Who are We ?

We are a team whose lives have profoundly changed as a result of the work from Agape Encounter over the past 20 years.
As a result of this, we are committed and thrilled to offer life changing opportunities to others.

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Our Activities

We present Life Changing Seminars, Empowering Courses, and Inner Freedom Ministry Sessions once a month in Richmond, Victoria.
Upon arrival, you will be welcomed into a safe and engaging environment, where all are welcome.
The seminar and courses incorporate beautiful live music, meditations and teachings where you can learn key tools to move beyond what may be holding you back in life.

Inspiring Feedback

These powerful testimonies have been written by people attending our workshops, group encountering days and personal appointments.
Many have experienced transformation and freedom.

'At the conclusion of the day I felt positive, empowered and received a new skill set. During the meditation I was made aware of how to centre myself, focus and gain clarity. As a whole, the experience improved my ability to calm my chaos and to focus’

'Change your Focus, Change your Life' February 2020

'When I arrived I felt pain in my body. As the day progressed the pain left me. I feel very good and free. It was an excellent day'

'Removing blockages in life' September 2017

'I felt expectant when I arrived. I was fulfilled and by the end of the day I felt peaceful . I felt very inspired by Linda's talk and Andrew's insight'

'Discover your free true self' August 2017


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