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Peace Presence Power by Helen Alcock

Type: Book $19.95

CHANGE IS POSSIBLE FOR ANYONE! The information in this book has become like pure gold for people seeking real peace, clarity and release from fears, confusion, trauma and stress either in the present or in unresolved memories. It is practical and relates to real life issues with true stories that inspire and encourage. When people have experienced Peace and the Presence within, it’s like a ‘makeover’ from the inside out as the stress in their faces dissolves and is replaced with utter peace. They are left feeling physically lighter and free and related body pain dissolves. Then their lives begin to line up with the truth and peace experienced within. It has been life-changing for many people. This book shares the keys and principles that have made this possible for thousands. They are the ingredients that create a life of order, peace and authentic relationships that have been learned over many years. The chapters are meant to be read slowly as and when they relate to a situation in your life, so the information can be applied and the results experienced. The extensive experience and knowledge Helen has gained over 28 years comes from assisting people to experience Peace in the present and in painful memories, creating and presenting seminars, and from attending courses related to life, relationships and healing of memories, as well as her own personal, powerful life-altering experiences. Helen needed a book like this 30 years ago to use as a guide to journey back onto the path of life. Her heartfelt desire now is to share what she and other people have experienced, learned and witnessed so people from any background can experience the Power within that will lead to Peace and Presence.

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