and I have to change myself for the better. Today I learned to never doubt myself because if I do I will be open to negativity and ill health every day. Today I made a decision to move forward and to forgive myself. The workshop was positive.

    Upon arriving I felt under pressure, weighed down and down-trodden. I had mixed feelings as if Im doing things in my own strength. God touched my heart gave me hope. It is pure bliss now that I have freedom in Christ. My Lord is all I will ever need. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation. I am truly touched, thankyou.

    I asked for Gods peace and he graciously gave it. It was a great day of blessings for me and my friends.

    Helens testimony reminded me of the positive mental tools I had in the past and lost. Today I regained clarity about the people whom I had allowed to take them from me. It was an encouraging and reinforcing workshop.

    When I arrived I felt unsure. Now I feel much freer and more at peace. It was very worthwhile and affirming
    It was great and I learned a lot.

    I feel renewed with vigour to be transformed. I was touched during the body, mind and heart exercise. It was beautiful; I feel alive. It was an enlightening day.

    I saw my heart as deflated in the time of reflection. I thought God would just breathe the Holy Spirit into my heart to make it whole. Instead he presented me with a new heart. I took it and now I feel whole and so much stronger. About the day I would say, dont ever underestimate the freedom that comes with awareness. Thank you.

    I arrived feeling a little rushed and hung over from the tensions of the week. I felt ministered to by the Holy Spirit who always responds and usually in unexpected ways; now I have a strong feeling of being loved by my daddy, God and I have experienced an understanding that he will never leave me. I absolutely loved the day.

    I arrived feeling curious, interested and wondering if what I heard today would help me in my life. Helen is a lovely person, deeply sensitive to the Holy Spirit and his healing power. She touched on some truths in my life. Today I learned tools for dealing with angry people and the reasons why I attract them. Im eager to come back and learn more!

    I found the day very encouraging.

    I gained much food for thought today; it was very interesting for me.

    The day was peaceful, relaxing, hopeful and encouraging, an excellent day and very worthwhile, insightful. There was a gentle, easy flow; a most beneficial experience.

  • Inner Freedom Seminar March 2011

    When I arrived if felt unsettled, pre-occupied and not focused; very disoriented. Now I am aware of what has made me feel unsettled and so fragile. I feel more strengthened and relaxed and at peace. God brought up episodes in my life and let me know that he has been with me and walked with me. I experienced the truth, freedom and I feel relaxed and at peace.

    Initially felt I could not fully receive. Now I am more able to understand that the source of love is my sustenance and I that I didnt trust love because of my upbringing. Its difficult to express what a profound encounter I had but I know that God was very present and has dealt with much in me today. Thank you.

    I arrived feeling uncertain and sad. Now I am at peace and overwhelmed with the Lord. He brought me back to my childhood and the sadness I felt and now I know that Jesus was always with me and carried me in his arms. How beautiful!
    I was shown a sad and destructive memory from childhood which has affected my whole life. In this session the power of the Holy Spirit with the guidance of Helen took me step by step to freedom of that memory and I feet liberated. The day was excellent full of Gods presence and grace.

    I felt sad when I arrived. After the session I now feel light and free.

    I know this is the time to deal with whatever parts of my life need healing. At the end of the day I felt very peaceful
    Safe, peaceful, easy, worthwhile, encouraging, releasing, freeing, hopeful, refreshing, thankful.

    Enlightened to an area of my life that was missing within.

    When I arrived I felt terrible. Then I was given knowledge about myself and God and now I feel hopeful. The day was positive and helpful.

    Initially felt like I was walking alone and feeling empty. Now I feel calm and relaxed and trusting. Its wonderful to spend this time for myself to explore and get closer to God. I love your heart Agape; you do this with so much love for others and a desire to see them grow; you are beautiful people.

    I felt very hurt and confused when I arrived. I was encouraged by other people around me and their struggles similar to mine. I was challenged to acknowledge my feelings and beliefs from a new perspective. I now know that God has charge of the situation and I can let it go.

    I didnt want to get out of bed this morning, feeling weighed down with responsibilities. I am very happy I came as I felt something shift within me during the mind, heart reconnecting exercise.

    I came in feeling weary and shutdown. Now I feel calmer, refreshed, more committed and self aware and open to the Holy Spirit.

    The day was a time to centre myself, refocus, reflect and strengthen my relationship with God. Thank you to the team.

  • How to Develop Healthy Relationships January 2011

    When I arrived I felt tired, sore, and tense. I felt the peace and release in me. Now I feel less burdened, more comfortable with myself and God, peaceful. The day was excellent, very informative and affirming.

    When I arrived I had a very heavy heart. The Lord took me back to when I was a little girl and I was called stupid and I used to do everything to please everybody. But as the teaching went on, the Lord showed me that Im not stupid and that he loves me as I am. Now my heart feels very light. It was a good day.

    When I arrived I felt heavy but anxious for relief. My need was not addressed but something greater was, which is what I needed right now. I feel lighter, taller, straighter and stronger and I feel I have more of God in me. The day was fantastic an, freeing.
    I arrived feeling confused and heavy in the heart. I felt empowered to let go of a belief that governed who I believed I was. Now I feel very liberated and content in knowing Gods loves even in the yucky parts of me and that hes willing to help as soon as I give him permission to work in me.

    When I arrived I felt a bit confused and not sure what to expect. Through guided meditation I felt more connected with spirit, more peaceful and the workshop was exactly what I needed at this point in my life.

    When I arrived I felt apprehensive, unsure, unloved. The Holy Spirit touched me to see how important I am to God. I feel loved unconditionally by God and very much empowered by him to spread his good news. The day was refreshing and well worthwhile.
    When I arrived I felt heavy-hearted. I had a revelation of unforgiveness and felt heavy in my spirit. Now I feel free and strengthened to let it all go. The day was wonderful, practical teaching tools thank you.

    When I arrived I was predicting that I would leave halfway through. But I was peaceful and joyful. I liked sharing my experiences with another person and I liked having a voice. I enjoyed the speakers words and her fun and loving spirit. I am now open a little more to having other conversations with people and my heart has softened. The day was peaceful, centering, encouraging, and optimistic.

    When I arrived I felt apprehensive and expectant. I was enlightened about what Jesus wants to do and what he did and how I could participate in the healing process. I had to learn to confront the pain and heaviness in my heart. The Spirit pulled a knife out of my heart and applied the balm of Gilead as the Spirit helped me deal with the emotions of anger, hated, murder, unforgiveness and judgement in relation to abusive accusations of bad mothering regarding my family. My thoughts were that I was bad, second rate and not good enough. The Spirit of truth revealed that he loved me and that I had done well. I invited Jesus to be between each of my loved ones and to trust him with my past, present and future and to be my anchor and safe place to which I can go to daily. I surrender my life and the life of my loved ones to my heavenly father and anticipate more healthy relationships in the future! The day was liberating and healing.

    When I arrived I felt a little rushed and mentally distracted. I found myself in a different atmosphere from my usual situations. Now I feel more connected to my spirit and feelings, challenged to adjust some long-standing attitudes. The day was encouraging and uplifting.

    I felt like I wanted to know what I could receive from the workshop. I now feel peaceful and happy. It was worthwhile to come to the workshop, very helpful.

    When I arrived I felt welcomed by Michael. I was reluctant then negative but ended up feeling at peace and ok. I felt there is hope and I look forward to the next meeting. Im trying to discover the truth in my life but Im not sure what thats going to be. I know Jesus will catch me if its really bad. I thought the day was great.

    When I arrived I felt very much like I was last night and that was not feeling well. Now I feel connected with Gods Spirit. I enjoyed the teachings, I am learning from your talk on what to do and I feel more confident. I left feeling happy to know that you are doing more sessions. You are great Helen; you are opening my eyes to situations. The day was progress for me.

    When I arrived I felt confused and afraid to let go. I accepted the fear and let God break through it for me. Now I feel light-hearted and more hopeful. The day was Spirit-filled!!

    The day was worthwhile and powerful.

    When I arrived I felt a bit disjointed. The re-connection was wonderful. I found my mind was scattered but my heart was warm. I enjoyed Helens presentation. It made me more aware of my own relationships. The day was refreshing.

    I really enjoyed the session, very informative and enlightening. It really touched me deeply.

    I wasnt sure if I wanted to come but now know I was meant to be here. Thank you all for giving your time. I appreciate you! The day was beautiful.

    Ready to learn how to engage. The first encounter was visual. My heart was in an envelope then turned into a bow but it did not open stuck. The day was very informative.

    When I arrived I was expectant. I have been to Agape workshops many times and know I would get something. But still get a little stuck about how my future would pan out. I was reminded I had already forgiven my family for the abuse and God for allowing it. But I had to go deeper and reminded myself that it is done, finished and that I can trust God with my future, that the past will not repeat itself if I only keep my eyes on Jesus. The day was fantastic, thank you so much.

  • What type of Energy Influences your Life? January 2011

    I felt nervous when I arrived. During the workshop I became calm and now feel good. It was very positive.

    I arrived feeling joyful as I was looking forward to sitting in on the workshop. As the workshop progressed I felt more love, peace and a sense of mental freedom. I now feel more relaxed, at peace, inspired and content within myself. The time at the workshop was gentle, peaceful conducted with a loving energy.

    The workshop provided a healing, peaceful and loving safe place. I now feel excited, hopeful and positive at the conclusion of the workshop.

    I arrived feeling peaceful. During the workshop I learnt and now feel a bit wiser and more confident in managing my life ahead.
    The workshop was uplifting and positive.

    I was tired when I arrived but at the conclusion of the workshop I have more hope.

    Others wrote the following comments:
    Healing Encouraging Good Exciting and healing Uplifting

    It was warm and safe. Thanks for more good stuff Helen and team x

    I found the workshop insightful wonderful sharing from Helenso much I can relate to.


  • Inner Freedom Workshop July 2010

    Thank you for the exceptional work you do. Im always in awe at the direction the day goes; the benefit I get out of it and the sharing that takes place. The day was awakening of awareness on a higher level for me. I now feel released, free and focused.

    When I arrived I felt happy and excited to be at the workshop, to let it be and learn what I needed. We had a wonderful meditation to feel/see where we were at. I was blessed to experience a wonderful breakthrough to feel and know Jesus presence. I wanted to feel centered and be consistent with it. I truly felt that the tool is to allow myself to hold his hand this is so precious and beautiful

    I had unresolved emotions well up from within me and dissolve through the workshop. This left me feeling lighter and more centred within myself. I can now observe different aspects of myself and have more control over that.

    I much appreciated your time, nurturing, empowering, patience and love Agape love. A real breakthrough for me all of it! One example was that a house divided against itself cannot prosper. The child vs. the adult within was always in conflict. I couldnt get pass the block until Helen gently guided me through it. Onward in Jesus name. Amen!

    I felt miserable, tired, unhappy, empty, scattered and my body was full of aches when I arrived. During the encounter I had a sense of release, relief, empowerment and now feel I am not alone - God is always with me. I just have to ask. This all left me feeling hopeful, positive and grateful.

    I felt relaxed on arrival. During the workshop I realized that I am allowed/deserve to be happy. I was left feeling more relaxed! I am who I am and I am a good person, who deserves to be complete/content in my life, because God made me!!!

    When I arrived, I felt a lot of tension in the back of my neck and shoulders, feeling quite blocked. Throughout the morning I experienced a re-focusing on my inner self, asking Jesus to reveal. I realized I want someone else to like/love me more, which is not happening, so I strike back out of that rejection. I dont like to live that way. I now feel lighter at the end of the workshop. Thank you Jesus.

    I was not sure what I was expecting when I arrived. The workshop helped me to see how we carry our garbage and past which weighs us down. I now have some tools to work with. The day was enlightening.

    When I arrived I felt pain in my heart. I was shown a picture of a big hand removing me from a tree that I was holding onto like a koala and I was being hugged by God. But I was still in the position as if I was holding on to the tree not knowing how to let go. Then through the process I recognized that I didnt know how to let love in, but that he will gently show me and teach me in time. Thank you.

    I was sorry we missed most of the session. But I will come again. This workshop piqued my interest. I want to see more.

    When I arrived I was somewhat apprehensive about not knowing what was going to occur. I was lost. During the session I was able to start to understand my feelings. I left feeling exhausted and still lost! (Everyone is in processand we accept exactly how people arrive and leavealways wishing them well and taking a stand for them Agape Encounter).

    When I arrived I felt a little unsure, apprehensive, possibly nervous, excited, aware, open for help willing to face what needed to be face., encouraged, hopeful, and supported. I now feel connected or rather re-connected in all aspects of self, mind, body, soul, and spirit and re-connected to my inner child. I now feel light, safe, proud of the achieving what I did, sure, loved and love for myself. I also feel protected, strong, positive, courageous, aware, empowered, hopeful and can move forward.

  • Inner Freedom Workshop May 2010

    I was feeling tired and teary when I arrived. The role play of obstacles triggered an eruption of emotions as I was relating to the scenario. The process Helen facilitated was extremely healing, releasing layers of old traumas. I feel like a new person. I am now feeling much freer and hopeful of a better life. It has been very empowering and healing for me.

    The day was beautifully presented with total openness and truth delivered with love by Helen. When I arrived I felt good and had no expectations. During the time I got very grounded and present. Lindas sharing took me back to many childhood memories and experiencing the release of the residue there.

    I felt miserable, exhausted, lost and confused when I first arrived. At the conclusion of my encountering session I felt hopeful, trusting, unburdened, relieved, released, and grateful. I know God is my answer.

    I had sinus pain when I arrived and longing to be closer to Jesus. During the workshop I felt Jesus holding me, filling me. I now feel peaceful, more filled and the sinus pain is gone! The day was healing.

    I arrived at the workshop feeling fearful, heavy, drained, and disempowered at times. All my sharing today of just one major fear in my life was given over. I felt supported in handing it over to the Higher Power and beginning to live for me. I left feeling enlightened, fearless, with faith and hope.

    I felt good when I arrived not knowing what to expect. My body started to relax during the workshop. The drama on boulders (obstacles) made me aware that I wear 20 layers of body amour to protect myself from emotional hurt! It was an excellent workshop.

    The workshop was very worthwhile for me. I felt the presence of God when I arrived, and during the session was released of a suppressed memory. I now feel somewhat uplifted.

    I arrived feeling rushed, hurried as I was late. But during the workshop I began to feel more relaxed, more refreshed, less stressed, better informed with understanding. I am leaving the workshop feel calmer, more at ease, with a little more peace, and clearer in my thoughts. The day was calming, information, productive, helpful and worthwhile.

    It was a lovely day. Because I got lost before I arrived and walked into Agape Encounter late, I felt frazzled and disconnected as first. Then during the workshop I felt my racing heart calm down leaving me in restful and peace. Helen introduced me to my inner child. I am excited to get to know her.

    The day for me was cathartic! I felt a bit fragile and vulnerable when I arrived because of where I put myself in my relationships with my family. Un-acceptance is a big thing for me as well as the need to be loved and for others to feel my love and believed it. I felt my familys pain and unspoken words. I listened to others and emphasized. I finished the day feeling peaceful and good at the end.

    I felt flat and unreceptive when I arrived due to tiredness. After a ten minute sleep I became more alert. I was left feeling greatly encouraged by the testimony and healing processes begun in other participants. Boulders (obstacles) activity and some of Helens notes described situations that have oppressed me in recent years and made a lot of sense. The sharing partners and I were able to mutually understand each others situations. The day was highly encouraging.

  • How Really Listening Melts Hearts May 2010

    I was frazzled when I arrived. During the session I felt released. I now feel great! I love this work. I want more of it.

    I was peaceful when I arrived. I gained a new vision and left feeling refreshed.

    The workshop helped me to look within, instead of outward all the time.

    I arrived feeling teary, concerned and overwhelmed. I now feel clearer, lighter and realize things are always not as bad as they seem. I dont want to be angry and hurt anymore. I just want to be happy and peaceful. It was worth coming. Some feelings were stirred up but I feel I can handle them. It was uplifting, enlightening and I now see things clearer.

    I was not at peace with myself, life and a specific situation when I arrived. During the session I became centered, aware and reflective. I gained a realization and confirmation of the need to work on myself. I now feel peaceful.

    I was mentally tired, and flat, yet my spirit was at peace. I felt not connected and without direction. During the time I was provided with the right sharing partner. The discussion material related directly to my situation. I now feel closer to a breakthrough. Many prayer points provided.

    I arrived feeling busy with day to day life. I left more at peace feeling that day was worthwhile.

    I arrived full of expectation. I was pleasantly welcomed and then learnt many useful new things which verified and reinforced things I already knew. This has been a very valuable exercise in emotional relationship strengthening and centering. It was encouraging.

    I learnt a few emotional techniques, e.g. sending the rubbish down the river. It was lovely to see the Holy Spirit at work in peoples lives.

    I was apprehensive when I arrived. I then felt calm and peaceful during the session. I was open to the Spirit to guide my life and to listen to the Spirit and other people. When I have moments of weakness I was encouraged to pray before I attempted to talk! Also learnt to listen to what my dreams are telling me. I am very grateful to God and all the volunteers at Agape for helping us.

    I felt good when I arrived. The session shadings childhood emotions came to the surface. Not in a good space, like Im stuck in a feeling and unable to move from it. Feeling like in the past numb, but staying with it seems like Ill be still stuck. I know however Ill be ok. Great information and wonderful work done during the workshop. (Anna had a wonderful release after the session was completed and she wrote this feedback. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, she was enabled to move in and through this numb feeling to real freedom, as she listened to herself!)

    I felt a bit inhibited when I arrived but open and ready for healing and wisdom. I received some wonderful tools and insights and would now like to continue reflecting to understanding and healing. (Ivey also had a breakthrough after the workshop was completed and was enabled to feel joy again.)

    The workshop for me was life giving, and freeing the best gift you can receive!

    I cant comprehend how I felt when I arrived. No feeling really and no anxiety. However, I am now feeling a little more relaxed.

    I wasnt not too bad when I arrived - reasonably content. I felt a certain release and less control being required during the workshop. I gained an acceptance of the Holy Spirits guidance, acceptance also that Mary and Jesus listen to me always!

    The workshop helped me to deal with a challenging child in my life with love.

    I was wondering what it is all about. I am still taking it all in. It was interesting.

  • Inner Freedom Workshop January 2010

    At first I wanted to run away as I felt anxious, fearful and scattered. I had encounters throughout the general ministry and now feel centred, peaceful, clear, light as a feather and relaxed. The workshop was brilliant, awesome and inspiring.

    It was very worthwhile - a life changing exercise. At first I felt excited. Feelings and beliefs came up from past experiences, manifesting pain which I have held on to for many years. Today I believe I have released much of this pain which has been gut wrenching for many years especially during my youth. This is all now leaving me feeling lighter, as if a weight has been lifted.

    In one sentence I would say that the workshop was like an oasis a moment of time truly blessed. I was late but gave myself permission to stay at peace after a coaching session went over time, but necessary and prepared me to be open and at peace. Amazing work followed here. I believe I am being healed deeper than I know. After the break I allowed myself to feel the tiredness and feeling of being unwell that kept me back. But know to get in touch with myself and now have the material to find that place of knowing and letting go.

    At first I felt flat and hopeless. During the workshop I became peaceful. I now feel more clarity. The day was self contained and powerful.

    I discovered I felt confused, angry, unsettled and not at peace when I began the workshop. During the workshop I received a message to let go. At the end of the time I was peaceful, calm,, happy and refreshed.

    I felt disappointed as three friends that were supposed to attend cancelled. I felt the Divine Counsellor leading me back to the very thing that matters and that is the core of who I am. I am beginning the journey of letting go and letting God. It is beautiful and Helen is Gods gracious vessel to assist in deep healing. I love God, I love Agape I love Helen. Thank God for her!. It was excellent, five stars!

    I felt empty, sad, and numb in the beginning. So I got in touch with were I was at during the workshop. At the conclusion of our time I felt comfortable and willing to just accept that I am sad at the moment. I cant push it and its ok to acknowledge and go with what is, and not try and fix myself, but allow my Creator to fix me in His good time. (I also saw three masks that I have been hiding behind there was a difference between my inside and outside where I was happy and smiley. So I now just need to allow God into this sorrow.) I feel encouraged as I know He can and only He can heal me completely.


  • New Beginnings

    I felt good when I arrived, I felt the Holy Spirit ministered to me on an issue I had on my heart. I hope more men become aware of the value of this work.

    A lot that was discussed related to my life. I now see a brighter light and better perspective of certain situations in my life. The day was very rewarding, very educational, extremely caring and loving.

    I felt stressed when I arrived as I had been to the doctor with a sick child but still felt God wanted me here. Very enlightening, although at times I felt it hard to reflect and think, but will do more at home having bought some resources. Thank you Agape and God bless for helping me along on my journey.

    I felt like I have encountered God/the Holy Spirit. I still feel a great sadness inside but thats because I need to work with God on various things. I now know the power of encountering prayer. This has been a most freeing experience.

    I came with expectation and now feel refreshed and encouraged. This is a new beginning for me armed with tools to help me.

    I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and realize how very tired I am. A very worthwhile day. I look forward to the next one.

    I learnt more about this amazing healing ministry and am thankful I came. An inspiration!

    I saw myself as a child, huddled in a small circular room, keeping safe. An angel visited me there and with him I left the room and travelled on his back upwards into the sky, where I rested on his back. Eventually this little girl was standing in front of me as an adult. She climbed inside of me and I felt more whole and integrated. Another part of my healing journey!

    I arrived in need of inspiration and received much from my prayer partner and the whole team. I feel so uplifted now and happy. The day was outstanding. It gave me hope in my problems.

    A valuable, practical, encouraging, faith building day. I came stressed and faced the anger I had with a certain person and now feel some of the burden is gone. I will continue to work on this with the tools I have received.

    I felt glad to be here. It was wonderful.

    I arrived upset about something at home and was curious/interested about Agape Encounter. I was impressed with the teaching. I suddenly saw clearly how I have always been uncomfortable and upset whenever people are at odds with each other around me, most especially family members. I have tried so hard to be a shield and have always acted as a caretaker. I feel that I am now being freed from this heavy burden and will hand them all over to the Lord. I am very happy that I came and feel I have been given a new freedom.

    When I arrived I was run down and flat, unable to move. Now I feel I received a healing and can love life and grow more for God and others. Maybe in time I will be able to jump up and down and even touch the clouds.

    When I walked into the room I was overwhelmed at the love in the eyes of the Agape team and the big smiles on their faces. It felt so good to be there.

  • How to become free and secure in the presence of others

    I was looking forward to hearing all about this topic today. I enjoyed the group sharing and felt so touched and blessed by having the opportunity to speak with others about my experiences. I feel supported and inspired! Thank you so much.

    I came in anticipation that something good would happen to me. I have been to other workshops here and always received just what I most needed. I wasnt disappointed. I'm so grateful, thank you.

    Today I arrived stirred up about issues I thought I had already dealt with. I received what I needed from this day to continue on my spiritual journey.

    I felt excited when arrived. Fantastic experience!

    Continually upset, angry with many current events that triggered off many past hurts. Knowing God's words but not fully believing them due to circumstances. I know that God is my only answer. I know that He has a great love for me. I know that He has a plan for me and those around me and I feel much more free after today.

    I am always surprised at what God shows me. I know He will continue to heal me and today I was convicted of that.

    I arrived feeling quite strong and soon my comfortable state was being challenged. I gained fresh insights into old situations and I was helped in areas which werent even being discussed. God was working in diverse ways that only He can do. Im so glad I came.

    It was a very good healing time for me. Thank you.

    I felt burdened by fear/oppression. A release of tears. I believe the Holy Spirit ministered to me in a deep place within. A facilitator assisted me and I felt peace.

    I was unsure, tense, anxious, sick and tired! After the encounter I feel reassured, relaxed, more trusting. Go God!!! By the power of God all things are possible, if it be His will.

  • Freedom Encounters I

    At these special days of Freedom Encounters, people who come experience warmth in the sharing and caring of the group. There is much healing that happens just in the listening to one another. We realize we are all the same, in many ways. This makes us feel we are not alone in our thoughts and feelings. Through this sharing, and being willing to be open, we encounter the gentle hand of the Lord, who is present among us. These encounters give us hope as we then go forth into the world and share with others. Come along, and experience for yourself the power of these days. Check our calendar for ministry dates. Here are just a few testimonies wed like to share from our days...

    A woman arrived at one of our ministry sessions feeling very negative and tearful. When she acknowledged these feelings, and shared them with the Lord, she saw Him taking all her burden onto His shoulders and signing the cross on her forehead, and she was filled with joy!

    Another person testifies that his faith had been strengthened through simply sharing with others in the group, and this had made a deep impact, and for the first time Jesus felt real.

    One man felt great pressure and a sense of being disconnected from himself. Following the general ministry session, he felt a sense of gratitude for the work that is being done to heal those who carry so much pain. A big thank-you to all for the joy, healing and love.

    A young womans feelings were stirred up during a prayer for generational healing. She felt a sense of release even though she had no understanding of how these feelings were connected. She just knew she had been cut loose from generational ties which were keeping her in bondage, and the feeling of freedom was very real for her. Thanks be to God for healing and release.

    One woman couldn't believe the change that took place within her that afternoon. From feeling frightened and unwanted, she was taken into a peaceful, contented place in her soul. She felt loved and cozy. She went away joyful.

    Another man reports he came to an understanding of many obstacles that are part of his life. He knew that things were not as they should be, and that he had let things slide. He now felt he had a starting point from which to put things right in his life. Many problems confronted him, and he now knows how to get himself back into some order, thanks to the insights given him by the Holy Spirit.

    A certain woman arrived feeling much pain and strung out. She left with her pain settled, and feeling peaceful.
    The Holy Spirit is an ever present power for us in our lives, available and on call. Maria found this to be true, and found the afternoon most satisfactory. She found that she was not alone in relating her experiences - how others had had similar things happen to them. She feels that sharing her burdens with the Lord and calling on the Holy Spirit, she is able to come to a place of peace in the tumultuous situations that confront her.

    Many of us journey through life with huge obstacles to overcome. So it was for one such person. Alcoholism and bipolar depression was part of his life. Life can certainly dish up too much! He attended the afternoon, and discovered the ability to forgive his family; to pray for the restoration of the family relationship. Is this an easy task? No. Only when he came to encounter the truth that heals, could he go away with peace in his heart. He was able to do just that.

    Encountering the truth changes us. Physical pain can be an indication that some part of you is holding emotional pain. Jackie had knee pain, a bit like a sore tooth ever gnawing in her, making her feel despondent and tired lifeless and listless. During the ministry session Jackie felt this pain subside. She encountered the Lord who understood her and saw this little child who found it hard to forgive. A veil of love engulfed her. These old feelings of unforgiveness evaporated, and in their place a gentle peace pervaded. She felt light, healed and relieved of this burden.

    James was so excited after his ministry. He was looking forward to it so much. He knew that he alone couldn't resolve the issues that had persisted for so long, and life was becoming a drag. But now he is going to rely on God's grace and mercy, to become the 'free' person he wants to be. He found simplicity and truth.

  • Freedom Encounters II

    When I arrived I felt fearful. After encountering the truth I felt peaceful but also left with much food for thought and areas in my life to pray about. During my session I spoke about my faith and the Catholic Church and I was lead to explore that some more.

    I didnt really want to be here. I felt nervous. I recalled the first time I was betrayed. During the session I saw so much of my youth. I am very happy now, I feel very different in my heart and my soul. It was a great experience, a life-changing event.

    My life was controlled fear, loneliness, insecurity, no direction, control and I felt neglected. I now feel free from these feelings which were all associated with childhood experiences. I experienced a peace, a sense of release and well being .

    I arrived feeling like a wreck. Now I feel great, on top of the world, never felt better. I found peace with the Lord. It was beautiful, the most beautiful feeling Ive felt in my whole life, and I feel like a brand new person.

    Everything was hard. I felt like I was losing everything and had no way out. After the encountering session I felt great. I feel free to be my self and alone and I am smiling.

    A big mess of emotion; anger, despair, struggling for peace and to accept what has happened. Now I feel calm and hopeful. I was led to the truth. I felt set free and I felt hungry for the first time in a week. Incredible!

    I am now free to believe Abba, Father loves me and wants me.

    I arrived feeling very depressed. Now I am hopeful and more aware of the truth. A reminder that God loves and that nothing is impossible to Him.

    This experience has made me happy.

    A mess in mind, body, spirit. Now at peace. Memories came up and I discovered the love of my Lord Jesus.

    Many emotions; exhaustion, confusion, sadness, so many issues in so many areas. Afterwards I felt grateful for the gifts and graces I encountered during the session. I felt I had a voice. I experienced a sense of release and peace when I heard the words I am a child of God. I received a vision which I will treasure forever. Thank you team members and thank you Lord.

    Another step on my journey of healing. I Again I was touched emotionally and realized the value of my spirit, soul and body as it is.

  • How our Thoughts Create Pain or Peace

    'When I arrived I did not know what to expect and was not really interested.

    From the beginning I felt very much at peace. The day was beautiful and encouraging'.

    'Expecting to hear many positive and encouraging comments of a spiritual
    nature. My expectation was fully realized'.

    'I felt very confused as I have felt for sometime on arriving, Very much at
    peace on leaving. I felt I was called to be here today.'

    'I found the day positive and gained some sense of peace. The team was very
    motivational and I enjoyed the presentation'.

    'I felt unsure of what Agape is all about but open to learn and
    understand. I found the talks, presentations, listening to others etc very
    interesting and educational and now feel more empowered to be able to make a
    difference in my own life and hopefully to the lives of others, particularly
    my family and friends.'

    'Honoring a promise to come for a friend. Unsure whether I should be here.
    Now know why I needed to be here. At greater peace, again realizing the
    power of God's love and compassion. I feel today God provided the
    break-through I needed to continue moving forward in my life's journey.
    Best thing I have done for myself this year.'

    'I came with peace and readiness for the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Love and comfort touched, strengthened and guided me. A wonderful and blessed day for me and my sister.'

    A clearer mind. Insight into not getting bombarded by my thoughts.'

    'Arrived very tired physically, not much sleep last night. Now, refreshed and
    encouraged. God's voice is supreme and healing.

    'I felt quite angry and irritable. I had some nice revelatory moments, surrender and renouncing, but there are a few issues I still need to work on, so I may return. It was quite powerful and spiritual.' 'I arrived at lunch time, found the group very welcoming and the healing words we shared comforting. Will come again. Thank you all. Thank you Jesus for the gift of the Holy Spirit.'

    'It was very helpful and inspiring.'

    'I found the day very enlightening. Thank you.'

    'I thought there isn't anything that I would like to fix, and again I was
    surprised by another gift from the Holy Spirit.'

    'When I arrived I was feeling very tense and had a tension headache. I now feel peaceful and happy. A very fruitful day, given my ways of dealing with thoughts and feelings, to apply to daily living.'

    'A blessed experience in a welcoming and nurturing environment. Thank you
    Agape members for your generous hearts.'

    'I felt a little anxious initially, not even sure how to find the venue, not
    knowing any people. As the day progressed I felt more comfortable and gained
    new insights. It was very good.'

    'I felt a bit down and a little anxious when I arrived. By listening and
    sharing I felt as if a weight had lifted somewhat. I found it an
    informative and helpful day.'

    'I had a headache and felt quite emotional. The pain has lessened and I
    feel calmer. It brought me more peace and took some weight off my

    'Very helpful and challenging. Awareness of the Holy Spirit and the evil
    one. Jesus is victor. A measure of healing during the time. Found the day
    to very good, excellent.'

    'Absolutely fantastic and I will recommend to many.'

  • How to Find your Destiny

    The content was interesting and excellent. Warm on the whole.

    I arrived feeling unsure, but gained some direction and a specific desire.

    I feel happy, exhilarated and believe that nothing can now hold me back. It was a great experience.

    Five days after the workshop, doors have opened where I can use my gift in singing and to begin a training course for children. I feel elated!

    I am convinced now after this workshop that I am on the right path.

    I feel a new direction has been given to me.

    Helped me realize a certain quality I valued which I saw in someone else which powerfully impacted me.

    I can now see something from another perspective, and the workshop was really interesting.

    I left feeling more hopeful that I can attain my hearts desire and live my life to the full in the way Jesus wants me too. Once again another beautifully led workshop. Thank you team.

    Made me more aware of the qualities I had and how there is so much more room for growth.

  • Discovering Peace – despite circumstances

    I arrive with feelings of nausea and anxiousness. Now these feelings have passed and peace is with me. Thanks be to God. The workshop was powerful

    I arrived feeling happy and cheerful and had a good time. Now feeling refreshed. It was interesting and very informative and relaxing.

    I felt ok when I arrived. Not sure what to expect, but felt welcomed. Found Helen to be genuine and the workshop reinforced things I had already come across. Now encouraged to allow God to work in my life more. Pleased I came.

    I was very tired on arrival with my mind racing. I guess I even had assumptions about Agape! I definitely felt welcome when I arrived and felt safe and secure during the session, experiencing love from other people around. I had an insight into what and who I am. Thank you. It was very worthwhile. Ill let others know about this.

    I arrived feeling tense and rushed. Now feel relaxed and able to look inside myself and challenged to address issues and beliefs I know are blockages to complete surrender to God. The workshop was absolutely fabulous.

    I arrived feeling expectant to learn something and also to share with others. The Lord make me aware of a need I had of recognition which can cause pride. I realized I need to turn to Jesus for His recognition for Him to meet that need and not to seek worldly recognitions because that causes me to strive and lose peace by not surrendering to Jesus. A good morning of revelation and learning.

    I arrived feeling tired and tense. Now feel an easing of tension and feel I have some tools to use from this day forth. It was beneficial.

    I was stressed when I arrived. Now at peace and have a clarity of mind. Thank youGod was enlightening.

    I accompanied two friends and didnt know what to fully expect. It was ok.

    I felt tired on arrival after a big night now feel more awareness on how to bring peace into my life. I actually feel more peaceful. The workshop was great as usual.

    I arrived feeling frustrated with my family, feeling alone, not acknowledged. Asked the Lord into the situation. He acknowledges me. These days are always wonderful and inspiring.

    Carry on! Youre really doing Gods work! Yes, bring in the natural tears and laughter of humanity and boldly turn us to the reality, joy, peace and love of God and Jesus Christ.

    This workshop saved my soul. Thanks Lord, thanks Helen.

  • Do you feel Respected?

    I arrived feeling open minded to learning new things and ideas. I finished the day feeling empowered!

    I was in a space of hardness and frustration about the way I treated my body. I felt very sad and raw about my body image and the disrespect I had shown it through my thoughts and actions. But as I came to hug that part of me during the workshop, I melted and felt the truth permeate to my core. I realized how much I had been saying no to life. I broke through some barriers of distrust as I allowed Geraldine to care for me and witness my vulnerability. I have never experienced anything like this. I now feel gentle, open, and soft. I have a lot of gratitude right now for my life and this process.

    I arrived hoping to get help to highlight areas I felt in my heart that needed adjusting.

    As the workshop progressed, areas of my life were brought to me for change so I can continue to go on being radiant. I will now continue to remain on the straight and narrow path having got great guidelines to live by.

    I was fairly despondent to begin with. I saw a recurring dream that reminds me of a bleak future and was able to talk about it and associated emotions during the workshop. I felt relieved afterwards and left feeling uplifted and regenerated.

    I was OK to start, but realized during the workshop that self respect and self love is not selfishness and that it is necessary to love ones self in order to love others. Now feel better.

    During the workshop I experienced a release from the anxiety and decision I made when my dad was ill and passed away. I had decided I dont want to ever hurt another as I did my dad. Consequently those close to me, i.e. my mum suffered as a result of me occasionally trying to control her lifes circumstances.

    I came in feeling bad about myself with anger inside, but finished the workshop feeling inner peace, knowing the truth about myself.

    Although I felt lost, unfocused and down on myself to start with, I finished up feeling more focused, and gathered some ideas to assist me in my process of self growth and self nurturing.

    I felt I learned some tools to apply each day to my situation.

    I arrived feeling weighed down and heavy. I was reminded so positively about grace. It was so good to address the difficulties when we do not feel respected by others, despite our efforts. Now feel lighter and more at peace in self and in considering my work. Renewed compassion and sense of journey for self, family and work.

    I was starting to experience peace even though memories of past negative experienced appeared. But it was revealed that the name of God, Jesus is enough for me. I now feel more firmed, for as soon as I sensed Jesus I was able to ask myself have I been respectful to the person who hurt me? That melted me and I regained peace again.

    How do you feel as a result of reading what people have written? It always uplifts and encourages me and I hope the same occurs to you! I encourage you to keep journeying to truth and wholeness. Helen Alcock

  • Journey to Freedom Course

    An inspiring, passionate experience in which I got present to my souls passion for truth and helping others.

    Keep continuing and reinforcing the principles of the ministry. The course was enlightening and has integrity to make a difference to open up our hearts and live in truth.

    I experienced the grace of God and how God can get through a situation when in my mind I cant see closure. It left me with a strong sense and confirmation that it is ok with how it closes and its a journey. The workshop was great! Resourceful, concise, scary but felt greatly supported.

    The workshop brings together abstract concepts in a very practical, personal way.

    Im learning a lot about listening from every aspect! Very informative.

    I realized people feel better airing life difficulties and enjoy helping others.
    We very often experience the same problems, and once revealed healing can be found. It was interesting, simple and satisfying.

    I gained clarity about facilitating and a clear understanding about barriers and how to move through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I also learnt how to become present and observe and allow the truth to happen.

    It was wonderful. I experienced peace, love, wisdom, caring and a hope to heal.

    The workshop was great. I did not think it could be possible to achieve as much as we did in such a short time.

    Yes it was short but full of good content.

    I was amazed.

  • A movie triggered a painful memory…but release came from the Meditation CD

    Another self-ministry a lady had with the help of the inner freedom CD is one, which was profound for her. She shared her experience as follows:

    I went to see a movie, which triggered off some intense emotions. What was I to do? I decided and made a choice to sit and deal with them. I got in touch with where my mind, heart, body and spirit were at. I got a memory of my first wedding day, which for the past 17 years has always felt like a death trap for me when I think of that day. My anger was actually a rage; there was resentment, regret and sadness. I felt powerless, trapped and confused. I believed that it was my fault that I made a mistake. I believed I was stupid and that I was wrong and it wasnt fair. When I told Jesus its not fair and I held the words to him, the memory immediately changed. Jesus was driving the wedding car!

    I also felt I hated my father for not protecting me, that he didnt do anything to stop me getting married. I was actually enraged with him and in the presence of the HS I completely emptied myself of all the pent up emotions I had towards my father, which I have never expressed. This was so liberating. Then in the presence of the Holy Spirit I asked Jesus to show me what Dad would say to me. This was awesome. I saw Dad lost, scared and hiding. He said how sorry he was to see me go through what I went through, that his heart was breaking for me but that he felt powerless and could do nothing. I heard Dads words so clearly in my mind I love you so much and I knew I had to let you go. It was so hard for me to let you go knowing you had to discover for yourself you were making a mistake, I could not say anything because you would not listen. By this stage I was sobbing uncontrollably and my heart had completely melted towards Dad. The story of the prodigal son came to mind and how the father loved his son so much he had to let him go. I could see so clearly that my father had done the same. I just wanted to hug my father and now I understand the truth.

    This is truly miraculous. Only the power of God can do this. I then felt such joy and felt happy to be in my wedding gown with Dad in the back and Jesus driving. I felt safe, secure, protected, loved. As I saw this car driving to the church, it just kept on driving right past and did not stop there. Its like Jesus had in an instant erased all the hurt associated with that memory. Its like it never happened, that my first marriage never happened. Awesome! I feel so alive in the memory now; Im clapping my hands and rejoicing. The three of us are all so happy. I felt a real release of being trapped in a death trap in the memory, which I have been carrying for 17 years. Jesus has freed me!

    The other thing the Lord showed me was the annulment I received of that marriage actually means that the marriage was not a true marriage and its considered like it never actually happened, null and void. And this is what has now happened in my soul and spirit. God has brought complete restoration in this area. I am so happy, laughing, beautifully dressed when I think of that memory now and all the feelings I had associated with it have completely gone and all I have is the memory. I am like a bride adorned with the finest jewels. The entrance antiphon today when I went to mass was I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, like a bride adorned in readiness for her husband (Rev. 21)

    In my spirit I felt like Im the bride and Jesus is my bridegroom and it feels so wonderful because I saw the truth and it has set me free.

    I also got words from scripture as I finished my session Deliverers will ascend Mount Zion to rule over the mountains of Esau then Yahweh will reign (Obadiah 21). This spoke to me of the mighty power of God to deliver us from lies we believe and that when he speaks his word in our hearts it is absolute truth and He will always reign.

    I encourage you to use the inner freedom cd as it will help you get in touch with yourself and help you get unstuck and there is sure to be something that will touch you along the way if you are open and allow the time to process what you need to.

  • Being Responsible Empowers You Workshop

    During this workshop many received clarity about the true meaning of being responsible and how this was freeing and empowering. Some were visibly moved as they experienced a transformation within themselves and shared this with the group.

    A few written comments received at the conclusion of the workshop:

    I became aware of others and their path and that so many experience the same. It was enlightening and allowed time for increasing awareness.

    I was expectant when I arrived . As a result of the workshop I now feel fulfilled, joyful and peaceful. It was very insightful.

    Although I arrived nervous with butterflies in my stomach, feeling frightened, I now feel more at ease. I now intend to follow the mind, heart, body and spirit exercise to keep more in touch with myself and my feelings within so I can be more at peace and live in the now. The workshop was informative, enlightening and liberating.

    I became aware that Im not aware!

    The workshop was uplifting and insightful.

    Although I felt anxious when I arrived, during the course of the workshop I heard the Spirits voice and some vivid pictures. I now feel more aware and encouraged that Im not in this alone! It was a revealing workshop.

  • Connection between body and soul

    Connection between body and soul

    For a long time, I have been in dialogue with a loved one regarding a sensitive issue. I have not had success in finding a meeting point between us until recently when I approached the matter again with high expectations and a surety that what I deeply desired would happen. The result of that encounter was most disappointing for me as I felt my heart sink into sadness and anger. I felt crippled inside and powerless and helpless to do anything about it. I knew I had to distance myself from this person and deal with my feelings. In my mind�s eye, I imagined what I would like to do and say to this person and it was not pleasant at all. I could have murdered the person I was so enraged. I felt better for expressing my feelings because I was being true to myself and God knows how I�m feeling anyway. That same day, I injured my knee and ended up with crutches and excruciating pain.

    Two weeks later, I engaged the same topic with this person again with the same enthusiasm and fervor I had the first time and with great expectations of success in getting what I deeply desired. Again to no avail. My hopes and dreams were shattered and I felt crippled inside. Again I dealt with my feelings. This same day, as I went about my routine business, I re-injured the same knee resulting in tremendous pain worse than the initial injury. As I recuperated laid up in bed, I pondered the sequence of events and asked the Lord to show me what�s going on. I had a strong sense that the crippling injury in my body was directly connected to the crippling feelings of my soul. An external manifestation if you like, of what�s going on in my mind, my emotions, my will and my spirit.

    I asked the Lord to show me how He would have me see this person whom at this point I hated and despised, and I was clearly shown that this person is also crippled in soul.

    Immediately, all hatred for this person melted away together with my feelings of anger and sadness. I felt enormous compassion and wanted to put my arms around this person and pray to God to heal us both as I realized we are both crippled inside. I then asked the Lord to show me how He would have me see the situation. I opened the Bible to Psalm 131 which is a simple and humble prayer of child-like trust. This affirmed for me that God is like a mother who nurses her child and gives it everything it needs. My focus changed completely from my problem to the solution and all heaviness was gone and peace restored. Amazingly, the person was changed also, and became loving, caring, gentle and attentive. I hadn�t said a word. My only communication had been in communion with God and He brought about the change. In my strength, I had only become exhausted and frustrated.

    This incident has been a gift for me because I have learned the connection of body and soul in a way I had not understood before. I encountered the mercy and grace of Christ who changed my heart when I acknowledged my weakness, asked for forgiveness and asked Him to show me what I needed to see. After all, a seemingly complicated situation which could have resulted in disaster, has been one that is bearing much fruit as I humbled myself like a child before God.

  • Happiness Workshop

    During the workshop we discovered and experienced:

    How we can access real happiness now
    What blocks happiness
    How to maintain happiness

    Kate said At first I felt confused, overwhelmed, bogged down by my life situation. But then during the workshop I felt, so strongly, the presence of truth that I had been searching for, for so long. At the conclusion of our time I felt transformed, open, loving and grateful. This workshop was powerful and transformational work.

    Some other written comments were:

    An enlightening challenge.

    I moved from feeling worried and stressed when I first arrived, realizing during the workshop the importance of knowing Gods presence in the centre of my being that his Spirit is in me! I realized that I need to practice being aware of his Presence. It was a good workshop.


    The atmosphere at the workshop was lovely, warming and kind.
    I was originally confused and felt disconnected but during the workshop I got to the Source in the stillness and felt forgiveness. I was happy to be a part of the workshop.

    Lucy wrote Initially I became aware that I was blocked and unhappy. I discovered a rock inside my heart during the process. However as a result of what happened at the workshop I left feeling lighter and happier. The time was very satisfying and helpful.

    Carole said I arrived feeling tired, sore, rushed with too many thoughts. As the workshop proceeded, I had to hold down my tears and I felt like my heart would burst. However at the conclusion of the workshop I felt more relaxed and open. I felt too shy to share with the larger group but wanted to. Felt though if I started to cry I wouldnt stop.

  • How to Develop a Healthy Self Esteem

    Great advice for everyday life/survival. Makes perfect sense! The day was great.

    I arrived sad, confused and angry with myself. During the workshop I saw the light and now feel fantastic. The workshop was uplifting, giving, accepting and understanding. Paula

    I arrived fairly neutral but expectant. I learnt something very important from a sharing partner. I finished the time feeling encouraged and inspired and further enlightened. It was useful and productive. John

    The workshop gave me tools to use in my job, that I can pass on to others and for myself. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and was left at peace and confidence within myself. The day was a peaceful time and gave me a renewed sense of self. Teresa

    The workshop was beautiful. To hear all these things that can help you and help others as well. To experience Gods love even more, and also make me understand more about the problems I have in my family and now how to deal with them.

    I came in feeling rushed and tired. The session helped me to connect with what was going on inside me. I had been so busy running around. The Spirit guided me to embrace and acknowledge my feelings of anger, and disappointment with others and myself. Now I feel fine. The Lord came and kissed me on my forehead and said to me I am a delight to him and that he is not disappointed with me. The day was fantastic! Julie

    I came with someone else for company. I wasnt aware of the issues. These issues were shown to me first the way I felt and then the Divine Gods perspective and it brought me peace. Thank you. I am so grateful that I came. Zosia

    When I arrived I felt a lot of fear and anxiety, and the physical manifestations of butterflies. I also realized later on in the workshop how much anger I am carrying, especially towards myself. I felt like I was in that place of a void. During the workshop, I felt very grateful for my sharing partner, who was so loving. I was also reminded that I need to and now want to connect with my Divine Counsellor a lot more, to replace fear with love. I feel ready to take the next step and more equipped now to begin to reconnect with myself and others. And a little more peace pervades my spirit now. I now have a greater sense of hope and direction.

    When I arrived I felt welcomed. I was left feeling at ease and am glad I came. I enjoyed the workshop thoroughly.

    I was apprehensive when I first arrived and a little stressed as we were late and in a whirlwind. I have always been reluctant to open up but the personal exercises we did allowed me to really open up and take a deeper look at my thoughts. Also, being able to share this experience with just one other person really allowed me to express myself without being scared. I now feel ready to embark on a new adventure and feel prepared to do this with the correct tools this time. It was a fantastic workshop, deep but just what I needed. Clair

    The time had an impact on me with a lot of information.

    I felt welcomed, hopeful, excited, joyful and thankful on arrival. I listen during the workshops and now feel cautious re having to go aback to the world. I would like quiet time to be still with the Lord right now. Thank you so much Helen and team. God bless you abundantly. The day was a blessed way to open up to God in others who are in love with him, and with beloved Jesus in my heart. Giving him time please to love Abba via the Holy Spirit in me too.

    The Holy Spirit revealed I had a fear of failure relating back to an incident when I was at school aged about 6. This caused me to believe I was a failure. But the Holy Spirit revealed the truth that this is not true. I may fail in some of the things I do but there is much grace with God. I have to humble enough to accept that I will fail. Nobody is a failure in Gods eyes. Love never fails. I am still learning much about God and his loving ways.

  • Feedback from the …What if…? workshop

    I felt good when I arrived as I have been to these events before. I felt that what I feared isnt a reality. It cant hurt me if I believe in myself. Often the negative thoughts stem from lack of confidence in oneself when attempting something new. It was enlightening and created the belief that you can do anything. Catherine

    On arrival I felt very sad and heavy. During the workshop went deeper into this place, just to be in it and what I was holding. At the conclusion of the workshop I felt affirmation of this pain and of being in this place of truth but always with the Presence of compassion. It was very real.

    I had no idea what was going to happen when I arrived and what I was invited for, though when the speaker started I understood! What if? could lead to great opportunities and adventures. I learnt never to use what if? in a negative way but a positive one as my Creator has shown me. Also asking ourselves and the Spirit within us to help us when we find ourselves in that timid space and hesitation and then there will not be a hesitation anymore. A great day of reflection. Eloi

    I felt excited, unsure and nervous when I arrived. I found a wonderful experience and help. I now feel ready to heal myself more and equipped.

    I felt sad and blocked on arrival but at the conclusion of the workshop and experience I feel confident, light and free. It was life giving and purposeful.

    Great stuff.

  • How being right can be radically wrong

    I was pleased to be at the workshop and was aware I carried anger, pain, and frustration in my life. During the day I experienced a change in my spirit. It felt like bits of me kept falling off like a broken doll. I must come to every workshop.

    When I arrived I was aware of needing prayer. I was there for the afternoon and in a short time, the Lord worked so powerfully within me. I believe I received healing in a particular area of my life. Also the Lord taught me something about validating others in their pain. I now feel more peaceful. These workshops are like a spiritual massage that heals and soothes. The day was fantastic.

    I arrived ready to be inspired and open to Gods grace. As the day progressed, I was able to forgive one person in particular more than I ever have. Warm thoughts and love went out to him as a result. It was a great day and I now feel even more loved and blessed.

    I was still trying very hard to be a control freak, and not let go even though I felt like I was being stirred up when the question was asked, have you ever said that you will not allow yourself to be loved? Because I have not let go, I still feel tense and tied up, even though I have let go a number of times before.

    I felt anxious and a little heavy when I arrived, but at the conclusion of the workshop, I felt light and reassured that the Lord is with me. The work I have allowed to be done on myself is now finally paying off. It has been a long and sometimes hard journey.

  • Why we Keep Doing What we Do!

    When I arrived I felt happy but unsure. I didnt know about anything that was going to happen. I was bought by a friend. I was open but closed at the same time!!! During the encounter I worked with a fear I have had all of my life till now, that I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR OTHER PEOPLES PAIN. This had lead me to feel worthless and a deep overwhelming fear that I was NOTHING. I followed the encounter, holding the belief to the light and although I could see that the belief wasnt true (from one part of me) I couldnt release the feeling of frozenness and the belief I was nothing.

    My friend, an Agape Encounter facilitator/helper called over the course leader (thank you so much, the course was beautiful) and she sat with me and asked me if I could release responsibility, but I felt too overwhelmed. So she asked the Holy Spirit if HE could take responsibility and if it was too overwhelming for him. It wasnt. So together I let the Holy Spirit take responsibility and stand between me and the pain of other people. And I felt myself heal. I started to move inside, to jump and sing and dance. I was no longer frozen or scared, or traumatized. I felt happy, overawed with joy and free for the first time in my life. Now I feel happy, at peace. I feel much stronger as though I walk away from here with a whole army of bright around me, helping me , protecting me, loving me. I didnt understand my relationship with God before now, because I wasnt letting myself have one!!! But now I do. I feel it. I feel free, whole, like my life is going to change and I will now be a channel for Gods love in the world without even trying to be, because I let it be. Thank you. It was beautiful, inspiring, wonderful to see so much healing and empowerment being shared with everyone. Emma

    I was unsure at first but during the workshop I became aware of some things. I now feel lighter and happier at the conclusion of the workshop. I am so glad I came. Nella

    The workshops was great energy, excellent presentation, life-giving and peaceful. When I arrived I felt hopeful that an issue and a belief Ive had with mum would be resolved. During the experience session, I had an image of mum and I attached like Siamese twins and Jesus coming between us and separating us. I went from feeling bad and guilty believing Im responsible for mums happiness and Its my fault to feeling more free. Trish

    I was miserable when I arrived. I now feel relieved that such help is available. Thank you Holy Spirit. It was enlightening. I want more!

    I felt the day was rich and healing. I feel blessed and a sense of being solid and grounded at the conclusion of the workshop. When I arrived I felt very much that I was stepping into the unknown but with a willingness to surrender the outcome. I found the workshop was like being in a deep pool of trust and healing. A sense of being exactly where the Holy Spirit wanted me to betrust. Thank you so much. Anne

    The day was rewarding. When I arrived I felt worn out, used, confused, needing help. I rested in the Spirit, given direction not to take everything on myself, but allow the Lord to be with me and have the courage to listen to His direction always.

    I was suffering from anger and frustration, but was learning how to deal with these feelings at the source, with the help of the Divine Counsellor. Need to put into practise what I have learnt. Fear not.

    I felt like I was guided here, that I arrived at the opportune moment; that I was lifted; affirmed; loved; made whole; in union; held in the hands, arms, words, light of my one true teacher, master Lord and that here I may remain for all time. My soul will no longer walk in aimless circles.

    I was nervous. Then I cried and I was left feeling confused. The day was beautiful Peter

    I expected healing and encouragement in an atmosphere totally relaxed compared with how I have been living recently. Have begun transformation outside of Agape and badly needed extra resources. I appreciated the peaceful atmosphere, sharing partner who had great similarities in some like experiences. No radical transformation. I was left where I expected. I received encouragement as a step in transforming my mindset. It was helpful, supportive and encouraging.

    The short time that I was here was knowledgeable.

    It was very positive and healing. I was disappointed I was late. I felt eager, welcome, also eager to not judge others or myself any longer. Experienced a breakthrough of the things that kept me from being the real me. Now feel more relaxed; touched by others; stronger; more knowledgeable about the conditioned false beliefs influencing my feelings.

    The session takes one to such depth. It was good, but it could have been better if I had been more prepared. It is off putting to allow latecomers to participate. My judgment! It belittles what you are doing; the process you are building.

  • Journey to Freedom Course

    An inspiring, passionate experience in which I got present to my souls passion for truth and helping others.

    Keep continuing and reinforcing the principles of the ministry. The course was enlightening and has integrity to make a difference to open up our hearts and live in truth.

    I experienced the grace of God and how God can get through a situation when in my mind I cant see closure. It left me with a strong sense and confirmation that it is ok with how it closes and its a journey. The workshop was great! Resourceful, concise, scary but felt greatly supported.

    The workshop brings together abstract concepts in a very practical, personal way.

    Im learning a lot about listening from every aspect! Very informative.

    I realized people feel better airing life difficulties and enjoy helping others.
    We very often experience the same problems, and once revealed healing can be found. It was interesting, simple and satisfying.

    I gained clarity about facilitating and a clear understanding about barriers and how to move through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I also learnt how to become present and observe and allow the truth to happen.

    It was wonderful. I experienced peace, love, wisdom, caring and a hope to heal.

    The workshop was great. I did not think it could be possible to achieve as much as we did in such a short time.

    Yes it was short but full of good content.

    I was amazed.


    I saw for the first time the root cause of a difficulty which grew and grew with many expressions of isolation, not belonging to the human race and deeply negative expressions over a long lifetime. That opened me to see how very much God has blessed and gifted me. Now I feel a lightness of being and will let my Heavenly Father complete His work to the end. I am 84 years old. The workshop opened the un-openable door and thank you for the excellent facilitators.

    I discovered that you should always listen to people anyway even if it is interesting or not; to take care and to help. Also that the workshop was a place to meet people. The workshop was bloody great!

    Wow a big shift, big connection to childhood memory. Beginning to acknowledge darkness and death wishes and invisible roles. Asking God to bring angels and light into the darkness. Asking the Presence in and not expecting the answersnot struggling. The workshop was fantastic. Suggest more time to debrief after session. More support sessions for people who need extra work. ( Inner Freedom Sessions are offered)

    I discovered I am not the one to blame from misunderstandings of myself. The workshop was an opportunity for opening of the heart. Suggest a short break could be helpful. (Agape Encounter has found taking short breaks to be disruptive in the past)

    I experienced a release from some blockages that had roots deep in my childhood. I have experienced more freedom.

    I experienced peace and discovered how easy it can be to find peace, joy and freedom by asking the Holy Spirit for the answer and keeping our minds out of the way. It was truly inspiration and game me great hope of finding peace, joy and freedom. No suggestions for improvement. I felt it was terrific.

    I experienced peace and connected with the Father and Holy Spirit. The Father always meets me when I step out in faith in Him. It was great.

    I discovered the fruit of allowing God to facilitate as I voiced queries, ultimately handing the reigns to God. The workshop was so good. Suggest giving trainees a few key lines and invite them to write them down. (Agape Encounter has a booklet with the step by step process but take note of this comment in the presentation).

    I experienced a gentle peace through the sessions. The workshop was gentle. It could be improved by being more direct and the process clearly described.

  • Overcoming anything is possible!

    An Agape Healing Workshop has worked wonders for a Mary who had nearly given up her will to live.

    For over 15 years Mary had been seeing psychologists, she suffered from depression, but nothing seemed to work. The more she tried at her studies of nursing and welfare the more down she became. People told her that she was intelligent and attractive. She believed otherwise - she had a very low self image. So to combat this she turned herself into a workaholic. She then was prescribed anti-depressants. These only took the tip off her low state. If only she could end this pain that presented within her.

    She reasoned that to end her life would cause great angst with her family and friends and support group who loved her. She heard about Agape workshop. She had attended so many healing workshops, would this be any different? She listened, she heard a different sound. People there actually understood where she was coming from. That little 'inner person' was revealed. Her anger emerged and was dealt with! Those years of pain burst forth, to be acknowledged, forgiven and then they dissipated. A new beginning was now possible.

    What a wonderful sensation!! A new person emerged, living with hope and loving life. She used to think that life sucks but now she feels that truth in the presence of love can overcome anything.

    The persons name has been changed in this instance.

  • Enabling and empowering workshop

    An inspiring, passionate experience in which I got present to my souls passion for truth and helping others

    Keep continuing and reinforcing the principles of the work. The course was enlightening and has integrity to make a difference to open up our hearts and live in truth.

    The workshop was great. I did not think it could be possible to achieve as much as we did in such a short time

    Yes it was short but full of good content.

    The workshop was great, resourceful, concise, scary but I felt greatly supported

    I was amazed.

    The workshop brings together abstract concepts in a very practical, personal way.

    Im learning a lot about listening from every aspect! Very informative

    I was able to take the tools I learnt today and felt equipped to process what I needed to resolve. I am confident that I will be empowered to move on to a brighter future. I feel I have spent a worthwhile time.

    It is the best thing I have ever been to. I was so anxious coming here.

    My elation that something could be done for me was wonderful. My attitude changed for the better and I felt empowered to move on. I was touched that the time spent at the workshop has been such a freeing experience for me.

    It was interesting, simple and satisfying.

    I gained clarity about facilitating and a clear understanding about barriers and how to move through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I also learnt how to become present and observe and allow the truth to happen

    It was wonderful. I experienced peace, love, wisdom, caring and a hope to heal.

  • How to Attract Good things into your Life

    Attracting the Right Partner and Friends and How to Remove Blockages!

    I felt comfortable in the group. The exercises were non-invasive and relaxing. I had a few insights into who I am and what I like in others. I also got revelation of some negative things Id like to change. Overall a very positive experience. Keep up the good work! It was very rewarding.

    When I arrived I felt normal distracted by all the activity in life and face I wear to work and show to the world. I realize as I got in touch with myself under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, how sad and squashed, weary and discouraged I really am. Felt a process happened of being guided through where it came from and how God sees me and knows me. At the conclusion of the workshop I felt balanced settled, at peace knowing there is a journey to face and what I need God to do in my life. So gratefulit was amazing and liberating to work through stuff in a positive way in a safe and nurturing environment.

    I was skeptical at first but during the night I learned and accepted a lot about myself, no matter how negative. It opened my eyes to the truth, to make my life better. I feel the truth has been revealed and I need to walk my journey with these tools Ive learnt. It has been a step in my new journey the right journey. Roxanne

    I was a bit tired when I arrived but found some peace in the truths. Feeling quite good now. It was good to see people opening up to you Helen and that you offer people hope of a better life.

    It was a good experience. It broke me out of self-condemnation about my past and it opened a new way to livea new and perfect life. I acquired this blessing from these experiences I had tonight. I am glad that I could make it.

    I was sad, lonely, tired, and fearful at first. God showed me how I am a precious pearl and not to let pigs trample on me. I have always attracted abusive, critical, rejecting people. I discovered thats because I treat myself this way! I will now love myself. It was awesome.

    The second part really affected me. I was getting a few ah ah! thoughts by the end of the night as to what I needed to do and where to start the process. Mike

    I felt a little bit confused and apprehensive but wanted to and was open to receiving the cleansing Spirit of Love. I was certainly light in the Spirit and calmer and more peaceful about my life at the end of the session. Thank you!. It was loving, enlightening, uplifting and life-giving.

    I was curious and open to discovery at first. An interesting process of finding out more about myself what gets in the way of relationships and friendships. Also being honest about what I need to address to make a change. Its worth experiencing for something to take away.

    I was excited at first. Nothing major happenedbut feel like a wonderful change and new direction in my journey. I feel happy and would love to come again! Thank you. It was comforting. Ivey

    I was anxious at first without knowing what to expect from the workshop. But now I am refreshed and self believing. It was great refreshing spiritual. Gehan

    I realized I was tense and brittle when I arrived. Then there was a change through the workshop. I now feel relaxed and want to sit with my thoughts and explore. It was fruitfull.

    The Holy Spirit of Love will reveal to you Helen you have given us the best advice there is in all circumstances and needs.

    It was awesome and blessed! It was excellent. Another wrote It was good.

    When I arrived I was feeling a bit judgemental. During the time I connected to a part of me I hadnt visited for a long time. I now feel peaceful and more connected with everyone and everything around me. Thank you.

    In one sentence I would say I was informed, empowered and renewed.

    I was nervous and not sure what to expect at first. During the workshop I started to relax and feel the power and love inside me. I saw the colours of love and happiness. I now feel light and free. Comfortable with who I am and what I want to be. This experience is healing and life changing.

    When I arrived I felt conned in being here. I thought this was an Amway meeting or something else. What happened: at one stage we were lead to close our eyes and let the Holy Spirit speak to us about the qualities we have within all of us, but which we are good at denying. He (the Holy Spirit) talked to me about how adventurous and lucky I am I have never thought of myself as lucky! Helen talked about saying to the Holy Spirit, thank you for making me gentle (when she needed this quality). What I immediately heard was thank you for making me abundant and gentle because its inside. It was amazing. Allan

    Tonight has created a safe environment to open up and trust. I asked God for the gift of charisma. I feel a space has been created in me to trust others.

    I felt an anticipation of learning about relating and relationships. The word I received was availability Thank you for a beautiful evening. It was great and very welcoming and safe.

  • How to Find the Real You

    I came to the workshop to accompany my son and had no expectation or did not perceive me having any issues. The session opened up certain truths about myself and I allowed me to acknowledge them. I now feel freer!! It was an excellent workshop.

    I felt really positive about the session before I arrived. I discovered several truths and confirmations through the session. I will go home with continued peace and joy. This workshop was relevant to what has been happening in life right now spot on!!

    At the conclusion of the day I felt inner peace, relaxed, very certain of myself and joyful.

    I have been shown one of the false truths which was governing my life. It was sooo... liberating. Thank you so much. A day of healing and freedom.

    I arrived stressed and worried with feelings of a recent offence. I discovered that I believed I was not good enough and weak. God revealed that I was his daughter and I had a sense of him stroking my face. The offensive comments from yesterday now dont matter anymore! Having others to listen speeds up the process.

    I now feel more relaxed, having had time to dive a little deeper and see what can be found. Time with myselfnice. It was encouraging, uplifting and positive.

    There were some issues I needed to deal with on my arrival, yet not really I but the Divine Counsellor. Acknowledge the feelings of frustration and anger during the workshop and realized I was trying to deal with them by myself. It came out of a belief that I am not good enough. When I asked the Spirit for the truth, the reply came you will never be good enough which (in the workshop) is a freeing experience, since I dont have to be good enough, just let go and let God.

    Initially I felt a bit panicked by my thoughts, but I gave these to my Divine Counsellor and this obviously helped me process them. I felt I was in the presence of Love and sensed God would provide me with wisdom to speak the truth in love.

    I heard the words anointing, love, power, not mine but His.

    I realized I felt scared at first but not sure why. Realized I was really tired but able to gently rest in that. I also realize there is resistance with accepting vulnerability in unknown circumstances. I have recognized this over the past few weeks, but generally see this pattern upon second reflection. My mind fell asleep, dreamt and drifted away. I almost felt like I was protecting myself from realizing a memory. So Im unsure what the memory is at present.

    I felt open when I began the workshop to what was going on. As I listened to what was said I gained a small understanding. Felt I needed a break, hard for me to understand my emotions, but accepted what was said. I am willing to try this information out and may attend another session.

    I was nervous on arrival but then given a hug. At the conclusion of the workshop I feel reflective, peaceful and holding some insights and also accepting the dark blank spaces. I now realize a healthy self love and need to practise coming to my centre from the core truth , asking for the Spirit to blow his breeze and bring clarity, taking over with love.

  • A Life Changing Perspective

    When I arrived I felt average. During the workshop I was released from many years of pain and unsettling through the many years of untruth. It was healing. Silvana

    1. I have been in and out of regular depressions for years, on medications, etc. I have improved over the years little by little with steps forward and steps backward, but never truly healed from the regular bouts of the black dog of depression.

    2. Today, I have been given a technique/method to change my unconscious/subconscious perspectives in situations with family members. I feel that a light has been turned on and realized I didnt really know or have the insight before re problem of family members and me solving their problems.

    3. I believe I will be now healed of depression. The workshop was life changing for the better and release from pain. Neil

    When I arrived I was interested to see what the session would be like. I learned about perspective which I never really thought that much about. I feel I understand the three different perspectives. mine, other peoples, the All Knowing Ones.

    I was tired when I arrived. During the workshop I went to areas that were hidden. I now feel more energy renewed. I have received an awakening in self.

    I arrived not knowing what to expect. During the workshop I learned something about perspective. I now have gained some knowledge on acceptance and Agape Encounter. It was enlightening.

  • Empowering Questions and Answers

    I felt foggy in the head when I arrived. The sharing amongst the group and with partners and people up the front sharing has been powerful and healing. It was so effortless. It makes me realize others are like me so I dont feel alone. It was very powerful to learn about the importance of asking questions. The day was a gift!

    One sentence is not enough to describe the day but maybe a word empowered. I felt unsure when I arrived. What was I about to discover? I discovered a room full of others most like myself with fears and doubts. I also found our spirits were lifted by the encounter with the leader, assistants and other members. I found my spirit was reconnected to the truth of me. I am me, and I am okay I also discovered the truth that He is within me and in my self belief not that of others. I own what I feel.

    I felt tired, heavy, and disconnected when I arrived. During the workshop I shared with the right partner. I now feel much lighter and encouraged. I was restored by old information presented in a refreshing way. The day was enlightening and refreshing for me.

    I felt welcomed when I arrived. It was a friendly group of people. I was inspired by asking questions and would give empowering answers. I forgave those who provoked me in their questioning. In one word the day for me was blessed.

    The day was wonderful for me. It certainly touched me deeply. I was excited to be here. During the time, I felt I had a healing of a childhood hurt. Through greater understanding of my own encounter and through what I have heard today, I now feel more empowered to deal with daily challenges. Today has been very empowering

    The day for me was insightful because I was able to reconnect with myself. I felt comfortable when I arrived. The workshop was spot on, giving awareness. I finished the day feeling a bit of relief, freer and lighter.

    I arrived feeling expectant and sure enough it was! I nearly tripped over a beautiful lady who was later to share with me. She left early leaving me without a partner, but sure enough another beautiful lady came into my life and we shared. Later in the day two more ladies shared profound experiences that both had during their meditation experience guided by the Holy Spirit working Helen and the group. I was very humbled and touched by each of their testimonies. Praise and thank you my Creator for the gift of a humbling, inspiring and learning experience to witness the power of the Spirit of Truth working within and through us all and also to share the day with you present in all these beautiful people.

    I felt comfortable when I arrived. I found there was a freedom in allowing the Spirit to move. I finished the workshop more aware of the power of questions in love. The day was personally engaging and spiritually engaging.

    Although I was unaware of what to expect upon arrival I became aware of beliefs from my past as a child. As a result of the workshop process I now feel uplifted and lighter in comparison with when I arrived. I also have an understanding of a certain aspect of my life. The day was very worthwhile.

    I was disconnected on arrival. During the workshop I became aware. I finished the day with feeling aware and reflective and I am going to put into practice and try what I have learned. I feel I am becoming centred. The day was powerful and loving.

    It has been a peaceful time for me.

  • Jaw Pain that Lead to Healing

    Encountering session with Helen Alcock on 22.5.2010

    I have been experiencing pain and stiffness in my jaw for the past 3 weeks and was feeling totally frustrated and helpless to change anything. I was doing all I knew how both physically and spiritually. This day I happened to talk to Helen who asked if I would like some help and discover what my jaw is trying to tell me. I agreed. We waited while I got in touch with all my feelings around my jaw pain and immediately Helen got anger, she asked if I related to this word. I certainly related to anger at that moment. So we explored the anger, the part of me that is, that was holding the anger, and all I could see was darkness and a sense that this part of me was in a tomb.

    We did the exercise where I brought to mind all the people I was angry with and said and did all I needed to totally emptying myself; then under the guidance of the Spirit I watched and listened to the people what they had to say back to me; then I listened to the perspective of Wisdom. My anger had melted into compassion for these people and for myself for whom I had also harboured anger.

    Helen asked if this part of me in my memory would like some help in that dark, entombed place and I sensed she did. I saw a little girl, who is very close to me, appear in my minds eye with a huge smile on her face who had entered this dark tomb (where I felt entombed) It was now filled with light at the rolling back of the stone which covered the opening. It was like the image of Jesus or Lazareth when they were entombed. This little girl stretched out her arm to give me her hand and I took it and she led me out into the light. The anger was gone, no more frustration or helplessness but pure joy in this picture.

    The jaw pain was still there however although I felt much lighter in myself. So Helen suggested we go into the jaw pain again. As I focused on it, the pain became more intense. Helen said this was good because it meant we were getting closer to the root cause. Helen asked if I could see or sense anything. I said the word that came to me was abandoned. It seemed we had located another part of me which feels abandoned, alone and nobody cares. In my minds eye I had an image of this part of me in the dark in a deep, long tunnel believing I deserved to be there. When Helen asked this part if she would like some help I sensed she did. I then saw a torch with a strong light coming through the tunnel toward me. Jesus then appeared and he threw his arms around me, embracing me so tightly, telling me how happy he is to have found me and how much he loves and cares for me. He took my hand and led me out of the tunnel. I felt safe and happy.

    These two parts of me however, did not feel connected to the observer part of me so Helen asked the Spirit if it was appropriate to bring us all together as one. I then had a sense we were re-united and as one because I could no longer see in my minds eye the two separate parts; we were joined as one and the observer part of me who is present here and now, could now receive all that these two parts (which had been separated) had received.

    It was a huge ministry session with obstacles in the way which needed to be acknowledged and cleared such as; judgements, condemnation, hatred and murderous thoughts. I felt exhausted afterwards but so much lighter like a boulder had been lifted from me. The jaw pain comes and goes but I am different in myself, my attitude toward the pain is different and I feel much calmer and at peace. I no longer feel the sense of abandonment or anger as I did before.

    It was a truly amazing encounter where with Helens help and the grace of God, I discovered two parts of myself (my memory) that were lost and buried. This is an awesome journey of discovery, little by little, to come to know myself and learn to love the parts of me I would otherwise hate or reject. I encourage anyone reading this who is struggling in any way, to give this process a go and discover what can be possible for you.

    Thanks Helen and thanks to my Creator who knows me better than I know myself and wants only to bring me to fullness of life and I say AMEN to that.

    Trish L'Henaff

  • Discover What you Really Want

    The day was grounded, conscious, real, informative, gentle and loving. I arrived feeling rushed, late, excited and interested. I contacted a place of burden and responsibility and felt its all my fault , stuck and in a lonely place. I allowed myself to really feel that stuckness. Then I became angry. I stayed present to that anger, It filled me. I breathed it out of my body and eventually felt emptied out. Then I was able to receive the wisdom, trust and safety of a wonderful new future of self acceptance. I now feel peaceful and calm.

    I arrived unsure as to what to expect. During the workshop I felt as if something has opened up from within me that was suppressed and creating a blockage. I know have a feeling as if I can start to embark on moving more forward as the blockage has been found and I can begin to let it go. I found the day very worthwhile.

    I felt happy to be here. It helps me a lot. I realized the information is dynamic and I have been assured of looking to the Lords wisdom and I know things will be better from now on.

    The day was life changing and empowering. I arrived feeling burdened, stressed, tired, sad and lost. I have been asking God to find me a mentor for the new work I am looking for. God told me that He is my mentor for my whole life. I finished the workshop feeling uplifted, free, peaceful, hopeful, blessed and with no back pain!

    I was ever thankful and appreciative at the end of the workshop. I was apprehensive to begin with. Virginias song released me and enabled me to be open to the experience. I now feel peaceful, re-affirmed, treasured and ready to accept my challenge of loving each person unconditionally as you have loved me.

    Asking the Lord about the times when as a child I offered love but it was rejected or pushed away. I asked Jesus for his perspective and the answer came I Jesus need your love to make you whole! Thank you Lord.

    I arrived feeling busy and rushed and a bit tired. During the time I felt a deep released and relaxation, a feeling of Gods excellence and simplicity. I got convicted! I now have tools to practise at home. The day was beautiful. I felt Helens anointing.

    I felt the day was lead by the Holy Spirit in the direction He needed, peace and healing resulted. I arrived feeling totally confused about my future, and the people I will be connected with. I felt that my sharing partner was provided by God. She seemed to understand me and was able to direct me. I could largely appreciate what she was saying. At the end of the workshop I felt the Holy Spirits peace concerning people I have known for a long time that I should forgive and released.

    The day for me was rich real open door fresh air hope and purpose love. I tried to look normal when I arrived from a world rollercoaster. The time was ground breaking, nurturing and making room for growth.

    The day gave powerful tools with which to turn around and ask the Holy Spirit for his outworking and wisdom. I arrived in anticipation of what Jesus would reveal. I received peace and now wanting to have more quiet time with the Lord.

    Helens practical approach with analogies makes breakthrough and confirmation possible. She is a blessing and a source of Your Light Lord God. The day was confirming and deeping.

    The day was very spiritual. I didnt know what to expect, but it has strengthen my belief in myself and in God. I feel happy that others had the courage to share. I finished feeling much stronger and very special. God does not put rubbish on this earth, only the very best!

    The day was inspiring, energizing.Im ready for more. I arrived feeling ready and inspired to do some great things to impact others on a global level. My heart is passionate but something is holding me back. I would like the confidence to know that I am capable of moving forward with these ideas and that I can help others and make a difference in the world. I have hope that a commitment to Agape Encounter will help me in this journey. Im looking forward to embracing every step along the way.

    I was nervous at first but became calm and am now hopeful for the future. The day was very informative and comforting.

    I was guarded when I arrived. During the workshop a lot of excellent words were said that helped. I now feel at peace with myself. The day was a happy, helpful, a caring talk and sharing.

    It was great to be in the company of the group to hear sharing. I was exhausted when I arrived, and realized my pattern of belief. I am still in process.

    The day was very good. A wonderful workshop. I was glad to arrive at the workshop and feel peaceful.all is well.

    I felt a lot of anxiety in my stomach when I arrived here. God took the anxiety away with divine love. I now feel peaceful. The anxious stomach has dissipated. It was a very uplifting and calming experience!